“Workers Who Got Their Bosses Fired: How?” (73 Answers)

We often hear stories about people messing up at their workplace so much that they get fired. Some of them couldn’t care less about getting fired, some claim it’s the best thing that happened to them, and others, they witnessed their new colleague saying “hasta la vista" on their very first day at work. So, yep, every getting fired story is unique.

But this time, we are turning tables and diving into the seemingly rare instances of bosses getting fired. Ask ‘how?’ and you’ll hear thousands of different reasons why that happens. Today, we selected some of the most interesting and unusual stories that scream ‘sweet justice’ for you to read below.

Also, if you ever had your boss, manager or supervisor go for whatever reason, share your story in the comment section!


Management was giving an injured worker s**t, not wanting to pay him, accusing him of goldbricking. Worker said, tell you what, do the right thing here or you will be sorry. Management said take your best shot. Worker called the EPA and APCD, told them where to find the logs that showed discrepancies in toxic material storage and usage. Sheriffs deputies showed up and raided the offices. Field supervisors from 10 years ago that had retired got subpeonaed. It was epic. Cost the company massively in fines and remediation. All because you wanted to f**k with one poor bastard.

Edit: since there may be some question around how all of this could happen in the age of electronic reporting, here's the story. It's not all the story of course, the news never does quite get all the story. Since it's in the LA times I'm not worried about privacy. However, it was a state agency that was called, the EPA became involved later and at another site. It's been a few years and the chronology of events gets recalled incorrectly sometimes. Once you appear on a regulator's radar, you better have your s**t tight.

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Not my story but my mothers, I watched on the side lines as a Teenager. My mothers job was basically a professional fundraiser (I really don't know what else to call it). People came to her for help raise money for nonprofits or other foundations that needed it. This was a long time ago before Social workers were more of a mandatory thing at high schools, my highschool was very poor and did not have one. So my mother took it upon herself to set up a fundraiser to pay the salary of a Social Worker so my highschool could have one.

After Raising all the money she went to talk to the Principal who flat out refused to take any of it and said the position just wasn't necessary. My mother was pretty upset and just decided she would donate the money to supplies or something like that. (I honestly have no idea what she did with it, but it did go to some sort of charity.) After a few months, at a Christmas party the Superintendent of all the public schools in the area was at the same party and he struck up a conversation with my mother, after some small talk my mother said that it was such a shame that Principal didn't take the money for the Social Workers position. The superintendent was dumb struck and then told her that he had ordered Principal to find funding for that position and when Superintendent asked him about it he replied with, "no one is interested in that and we just couldn't get the money for it."

Needless to say he lost his position and whenever we came back from the Holiday break the school was hiring for his position.

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My manager wanted to prove I'm slacking off so he could write me up. So he watched CCTV footages then wrote, printed out and SIGNED a detailed 17 pages worth of Word document what did I do in the past two days. With timestamps (like, 07:59 arriving, 08:01 speaking with co-worker A and B, 08:07 sitting down to my desk, etc.). He told me that he's not happy with my work ethics if I won't improve my efficiency, I'm fored. . I took the papers and showed to his boss and told her that I'm not happy with my managers work ethics and his efficiency might be better if he wouldn't watch 17 hours of CCTV footages to spy on an employee. She was terrified (it would've been a rock solid lawsuit for me - but I love my job) and we had to search for a new manager. Also, my salary raised.

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I had a boss who refused to make accommodations for a disabled coworker. Refused to keep other staff in line and basically let the disabled worker fall behind and get picked on because she (the boss) felt like she was not required to do anything else. I work for a local government agency and reported it to our HR and upper management. After they did nothing, I contacted them again to let them know I would be filing a suit with the ACLU for ADA violations.

My boss was gone in two weeks and the rest of the staff had mandatory ADA trainings.

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By doing so much it started an investigation into what they were actually doing during their day. Officially she was fired for sending nudes through corporate email, but the only reason they were tracking her email was to understand what she was spending her time on. Turns out it was an affair.

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Worked register at a tour company.

