Stainless Steel Pants Hangers

Stainless Steel Pants Hangers

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Save More Space In Your Wardrobe.
Organize Your Closet Now!

Used for hanging your trousers neatly and conveniently
♥For both pants storage and hanging to dry
With two hooks for easy hanging
♥Five hanging rods, 5-in-1 design
Retractable style, convenient to use and easy to carry
♥With tiny two tiny hooks at both ends of each rod

Two ways to hang this racko:
1. Horizontal with two hooks
2. Vertical with just one hook

Can be folded with trousers on and put them into your suitcase together
♥Portable, lightweight and space saving design
Perfect for both home and travel uses
♥Material: stainless steel & PP
Stretch Size: 47x18cm, Folded Length: 33cm

    Package including:
    1 x Stainless Steel Pants Hangers