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Bedding Trick: Easiest Way to Put on a Duvet (Video)

BR sweater pants petite xxs (50% off; my review), $24 sweater (my review), memory foam slippers B&B duvet c/o (JEAN15 for 15% off), OKL headboard (look for less) + Ikea bed, very similar nightstand I’ve always loved using a duvet and insert (rather than a quilt or comforter) since it makes it easy to wash just the cover or change up the look of your bedding. But until my mom showed us this burrito roll trick, changing that cover and wrangling with two large pieces of bedding was always a dreaded task! I’m sure some some of you are already familiar with this, but figured it didn’t hurt to share after recently discovering Nick was still a struggling duvet-stuffer, but...

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Many stores use gridwall panels, but consumers often overlook these useful display rack

s. Grid panels can be used in various ways to highlight the products in fresh and exciting ways; all it takes is a little imagination. Gridwall panels and accessories are among the most cost-effective retail display systems available. Discount shops, department stores, pop-ups, seasonal stores, kiosks, trade show displays, and even flea markets use Gridwall and Slatgrid. Grid is an incredibly effective and cost-effective way to view merchandise when mounted on the wall or as freestanding displays. Consider using it for promotional pieces, endcaps, or permanent displays in your shop. Gridwall panels are thin and light, but they’re tough as nails. They are simple to set up and take down and they store products in a flat way to save...

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7 Clever Ways To Get More Organized By Thinking Like MacGyver

When it comes to getting organized, I’m a big believer in the power of creativity and resourcefulness! After all, why should you spend a small fortune on bins and organizers when you can use stuff you already have at home? :-) Today I’ll be sharing a new set of resourceful organizing tips with you (or as I’ve chosen to refer to them, “home organization hacks that will make you feel like Macgyver.”) ;-) Because much like Macgyver does, these tips are all about using everyday items in unexpected ways! If you missed the first two installments, you can read the first post about organizing with kitchen items here, and read the second post about organizing with office supplies here. In...

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