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The Snowflakes Triggered by Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes Are Playing Right Into His Gay Hand

s Rapper, songwriter and expert-level meme maker Lil Nas X did what he had to do this past Friday by releasing his newest bop “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” on all music streaming platforms. In addition to the catchy song, he also released a brand new music video that is sending the conservative Christian side of the internet into a full-blown Satanic Panic, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the George Bush era. If you haven’t watched the Montero music video yet, check it out below. Fair warning: it is very sexual. And if you’re just looking for the highlights, the video climaxes with the rapper giving Satan a lapdance and taking his throne as the Prince...

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Falling in Love with the Folk School: Sparrow’s Music & Dance Mentorship Experience

As a musician, maker, and mountain gal, the John C. Campbell Folk School has tugged at my heart for most of my memory. My Grandma Judy attended classes for weaving in the early 1980s, and she told me about the magic of the Folk School. I’ve heard that sentiment echoed many times over my last 15 years of living in Asheville, but life is busy and expensive, and I’ve never managed to make it happen till this topsy turvy year stopped time as we knew it. The Traditional Music and Dance Mentorship Program was the stuff of my wildest dreams, and I will carry and share the lessons I learned for the rest of my days. What an enormous privilege...

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Danny Weinkauf and the Red Pants Band

Hang on—you’re not going anywhere. Neither are your kids. What’s a parent to do in these turbulent times? How about giving your family more than 30 minutes of peppy, poppy, and preppy children’s music? Danny Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band have released their fifth—yes, fifth—collection of tunes, Dinosaurs and Metaphors. Your sons and daughters may know about oversized, extinct creatures, but Danny and company introduce them to the latter concept. A man who wears many hats, Danny plays bass for They Might Be Giants, who themselves put out a fistful of children’s music CDs. Danny’s tracks from those releases piqued his interest in furthering a sideline as a kids’ recording artist. That brings us to Dinosaurs and Metaphors, with...

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