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Prior to isolation at home, it was always a treat to meet a friend or two at MH Bread and Butter in San Anselmo

We’d have a visit and order a Josie, an iced coffee drink they make there. This friend date often happened on Babysitting Tuesdays when Baby Viv would join us. Sigh. The place is was always packed. MH has an outdoor seating area. It feels so cosmopolitan to hang out at a table under a sun umbrella drinking a Josie and telling stories. Hanging out with girlfriends still happens. Now it’s on Fridays over Zoom. It’s actually much easier to get us all together to share developing stories, laugh, cry, whatever the moment calls for. It’s become more intimate as we navigate the sea of white caps that is the unknown. Debra’s version of the Josie Lusting for a Josie Often...

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