We don’t just turn to Instagram to stalk our favorite celebrities and social influencers to find out what they’re wearing, eating or where they hang out

Instagram also has a bevy of great accounts that celebrate and share knowledge about the dirty but glorious world of gardening.

So, for those who’ve started to dabble in urban gardening during the pandemic lockdowns, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 gardening accounts to provide you with the ultimate inspiration for plant cultivation. You’re welcome!


Milkwood Permaculture goes beyond gardening. They share permaculture techniques and courses on how to live off the land sustainably with ways that can benefit the environment, community and even the economy based on ecological and biological principles.

Before Milkwood Permaculture became a crew of educators, facilitators, designers and builders who teach about the art of permaculture living and gardening, the idea for the business began in Tasmania, Australia with partners Kristen Bradley and Nick Ritar. More than 14 years later delivering lectures and practical courses across Australia, they business now offers online courses such as Holistic Management, Beekeeping, Mushroom Growing and Permaculture Design.

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Final harvest at our possibly-final #permaculturerenting plot… we’re handing the keys back tomorrow, and leaving the rest of this veg in the ground for the next family, who move in this week. . Thanks, little scrap of land, you have been good to us. We hope we’ve left you better than we found you. . There’s carrots and purple sprouting broccoli aplenty that we planted back in autumn, as well as lots of herbs and sweet peas getting ready to bloom. It should be a lovely spring in this little backyard. . Onward, to designing and planting a patch that we won’t need to move on from… new design challenges indeed! . Can’t wait. . #melukerdeecountry #earthcare #peoplecare #fairshare

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Humans Who Grow Food is an Instagram account that celebrates gardening amateurs and experts from across the world who share their knowledge in growing food without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It features small-scale gardeners through to farmers who teach us all things gardening, from how to make our own compost, save seeds and how to positively impact our communities with what we grow. Most of the stories that are featured on this account are from nonprofit organizations and activists who are working passionately in making the planet a better place.

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Meet Angelique and Kip @smarterbynature from Tallahassee, Florida,USA “We are farmers who are inspired to create sustainable relationships between people and the natural environment by providing education and fresh food to our local community. We live in a food desert where there is a lack of fresh locally grown food. We founded Smarter by Nature LLC, an urban and rural farming business. Our goal is to provide fresh produce and opportunities for economic sustainability through education, as well as restore the natural environment. The total farm is 5 acres and we are currently growing our market garden area on 1 acre. We grow seasonal annual vegetables to provide to the farmers’ market. Some of the crops we are growing for the summer include, squash, tomatoes and peppers. We also grow perennial plants, trees and herbs to add diversity to our farm. To prevent erosion and sequestered water, we cover our soil with spoiled hay as our mulch. Our pest management includes intercropping our vegetables with herbs and flowers. We incorporate hedge rows in our market garden system for birds and other beneficial predators to nest and feed. The biggest hurdle we face is access to resources to sustain a productive and profitable farm. We enjoy helping our customers on their healthy eating journey. We love when people express how they appreciate the service, goods and advice we provide. We love working in nature because the action is healing and the result is nourishing. Nature always provides opportunity for growth so we encourage everyone to grow.” Website: www.smarterbynature.org Youtube: www.youtube.com/smarterbynaturetv Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/smarterbynaturedesign/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/smarterbynature?fan_landing=true Twitter: https://twitter.com/Smarterbynatur @humanswhogrowfood features stories of home gardeners, farmers and community gardens across borders and cultures.

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Kyle Hagerty of Sacramento, CA aka Urban Farmstead is an urban farmer who shows people how to grow food in small spaces not only on Instagram, but on his YouTube channel. He also grows crops that he then gives away for free at a neighborhood farm stand situated in front of his home (note: this happens every Tuesday).

Follow him as he plants seasonal crops, shows you how to deal with weeds, and teaches you about soil care and growing food that is healthy and produced sustainably.

Aside from giving away their vegetables and crops every Tuesday, he and his team also host a from-farm-to-fork dinner series for a cause called Farmstead Suppers. How great is it to live in this neighborhood?

