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Quarry Park: A Ropes Course Worth the Drive for East Bay Familie

s Quarry Park Adventures offers a fun-filled day for thrill-seeking kids and their parents. At several points, I was scared out of my mind, to be honest, as I navigated the advanced ropes course with my daughter and her friend. (Why did I say yes to starting with the hardest level?) This COVID-friendly activity is open and has a Spring Break-friendly schedule for those looking to reserve something within driving distance. Quarry Park in Rocklin, CA | Photo: Whitney MossQuarry Park Aerial Adventure | Photo: Whitney Moss Guests pay an admission fee to get access to various levels of activity within the park. Once you’ve entered, it is a self-guided experience, in which guests tackle whatever attractions they want, at...

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5 East Bay Spots to Get Even Wetter on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are good days to stay indoors, right? But what if you could reframe your thinking just a bit and see rainy days as awesome days to get outside? Things look different in the rain. They sound different in the rain. You’re more likely to see the types of wildlife that hide on sunny days. And all you need is a bit of gear (see notes at the end of the article) and a belief that you’re going out to have fun! Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, San Ramon | Photo: Jen LumanlanHere are some fresh ideas for places to go on a rainy day Tilden Park behind the Merry-Go-Round Navigate to the intersection of Lake Anza Road and Brook...

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