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A capsule wardrobe compliments the fundamental pieces in your closet by adding essential elements that expand your outfits according to season or activity (travel, work, etc.)

A capsule can consist of as few as five items to as many as 50 pieces.  Typically, a capsule wardrobe is a combination of basics and statement pieces that you can mix and match to create completely new looks. For summer, we’re focusing on just eight items. “We wanted to show customers what they can do with the minimal items that they have,” explains Nyjerah, M.M.’s Styling Excellence Associate. “We want to highlight that less is more when it comes to summer. It’s not about the number of items you have, but rather how you maximize your garments to create multiple looks.” How Does a Capsule Wardrobe Work? Before investing in a capsule, pare down your clothes and focus on...

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