I also had a manager who f***ing HATED me for some reason. She was probably the b***hiest person I've ever met. Constantly yelled at us for no reason, got on to me about answering questions a new hire had (when I was asked, not her), wrote down I was 30 minutes late for a shift when I was 2 minutes late, etc etc.

We had a sneaking suspicion that she was taking money from our tills, as she was always the one who counted down the till when someone got fired for stealing cash. I made it a habit to count down every bill when I gave it back to a customer, because we would get pay docked if we were even $1 off. So if a customer had $23 in change, I'd count twenty, one two three in front of them, so I knew I'd given back the right amount. We also had cameras pouring at the registers.

Well, one day my GM pulls me aside and says $20 was missing from my till and they were going to fire me. I straight up told my boss she could look at the cameras, because I counted out all my bills for customers.

LO AND BEHOLD. Bitchy bitch was the one who counted down my till and got caught on tape pocketing the money. She was gone by my next shift.

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I've told it before...not fired but transfered.

Had a squad leader make us all stand out in the Missouri winter soaking wet until someone volunteered for weekend duty. I told him I had previous cold weather injuries (frostbite) he ignored it. The corporal saw my blue feet when I took off my boots and sent me to the aid station. The Dr. Lost his shit and that squad leader was in another company the next day.

It's not as justice bonering as getting an asshole fired but it's the Army that's not gonna happen

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I was an intern at a tech company and in a one-on-one/mentorship meeting my boss asked me what skillset I wanted to pursue in the future. I said that I wanted to do backend work (this was a programming internship). He replied and said "Girls aren't smart enough for that type of work, how about we put you on the QA path, you'll do better there". At the time I was so stunned that I just repeated quietly that I wanted to do backend work, the meeting awkwardly ended after that. I always thought that I would be courageous in the face of blatant sexism if it ever happened to me but, instead, I was silent because I was a 23 year-old who really needed that internship to turn into a real job.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was out to lunch with a few co-workers who brought along a lady who had worked at the company for years. She'd been out on contract for a while so I hadn't met her yet. Everyone was talking about the boss and some of the stuff he had done or said to them, mostly just rude things, so I took a chance and mentioned what happened in that meeting. She said she'd take care of it. Within a few days he was fired by the big boss. I went on my first contract doing backend work about a month later and I loved it :)

As I understand it I was not the first person to have serious complaints about him, just the last person.

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Mine is pretty pedestrian, but very satisfying. I was working in a garden centre. I'd been there a long time and was woefully overqualified for the job I'd been doing (and was therefore very valuable in that position - think Ops Manager skills at Admin Assistant position and pay).

We lost our Sales Manager one year and corporate hired a new one. Let's call her Flora. She was... a real piece of work. I don't know what her interview looked like but in person she was instantly and constantly rude and strident and mean and curt and dismissive and that attention-seeking brand of lazy where she threw her weight around without cause, talked shit about anyone not in the room, and collected 75% of the credit for 5% of the work. She had some knowledge, I guess, but it's way easier to teach a competent manager how to grow flowers than it is to teach an asshole horticulturist how to be a human being.

ANYWAY. For whatever reason, corporate loved her. So she stayed.

What with one thing and another, I got another job. This process was slightly accelerated by Flora, but only a little. I'd been looking for some time, mostly waiting for the right opportunity. When I gave my two weeks notice, I got an email the next day scheduling my exit interview with the head of HR.

Now. My position didn't get exit interviews. Only managers (and sometimes department supervisors) did. And everyone at my store knew why I was leaving, so there was literally *NO* reason for the Store Manager to pull strings to get me one. And he never said anything about it. But I knew: he set it up so I could tell the head of HR (a man I was very friendly with) that I was leaving because of Flora.

And I did. I just just laid into her. I said that Flora was the only reason I was leaving after almost 10 years with the company, during which time I wrote the company's Health and Safety program, trained almost every other person who did my job at other stores, made spreadhseets that got used company-wide, as well as setting audit records that still stand to this day. And all for a few pennies over minimum wage. I said I was going because she was the worst and I couldn't take it any more.

