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Stinging Nettle is a nutritious and delicious addition to traditional Potato Leek soup

Use foraged greens to turn this classic soup into a new Springtime tradition. I love capturing the first bursts of fresh Spring flavours in my recipes. Delicious Wild Ramp Pesto is a-nature based spin on a classic Italian pesto using foraged ramps (or wild leeks). It isn’t long before garden chives become crowned with gorgeous fuchsia blooms that make a stunning Chive Blossom Vinegar for use in dressing and marinades. Nettle Soup with Potato and Leek This Nettle Soup is a great way to use foraged Nettle greens. Their bright natural flavour pairs well with the creamy potato leek base and fresh dill. The soup is creamy and rich but also light and bright. It’s the perfect transitional soup to...

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We don’t just turn to Instagram to stalk our favorite celebrities and social influencers to find out what they’re wearing, eating or where they hang out

Instagram also has a bevy of great accounts that celebrate and share knowledge about the dirty but glorious world of gardening. So, for those who’ve started to dabble in urban gardening during the pandemic lockdowns, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 gardening accounts to provide you with the ultimate inspiration for plant cultivation. You’re welcome! 1. MILKWOOD PERMACULTURE Milkwood Permaculture goes beyond gardening. They share permaculture techniques and courses on how to live off the land sustainably with ways that can benefit the environment, community and even the economy based on ecological and biological principles. Before Milkwood Permaculture became a crew of educators, facilitators, designers and builders who teach about the art of permaculture living and gardening, the idea...

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