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It-girl fashion and #OOTD mirror selfies might not come to mind when you think of tie-dye

You probably think of middle school summer camp, crunchy music festivals, or Woodstock and the 1960s. You might even have a couple of old T-shirts stored in the attic that you tie-dyed during a sleepover 10 thousand years ago. But I’m here to assure you that the coolest summer activity in grade school has been reimagined into chicer, trendier, and more grown-up styles beloved by your favorite Instagram bloggers and style stars (when Madewell gets on board, you know the trend is officially huge).  Tie-dye has truly become the biggest trend of the season, and found it’s way into all of our hearts and work-from-home uniforms. The best part about the trend? You can easily make it yourself for less than...

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