I found out later she was let go. I was thanked by most of my old workmates. My Manager never said a word about it to me then, or since. He was a real OG.

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My mother got this done. She worked for a starting company and her boss really needed her help, because the boss wanted my father to invest (he owns a couple of companies). My mother would get a job as a second rank CEO, right under the women she got fired. In fact, the boss kept treating her like shit so she told my father. My father told the other investors and all 3 of them cancelled the deal. They set up the same kind of company with my mom as only CEO. All people who worked for that former boss, left and began working at the new company.

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I used to work at a title company and witnessed our department manager forge mortgage documents on a fairly regular basis. So when she went to upper management to throw the entire department under the bus for being behind on recording documents, I marched straight to HR to resign and let them know what she was doing.

She was fired and they called me and offered my job back before the week was out.

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The CEO publicly praised me for completing a task that my boss had struggled with, so my boss retaliated by forwarding all of his tasks to me in an effort to overwhelm me with work. I actually found his job pretty manageable, which the CEO also noticed and fired him, giving me his job and office.


Worked at a McDonald's in highschool at 17. I was being sexually harassed by a co-worker twice my age. He said some really awful stuff to me that made me afraid to come to work. They refused to switch my shifts. They also were working me too much for being under 18 and tried to get me to sign a consent form saying I knew I'd be working the hours I was, when I constantly asked for different hours.

I called the corporate offices and told them. My parents even got a lawyer involved. I quit and a few weeks later a coworker I went to school with said two of the shift managers, the supervisor, and the store manager were all terminated and barred from working with the company again. They brought in a few temporary people who were high up and ended up sniffing out the other bad employees.


He grabbed the back of my neck and said "If you ever say I'm wrong in front of a customer again I will beat your ass."

I went to the GM and told him and my supervisor was relieved of his duties about 5 minutes later.


One summer I volunteered to help a conservation society in East Africa. The aim of the project was to educate the local rural population about poaching and to get them to help us stop it from the ground up.

Anyway, I was staying with the lead ranger and his family and on numerous occasions he served us meat that I'm 100% sure was poached. He tried to tell me that it was pork, but it was dark and gamey with lots of small bones. I think that it was small antelope like dikdik or duiker.

When I returned to Nairobi I mentioned to my grandpa (his boss's boss) that we'd eaten some odd meals. He investigated, and found out that my boss had a poacher friend who was selling him illegal meat. He was fired, I didn't feel guilty. Poaching is awful.


I kept a detailed log of both of our times in and out of the office as well as a detailed list of my work efforts. When I was called into HR to be fired I produced the logs, I was given their position at the request of a former manager after HR fired my boss.



Phoned him to tell him I won't be at work for the rest of the week as my mum is terminally ill in hospital.

The next day (about an hour after she passed away) he phoned and asked why I wasn't at work, I just hung up on him so I wouldn't say anything that would get me in trouble.

The next day I sent the area-manager a Whatsap message explaining what he'd be done and attached a video of him breaking the freezer door while having a tantrum which cost the store nearly £5000 in lost stock and the repair costs (which he'd told the AM it broke on its own). He got fired that day and I got 2 weeks off with full pay


Paranoid, sociopath boss wiretapped all internal phone calls and made life miserable for all who worked in that department. After moving over 1200 miles to the job location, called wife frequently to discuss the job and family progress in moving there. During those calls, I spun a story about how all of his top managers were plotting against him, which enraged him and he took out his anger on them. Eventually they went to the company owner and complained, and he was fired the next day.


Not my manager, but I got a project manager who worked with my team fired when it was obvious he didn't understand the business domain and put no work into understanding it or even breaking down the problems with the team. During a stakeholder meeting, we were asked about the gameplan for tackling the project, he spewed some nonsense, and I asked what the actual plan was in detail. When he tried to come up with BS to explain that the problem is very complex and there is no clear path to building the project, that sealed his fate.