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Last summers we harvested so many peaches that I’m still eating the ones I canned. . It’s a good thing I canned so many because this summer the squirrels ate every single one. It’s a true testament to what a great job our dog Burdock does of chasing off the squirrels. . Photo: @alinatyulyu

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A Professor of Planting Design and Urban Horticulture in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, Nigel Dunnett‘s Instagram account captures his adventures and gardening work across the UK where work he brings landscapes to life through his ingenious planting designs.

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Front garden path. Crocosmia ‘Paul’s Best Yellow’ now at its peak with the lighter yellow Rudbeckia fulgida var deamii getting going. Astilbe chinensis ‘Purple Lance’ just going over and the very similarly coloured but bright purple Lythrum ‘Zigeuner Blut’ popping through. These planting go through four distinct colour changes each season, each one made of just two or three different plants that rise through the earlier layers below. These plants are then repeated in groups along the length. I like the way that as the summer goes on, the planting pushes more and more into the path, leaving just the narrow passageway between. The planting is dense so there is no need for any serious weeding and there’s no dead-heading – the dark seed heads of Iris sibirica cultivars from earlier in the summer are already looking good and so soon will the Astilbes. I love the combination of rich golden yellow and bright purple-pink. I try and fill the garden full of these more intimate and set-piece naturalistic plantings that each in themselves are enough for a small garden – you don’t need huge amounts of space or big gardens to do it. #naturalistic #plantingdesign #gardendesign #shefplanting #landscapearchitecture #colour #perennial #wildgarden #sustainabledesign

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Home Gardening with Pete is an educational space on Insta where practical tips and tricks for growing a variety of crops is shared. This is not a Photoshopped social media account, rather Pete provides step-by-step updates and hands-on gardening advice on growing edibles.

He has also written a couple of ebooks which contains a compilation of his diary notes, tips and experiences on container gardening and home gardening.

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Update on my Honey Nut ? winter squash plants growing in main garden area (plot-A) (click more) (1) day 126 after planting seeds (2) looking to start harvesting a few around mid next week (3) very easy to grow and harvest and have a great taste . A must grow winter squash plant (4) feed them compost tea bi-weekly (5) an easy squash to grow in containers (6) I have a total of three plants, and try to limit each plant to no more than 3 or 4 fruit each . . . . #honeynutsquash #squash #wintersquash #harvestingsquash #veggieebooks #growingwintersquash #homegardening #gardening #plantlife #igrowsquash #gardenebooksale #organicsquash #igrowfood #backyardgardening #purecrop1

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Founded by Nicole Burke, Gardenary is a one-stop Insta account for gardening advice and know-how. The name ‘Gardenary’ is a combination of the words garden and ordinary because Gardenary was created to make gardening ordinary again.

This account offer lectures and courses to give home gardeners an opportunity to make gardening a profitable profession. You’ll also find garden consultants, designs, courses, books and other educational resources to help you become a better gardener.

From growing herbs to setting up your own kitchen garden with raised beds and trellises to becoming a Gardenary Certified Garden Coach, they’ve got your gardening needs covered.

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Calling all Vegetable Models ??? Do you know what yoga pants and kitchen gardens have in common? You will after you listen to today’s Grow Your Self episode. ? The podcast is part of our Book Club and in today’s episode (#30!) we’re doing a deep dive into the Introduction and Preface of Kitchen Garden Revival and I’m telling you why yoga pants inspired my love for kitchen gardens. ? Now back to the modeling-part of what you’ll learn in today’s Episode is my super secret tactics in writing my book in order to create a true cultural movement-a movement you’re part of. I talk about my ideas of future pacing and mindset shifting and how true changes in culture actually happen. AND one of the ways it happens is when more and more (and more) people normalize the change. So, this is where the modeling comes in-this week the challenge is take a photo of yourself alongside a plant or garden or vegetable. Become a true Vegetable Model and tag @gardenaryco in your photo with the hashtag #kitchengardenrevival Listen to today’s podcast and you’ll see why this matters, why it’s not just showing off a harvest but showing what’s possible.?? We’ll select a winner at the end of the week for a fun Gardenary LOVE package. Listen to Grow Your Self wherever you love finding podcasts, and see the show notes and links at the link in our profile. Thanks so much for being part of the Book Club and the Kitchen Garden Revival with us-I can’t wait to see your Vegetable Model pose. By the way, many thanks to @erickelley for making me feel like a true model with this pic. Happy Grow Your Self Day! https://www.gardenary.com/blog/what-kitchen-gardens-and-yoga-pants-have-in-common#/ #growyourself #gardenpodcast #gardening #kitchengarden #yogapants #gardening #podcast #culturalshift #createamovement #createamovementtogether #garden #gramyourgarden #nicolejohnseyburke #gardenauthor

