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The ultimate clothing steamers for getting rid of wrinkles

Keep your clothing wrinkle-free. (Andreea Pop via Unsplash/) Do you currently have a large pile of clothing sitting in the corner of your room? The time might have come to invest in a well-designed clothing steamer, that will tackle even the most difficult wrinkles with advanced technology. Here’s some of the best steamers out there, complete with helpful perks like odor reduction and sanitizing features. Don’t just smooth your clothes—clean them. (Amazon/) Steaming clothes is great. But steaming, deodorizing, and cleaning those clothes all with one go? That’s some next level stuff. This AirDresser features a filter that gets rid of 99 percent of odors, along with a high-temperature steam system that removes wrinkles and sanitizes. You can also choose...

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Here’s Cold, Hard Proof That Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits Actually Exist

Not since the debut season of Baywatch have the words “sexy” and “one-piece” belonged to the same sentence, let alone the same garment. But this season, sexy one-piece swimsuits are back with a vengeance, and they’re here to dethrone bikinis as the must-have beachwear silhouette of 2020. Considering floss-style string bikinis are your only other trending option this season, it’s likely many of you will go the one-piece route, and TBH, I don’t blame you. Personally, I like a lil’ coverage at the beach or pool—of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look sexy AF! Luckily, super-hot one-piece styles are abundant this year, so we’ve got a ton of options. The key to finding one that nails the...

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