I worked in a call center once with a female supervisor. She was a particularly shitty person. Long story short she hated me because I refused to date her. She asked multiple times and multiple times I explained very nicely that I was not interested but would to remain friends. After about the 3rd time she started giving me negative marks for reviews, phone calls and the such. Once day she pulled me into the office with another manager and proceeded to write me up for talking on my personal phone during work hours. Mind you I had not done this. I looked at her and refused to do this walked out of her office and into the department managers office. This was my first complaint after about 3 years with this company. I explained the situation and advised what has been transpriing for months now. Apparently someone else had seen this about a month ago and had already went to management about what she was doing to me. Within 10 minutes she was pulled into the office and demoted back down to my position but in another department. The thing that sucked is that this department set directly across from me.......


I had a boss who was skimming off employee hours at Walmart. I took screenshots of my employees hours on Thursday before the shift started and then screenshots of their hours on Friday that showed that all of them had a couple hours skimmed off their work week. I was a low level manager- he was an upper tier manager.

He got fired.

I believe his motivations was that he wanted to get promoted and wanted to show that he could get more done in less man hours. Probably would have impacted his bonus too.


In college I worked in a take-out restaurant just off campus, and we were all employed by the school. I was 17-18 years old (back in 2007/2008) and my boss, the manager, was a 40-something creeper. Hitting on me, touching me inappropriately (trying to massage my shoulders, tickling me, putting his hands on/around my waist) despite me asking him to stop. Then he friended me on Facebook, I declined, and suddenly my work schedule was changed. I was on shift during hours when I had class, and when I explained that problem, I got taken off the schedule altogether.

I told the assistant manager what was going on (which I was explicitly told by the manager not to talk to the assistant) and he reported what was going on to upper management-- boom, manager was fired. I worried for a while if he was going to come after me for that.


He'd show up every day and tell us a tale of his sexual exploits. Whether true or not, none of us wanted to hear it.

If an attractive looking female comes in, he drops what he's doing and stares at her, drooling liking a dog in a dog treat factory. After she leaves, he had to say a comment about her appearance.

After talking on the phone with a certain manager, he always comments on how nice her ass is.

He'd bully us employees and other managers. Called us bitches a lot despite us getting onto him for it.

My female coworker reported him. We all had a phone meeting with our district manager and HR. He was suspended until the investigation was over and they ruled to terminate him. Surprisingly HR worked for us that day.


I took a phone call on my cell when at my desk. Middle manager came up and screamed at me. Yelling about how I was not allowed to take calls for clients while at that office. I was a contractor and made it perfectly clear that I did work for multiple clients prior to doing work for this company.

The CTO’s office was 10 feet from mine. He came out and stood in his doorway listening to the rant. When the middle manager was done I just looked over at the CTO and said “it’s him or me and at the moment I don’t give a fuck which you pick.” CTO walked the middle manager out right then.

Funny thing: I didn’t hang up throughout the incident. And it was my wife on the other end. I was spending about 70 hours a week at their site digging their staff out of a hole they had dug themselves in.


Was the head chef of a small restaurant that I eventually owned ( before my life collapsed, but thats another story). The owner ( who was rarely there) suspected the general manager of stealing. On quiet nights if she thought she wasn't asking enough on tips ( place was small enough that on slow nights it was just the two of us working) she would go to the computer from the managers screen and delete any tables that were paid in cash, pocketing the money. I got suspicious when my food cost numbers would just never add up to what was being sold. So I got ahold of the software company that ran our computer system, and it turns out they have a backdoor that even the management can't see that logs every single key stroke. Turns out she had ripped off close to $20000 over a 6 month period. She was asked to leave after that but for some reason the owner didn't bother to press charges.


My manager at a new job, let’s call him Leo, offered to give me a ride home after a Friday night shift went overly long. Instead of turning into my street, he went to a bar about a mile in the opposite direction so we could ‘get to know each other’. I had one drink and asked to go home, instead he bought me a second drink. I asked to go home again and he tried to assault me. The details aren’t important, let’s just say he was pretty aggressive.

