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30 People Posted Their “Anyway, We’re Married Now” Stories, And They Show That Love Can Be Really Weird

Meeting your future spouse should be simple and straightforward. You bump into your soulmate in some cheesily romantic situation, you instantly fall in love, you realize you’re perfect for each other, and then you tie the knot at the wedding of your dreams. However, meeting the love of your life is rarely that simple. The way people meet their soulmates can be chaotic, hilarious, and cute, but not necessarily the easy-to-understand romantic Disney fantasies some people crave. That’s what Reddit user Thequeenoffandomhell showed us when they asked their fellow internet users to share their “anyways, we’re married now stories.” Scroll down, have a read, and upvote your fave stories that might just make you start believing that Fate has a...

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A Single Person’s Guide to Dating During a Quarantine

It goes without saying at this point but we’ll say it anyway: a lot has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak. Music festivals and concerts are gone, team sports are all on hold and even going to the grocery store feels like navigating a minefield. Plus, any single person can tell you that dating has changed. Dramatically. Dating during a quarantine isn’t impossible, it’s just, well, different. Going out for drinks isn’t just frowned upon, it’s downright impossible in most states. But just because you can’t go to your usual first date spot, that doesn’t mean you can’t still date. In fact, from where we’re sitting, this isn’t such a bad thing for single people at all. But why take our...

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