Day.....whatever. Ha Ha. I am grateful for a few things though.  My BIL is getting so much stronger.  My sister has been busy cooking and he has gained back 11 lbs which is good as he needs to be strong for his surgery on May 1st.  He is walking everyday and she said he is back to running her life....hee haw.  It's so true about really does take you right to the brink of death.  Anyway we are hopeful that all will go well. As for divorce is not final yet but probably close.  It has been rough being alone during quarantine ....this new normal stuff has way more meaning that I really wanted and I can definitely get...

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It-girl fashion and #OOTD mirror selfies might not come to mind when you think of tie-dye

You probably think of middle school summer camp, crunchy music festivals, or Woodstock and the 1960s. You might even have a couple of old T-shirts stored in the attic that you tie-dyed during a sleepover 10 thousand years ago. But I’m here to assure you that the coolest summer activity in grade school has been reimagined into chicer, trendier, and more grown-up styles beloved by your favorite Instagram bloggers and style stars (when Madewell gets on board, you know the trend is officially huge).  Tie-dye has truly become the biggest trend of the season, and found it’s way into all of our hearts and work-from-home uniforms. The best part about the trend? You can easily make it yourself for less than...

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