I emailed the owner of the restaurant about what had happened and went to my shift the next day, owner was outside the restaurant firing the manager - all on the word of a brand new employee he’d never even met. I was so impressed, and the rest of the (mostly young, female staff) were very grateful for the change. That restaurant was a great place to work.

Two years later I started my first day at my dream restaurant. Did some training, sat down for preshift with the kitchen and who comes out to present the specials? It’s Leo, of course. He sees me and freezes up. After preshift he tried to talk to me about working together, but I went straight to my new manager and say I have history with a current employee that they need to know about. I tell my story, I show the emails between the owner and myself. They talk to Leo about it. He is fired again.

We worked in a really specialized food style where chefs circulate through all the restaurants. He later applied to work for me when I was the hiring manager and didn’t get a call back, obviously. I am out of the industry now, but I used to dream of getting him fired again. I want to haunt him the rest of his professional life.

Tl;dr: manager tried to take advantage of me, I reported it and got him fired. 2 years later I changed jobs to where he worked, got him fired again. Years later reviewed his application for work, request denied. I do not forgive or forget. Fuck Leo.


I had proven myself as a competent management level employee. She on the other hand, showed favoritism, broke rules, set schedules nobody could work and all around didn’t give a shit as assistant manager. When the manager left she assumed she was a shoe in, after all she was the assistant manager so why wouldn’t she be promoted? We both got called into a meeting the district uppity up, told us both that I was going to be the new manager and she lost her shit. I never saw her again. And quickly after all her relatives that worked there, quit mysteriously.


I used math to prove to their superior how severely my boss had underestimated turnover 3+ years in a row, costing a ton of money and labor issues. One day earlier the boss had screamed at my team until his face went purple, making a huge spectacle in front of the entire floor. The gist was that we were colluding against the company by (a handful of us) electing not to renew our contracts. Came back with graphs and maths, baby. He was demoted and transferred out a couple weeks later.

Pro-tip: don’t make a grumpy scapegoat out of someone who loves to make excel graphs.

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He was always slacking off; he'd go and do a 15 minute task, and be gone 2 hours. He'd have to 'shoot off early' for a doctors appointment, or a dentist appointment, always with no prior warning and whenever he was obviously bored. This was, mind you, within weeks of the new shop opening & all of us being hired.

I was young and went along with it for a while, my colleague was in her 40s and vaguely knew him anyway, so was not standing for it. She reported him repeatedly to our area manager, who decided to come down to speak to him about it.

AM rung in the morning, told him to stay in the shop today, and send one of us out for anything that needed doing. He said he had something to do, but his boss said nope, need you in the shop. Somehow he didn't get the obvious message and went out anyway, the AM came down and he was gone; my manager wouldn't answer his phone all day, AM was PISSED.

At the end of the day when we were closing up, he walked past, posted his keys through the door, and I never saw him again. Didn't even attempt to argue his case.

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For a while I was a project manager who got moved around from project to project as a "fixer". I was moved to a project where the customer just could not be satisfied, no matter how many people, how much attention, how we bent over for them. Our program's director, who should have been our advocate, would not manage the customer, and instead just hammered his employees to do more more more. People on our team were being let go due to "failure" or quitting outright due to burnout, and he was bitching that he couldn't get good people.

Because of my sort of special position as general dogsbody I happened to have the ear of our VP, and this project came up in casual conversation. I mentioned that it seemed funny that if the director was doing his job, how so many employees that we knew by fact and reputation were good employees had "failed". A week later I heard that the director had been let go.

And nothing of value was lost.

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It was my supervisor. It got to the point that I had decided to quit. I had my resignation letter in my purse, but decided to let his boss know why I was quitting. Supervisor would talk about all the people on our team constantly, but only behind their backs. I got so sick of telling him to cut it out. My husband and I happened to work at the same place (different departments) and my Supervisor would make sexual comments about threesomes (with him - ewww), what hotel we picked for our afternoon delight, shit like that. It was so bloody uncomfortable. Apart from this he spent most of his supervising time outside smoking. Problem was Supervisor was "one of the guys" and I was the only girl.

