Quarry Park: A Ropes Course Worth the Drive for East Bay Familie


Quarry Park Adventures offers a fun-filled day for thrill-seeking kids and their parents. At several points, I was scared out of my mind, to be honest, as I navigated the advanced ropes course with my daughter and her friend. (Why did I say yes to starting with the hardest level?)

This COVID-friendly activity is open and has a Spring Break-friendly schedule for those looking to reserve something within driving distance.
Quarry Park in Rocklin, CA | Photo: Whitney MossQuarry Park Aerial Adventure | Photo: Whitney Moss
Guests pay an admission fee to get access to various levels of activity within the park. Once you’ve entered, it is a self-guided experience, in which guests tackle whatever attractions they want, at their own pace. It is primarily a ropes course built inside the walls of a 60-foot deep granite quarry in the Sacramento area. The perimeter of the quarry has iron rungs and platforms installed in the rock facings, creating a Via Ferrata, another style of climbing activity.
Quarry Park | Whitney Moss
We purchased a pass ($75 per person as of this writing), which gave us four hours to make use of the zip line, rappel, free fall, ropes course, and a massive playground outside the quarry that was so unique that my middle schooler was interested in playing on it. Two hours of access is $50 per person.
How old and how tall must you be to participate?
Participating in the quarry activities independently requires a weigh-in to determine which attractions guests can access. 70 lbs is the minimum weight to do the “Aerial Adventures” rope course, so let’s estimate this activity is generally for ages 10 and up, depending on size of child.

Guests under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, which is how I found myself walking on rope-suspended logs twenty feet in the air, but after surviving the most challenging route, I asked a staffer, who okayed me to hang out on the ground, monitoring my kids from below. Phew! After a brief rest and an ice cream cone, I got back on the course and tackled the medium route, but concluded it was still too scary.
Aww man, my kids are too young
Actually, there is a spectacular playground called Kidz Kove on the site and a program for kids between 45 and 75 lbs to try specific routes on the Quarry (including the zip line, free fall, and rock climbing) with their grown-up. Worth it!

How do I get started?
Buy tickets online, based on start time. Many of the activities within the quarry are available for lower prices, a la carte, but for those driving 90 minutes from the Bay Area, I recommend going for the Aerial Adventure pass, which costs about $75 per person. Ticket details for Quarry Park are here >

To enter the quarry area, guests will get outfitted with a harness and helmet and watch a safety video at their assigned time. Then, they do a 10-minute hands-on training to master the clip-in system that prevents anyone from falling to the ground.
Prepping to climb (pre-Covid) at Quarry Park | Photo: Whitney Moss
Finally, they are ready to enter the quarry. The first step is a zip line ride into the middle of the apparatus area. From there, guests can decide which activities to do first.

The smart belay system allows participants to clip themselves into the safety cables and move around at their own pace.
Quarry Park ropes course | Photo: Whitney MossIs this too scary for anyone?
All of the activities at Quarry Park take place way above the ground, so any fear of falling will be triggered. Navigating the ropes courses also requires a lot of strength. For adults who are not fit or who fear heights, be kind to yourself and stay on the ground.

The girls I had in my care are extremely athletic and adventurous, both with years of sports training that has given them both strength and balance. Despite my own healthy gym habits, I was not able to keep up with them.
Scarlett & Sabine, both 11, conquered every obstacle (pre-COVID) | Photo: Whitney MossWhat to expect when visiting Quarry Park
Picnic tables and a taco truck onsite make it easy for you to break up your four-hour adventure with a lunch or snack break, and you’ll need it. Climbing burns a lot of calories and there is hardly any shade in the quarry. The park provides water within the quarry, which is necessary because you’ll want to leave all your belongings in a locker (included with ticket purchase) and have your hands free.

BYO sunscreen and sunglasses. A lightweight SPF shirt is a good idea if you have one that will protect your arms. You’ll be wearing a harness around your waist and thighs, so long shorts or pants/leggings are recommended, despite the heat.

Quarry Park is located in Rocklin, CA, near Roseville, about 100 miles from Oakland. Plan your trip to avoid rush hour traffic around Davis and the Bay Area. 
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