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Diana’s organic garden in her backyard in Lincolnshire, UK is a dream! And she shares her gardening journey via her Good Life Garden Instagram account. Follow her to learn all about growing a multitude of vegetables and crops, planting flowers, building a backyard plant nursery, making mushroom totems, managing a wildlife pond and tending to an orchard. She also runs some awesome giveaways!

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Garden view after 2 weeks of rain. ??? Green and overgrown…??? Weather has been miserable for the last 2 weeks with strong wind and lots of rain! And not much got done in the garden. I pruned my tomatoes and majority of the foliage is now gone. Definitely feeling the end of summer vibes!?? ? Quite a bit needs still to come out – mammoth beetroot is ready to be harvested, more chard and carrots needs picking to free up space! ? ? Salad has bolted and needs to come out.? ? Once raised beds are cleared, I can get to winter sowing! ??

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Gardening Know How is built on community and the sharing of gardening knowledge. The account offers its community the opportunity to ask questions about crop raising, flower growing and general gardening and offers a plethora of tips to help you cultivate a better green thumb. Whether you’re keen to learn about traditional lawn care, discover some gardening hacks, which plants are best to plant this season or interested in permaculture gardening, you’ll learn the know how with Gardening Know How.

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It’s hard to be bummed about summer ending when fall has so many beautiful things to offer! ? What are you looking forward to enjoying this fall? ?

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Learn all about growing vegetables and raising chickens at Amy’s cottage garden in West Norfolk, England. You’ll be inspired to grow your own fruit and vegetables and you’ll learn to cook the vegetables and crops you’ve harvested yourself as Amy shares wonderful recipes such as lavender shortbread, shooting chutney, beetroot brownies and more!

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? What’s your favourite spot in your garden at the moment?? . Mine has to be this space. I sit here with a cuppa most mornings just enjoying the colour! (and making a mental note of all the jobs to do) to be honest my favourite spot changes all the time and even during the day ? What’s yours? . #garden #inmygarden #gardenideas #gardening #getoutside #colourful #nature #purpleshed #cosmos #sunflowers #greenhouse #gardenlife #happygardeninglife #ediblegarden #mygarden #favouriteplace #whatsyours #view

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Jason Miles is the gardener behind the Instagram account The Happy Gardening Life which launched in 2015 simply to celebrate the joys of gardening. He and his wife Cinnamon own and manage a 10-acre farm in Lusaka, Zambia with the mission to feed the hungry kids of The Needs Care Orphan Day Centre School by growing clean, healthy and sustainable crops.

Because this is a community for happy gardeners, their followers of over 200,000 get the chance to be featured on their Instagram page by using the #thehappygardeninglife in their posts. Check them out and prepare to be wowed and inspired by the other gardeners’ ideas posted on this Insta feed.

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DOUBLE TAP if you love this gorgeous chicken coop! ??? . Photo by @dolledupandmuddy ???? . ____________________________________________________________ . Want to be featured on our page? Use #thehappygardeninglife in your posts! ? . . . . . #happygardening #happygardener #happygardeners #gardening #garden #gardener #organicgardening #urbangardening #greenthumb #growforit #growyourown #growyourownfood #homegrown #homestead #urbangarden #plant #plants #plantbased #vegetables #chickencoop #chickensofinstagram #chooks #happychickens #chickensinthegarden

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No matter where you are on your horticultural journey, you can still take away a lot of awesome ideas from these passionate growers. So go and give these accounts a follow and be inspired to nurture life on the land, whether you’re tending an urban garden, community garden plot or rural farm acreage.

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