Turns out his boss was disgusted, told his boss who lost his mind. They started an investigation which took three days. They interviewed staff - they corroborated what I said. They checked the security cameras, saw he was spending most of his work day outside smoking. And was fired.

When he was told he guessed (wasn't hard!) that I was the person who complained and tried to get to me to "apologize that I took it the wrong way". The best feeling was my co workers surrounding me as he was waled out. That was a lovely ending to it all.

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I got my boss disbarred. He was an attorney who was a serial sexual abuser of female clients/criminal defendants. He got away with it for over twenty years and preyed upon at least twelve different victims. The Office of Attorney Regulation censured him multiple times for other offenses, like being late to pay his annual bar fees, but even though they knew about at least five of the victims, they wouldn't disbar him.

I discovered that the Office of Attorney Regulation decides whether to "pursue an action" against an attorney based on a cost/benefit analysis. I gathered as much documentation of everything as I could, over a six month period.

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I used to be a store manager at sneaker/sporting goods store in the mall. One of my co-managers was f**king one of my teenage (underage) employees in that back stock room after the store closed on a regular basis. This was going on for several months apparently. I found out when said teenager came to me and she said that my co-manager promised her a raise that she never got. I asked her why he said that he would give her a raise. That is when she told me about the sex in the stock room. I had to call the police and corporate about this. We arranged a sting with help of the girl, as she acted out for the police that to meet up with my co-manager after work. Basically "caught him with his pants down" to use the term.

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Our manager spent her whole shift in the office watching us on camera and if we so much as stopped to talk to each other she'd come out and yell at us to get back to work. She was completely immature. One time I left my water bottle at the front counter and my co worker had to stop her from purposefully throwing it away. She would make up rules on the spot if she didn't like something someone did. I could go on. She was a terrible, unfriendly, hypocritical, mean manager.

Honestly, we all just went to the owners and told them everything and how it made us feel. They got HR involved and got her fired and found out she may have been stealing or giving away product. It was such a relief. If you work for a small business, just be honest with the owners if management isn't family.

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I had a job that required my supervisor to be doing evaluations of my cases and charts. She just hadn't, in months. She and my director ordered me and my co-workers to do our own chart audits, fill out the forms, and they would sign off. I was so tired of not having adequate supervision, staff meetings weekly where she yelled at us and invariably someone cried due to the stress and lack of support, and not having been paid enough to do everything I was doing AND their job, I refused. I was told to do it or I would be fired. Nope. So I got fired.

On the way out to my car, I called my former director who had moved to another agency. She set up an interview for the next day and I had a new job within 24 hours. She asked me what had happened at that interview. I spilled all the tea. Her sister-in-law was on the board of the previous agency, so she called her and I told her everything, too. Director was fired and supervisor was reprimanded and put on close monitoring. She had killed any chance of promotion and left shortly afterwards, I heard. I was just happy to have jumped ship from that toxic mess. I should have left months earlier.

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Suggesting guests to make complaints because of how bad the store was ran, even told my own personal experiences to make the customers feel sorry for me. Soon enough, corporate showed up and the store director couldn’t handle being yelled at and quit, 2 other managers have been relocated and an HR team member quit after receiving so many complaints.

I really disliked them, but I’m worried if their replacements are worse. We’ll have to see.

stay tuned


I left my last company due to a bully of a gm. Many people were leaving over him causing problems, being sexist,racist,doing things people could easily sue them for claiming sexual harassment. List goes on. Everyone informed HR during their exit interviews, hell he even tried to make my exit interview not happen. Though they still weren't doing anything. I had been at my new job for a couple months now and was STILL getting complaints from my old team almost daily. So I made an email account and named Concerned company name Crew. Sent an email to EVERYONE who had an email account within the company explaining what he did/still did with events spanning from his start to the day prior. They fired him within the week and my old crew thanked me.


I found out she was inflating our numbers to make it look like we were hitting our daily and weekly goals by not turning in everyone's timesheets and covering the pay with petty cash. It all came crashing down on her when a bunch of people in our office didn't get their checks and she didn't have enough cash left to cover them.

