The ultimate clothing steamers for getting rid of wrinkles

Keep your clothing wrinkle-free. (Andreea Pop via Unsplash/)
Do you currently have a large pile of clothing sitting in the corner of your room? The time might have come to invest in a well-designed clothing steamer, that will tackle even the most difficult wrinkles with advanced technology. Here’s some of the best steamers out there, complete with helpful perks like odor reduction and sanitizing features.

Don’t just smooth your clothes—clean them. (Amazon/)
Steaming clothes is great. But steaming, deodorizing, and cleaning those clothes all with one go? That’s some next level stuff. This AirDresser features a filter that gets rid of 99 percent of odors, along with a high-temperature steam system that removes wrinkles and sanitizes. You can also choose the scent of your choice, by inserting a dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish Compartment.

Clean and de-wrinkle in 20 minutes or less. (Amazon/)
Your pants are in good hands with the LGStyler. There’s a special door panel designed especially for getting rid of creases and wrinkles in your fancy pair of chords. You can also rest easy that delicates like lingerie and underwear won’t shrink during the drying process. Check in on the cycle time through the product’s app, which will give you a heads-up when your clothes are ready.

Works in two minutes or less. (Amazon/)
If you don’t have a ton of time, you’ll be grateful for this garment steamer, which gets out shirt wrinkles in two minutes or less. The product features a one-button design and you can hang it anywhere in the house. Once you’re done, you can easily collapse the steamer and tuck it away to save space.

Comes with a fabric brush and lint pad. (Amazon/)
This steamer only takes 60 seconds to heat up and features a built-in hanger. Easily adjust the height of the steamer, depending on what garment you’re working on, and get an even closer clean with an included fabric brush. There’s also a steam bonnet, which helps prevent annoying water stains.