I called the regional manager (her boss) that night and she was fired the next day.


Our desks were separated by a 5 foot cubicle wall. He was under the mistaken impression that it totally blocked sound. Thus I got to hear all his loud phone conversations, primarily his booty calls including those with his boss's fiance. I figured it was none of my business and tried to ignore it.

Well there was a position in another department that I was interested in and as per procedure I handed in an application to my talkative boss. Didn't hear anything further and followed up a couple of days later, only to be told that something must have happened to the application. Filled out another one and handed it in. As I return to my desk I hear the boss on the phone with a friend laughing about how he had just trashed my application again and how he was never going to let go of me.

I go to boss's boss and angrily offer my resignation, telling him what I had just overheard, explaining that I was constantly hearing his phone calls like his booty calls like with and [woman's name] and [woman's name] and [boss's boss's fiance's name]. He got very quiet and told me to go back to my desk and he'll take care of everything. The next day I come in and boss is gone. The day after, I have an interview with the other department (got the position).

I tend to avoid office drama, but really, he should have stuck to screwing his boss's fiance, and not tried to screw me as well.


Advanced through the company through hard work and dedication and slowly began to usurp the boss's duties and responsibilities. Eventually the owner realized what a lazy schmuck the old boss was and "laid him off." A week later I got a new title and a 35% raise.


Not my direct boss, but the new VP of our department. Everyone hated him and the poorly-thought-through changes he was threatening to implement. A lot of my co-workers were talking about looking for other jobs. Our manager at the time, my direct boss, was really inexperienced and had no idea how to handle the situation.

I was only a year out of college and didn't know what to do. But, I was openly gay, as was the VP of a different department. We were the only two openly gay people at the company at the time so we'd chatted a bit.

I went to his office and said, "I don't know if you have any influence on my department, but we're going to lose half our team if someone doesn't do something about this guy and I didn't know who else to come to." He asked me to have anyone else in the department who felt the same way come talk to him. I spread the word, and there were plenty of takers.

A few days later, we all saw my department's VP have a private meeting with the CEO. After that meeting he announced that he wasn't going to make the changes he'd been talking about. He then proceeded to do absolutely nothing for the next month because it turned out that if he couldn't lead the department in a top-down authoritarian style he genuinely didn't know what else to do. He was fired at the end of that month.


Public agency hires someone out of private industry at the vice president level. She immediately begins hiring all her cronies and ass-kissers from her old job at very nice salaries for jobs that didn't previously exist. That's the sort of corruption we're used to in North Carolina, so no biggie so far. But she runs out of slots she can just create with a little paperwork so she starts to bully people in order to get them to quit so she can fill their jobs with her friends. One job was that of Executive Assistant and she was pretty harsh on the woman who had that job. I witnessed some of this and told the assistant to take it to HR - which she did, and HR just told her to document everything. So she did and one day the VP caught her recording a yell-fest on her phone. The VP wanted to know what was up so the Exec Assistant told her that HR wanted documentation and that I had told her how to record conversations on a cell phone (which was legal, BTW, I checked). So she yells at the Exec Assistant, yells at me, and then gets on the phone to HR, yelling at them that they were a bunch of incompetent fools and that she wanted to know what kinda Mickey Mouse outfit she was working for if she couldn't fire whoever the fuck she wanted to fire.

Now, we all know there are three TRUTHS in life:

No tugging on Superman's cape

No land wars in Asia

Don't piss off HR

Sure enough, HR initiates an investigation that took 300 hours (!!) of interviews with everyone in the department and a board of inquiry headed up by a Senior VP. She was called to the Senior VPs office at 4:30 in the afternoon and when we came to work at 8 the next morning, her office was cleared out.

Most of the cronies she hired were gone with a couple of months, no one wanted to work with them so with no projects on their docket, they knew the writing was on the wall. When the last of the cronies left, her job was eliminated and her staff transferred elsewhere. It was like the evil VP and her mob never existed.


Not me, but my gf at the time. We were both working at a small burrito chain, she was front of house manager and I was kitchen manager. Above us was one senior manager and then the owner. We did tip pooling based on hours, and the senior manager always told my GF not to count the tips every night, as he divided it up at the end of the week. Well. Of course she counted them every night. Turns out the senior manager was stealing almost 500$ a week from employees in tips, and because his previous FOH manager never questioned him it had likely been going on for years. She told the owners and he was gone the next day, a week later his wife left him.


HVAC tech, brought a new person on as a scheduler, this person got a power trip almost instantly. I out performed everyone in the company and this peon kept harping me about something, like everytime I called the office he'd say something shitty. Last call of the day comes to me and I'm pissed, I've worked 10 hrs, no breaks, just go, go, go. So he starts in again while giving me a job that should have gone to someone else. I get pissed after getting the info and hang up on him. He starts texting me. I call his boss, one of my good friends, and lay it out. Him or me. Something has to change. Either I never have to talk to him (which is possible) or I'll bring in my truck. I get a text from the prick to be at shop early. I get there early so I can watch him clean out his desk. Found out later he had been fired from the last 4 jobs for basically the same thing. HVAC technicians can be your best friends if you treat them right. But we don't take shit for nothing.


My complete misogynist of a boss walked by my desk one day and goes "sweetie, I would never put you in front of customers with your blonde hair and your size 0 jeans". RIGHT in front of our president of sales, who happened to also be a woman. He was gone within a few hours, although I had already filed several grievances with HR. It was delightful.


It was the night shift and for years this fucking guy had been either locking himself in the office and playing video games all night, or going home and fucking sleeping on the clock and no I'm not making that up. Finally one night the regional manager showed up for a surprise visit at like 3am...it was a group effort, the night crew took great pleasure in telling the RM exactly where his night manager was.


He was presenting a PowerPoint that I had put together to all the managers in the building. There was something he wanted to add at the last minute that he had never told me about, and when it wasn't there, he verbally abused me for like 5 minutes straight. Yelling, name calling, telling me to prove to him that I had a college degree and wasn't just making it up. I was a contractor so I was afraid to complain to HR because I assumed they'd just fire me, but a lot of other people in the room did.

After the meeting, I went into the share drive folder to find the presentation notes where the extra information was supposedly located. I watched the last changed time change from a day ago to the current time, then he immediately called and said it was right there in the notes file.

He was fired the next day for unprofessional behavior.


I worked for a pharma company and my supervisor was always a dick to me. On one of my annual reviews, he put that I had changed the parameters on one of our pieces of equipment so that it was out of spec. It's a lot more complicated, but I refused to sign my review and basically proved that it didn't happen.

Now, everything was documented there including our reviews and him submitting false information on my review was a fireable offense. I ended up quitting right after I got him fired because basically everyone there was shitty like that.


Was working maintenance at an ice rink. The rule for anyone who knows how an ice rink works is if the zamboni doors open, you get the fuck off the ice. Some dick-head decided to ignore the fact that they were open and that I was standing in the doorway, and decided to rip off one last slap-shot. The puck bounced off the glass and hit me in the head.

I was OK, but reported it to my boss, because we have to fill out an incident report for things like that. The boss asked "Are you OK?" I said I feel OK, then he responded with "Well, we don't really have to report it then do we?" I reminded him of the protocol, but it was clear he didn't want to do it. Since he wouldn't do it, I sent a descriptive email of the incident up to the administration, because I felt there should be some sort of documentation/paper trail in case god-forbid I ended up having a brain hemorrhage or something a few days later.

The boss was fired by my next shift.

Image credits: PerfectCar55


Proved he didn't know how to do his job and was just passing my work off as his.


I got a manager fired because he sexually harassed me on Facebook.


Not fired, but moved stores and demoted.

He posted publicly on his Facebook asking "why so many of his staff have mental problems" ... He also posted a few weeks before that, that he was "having a cheeky snow day" and skipping work.

I reported it myself. Considering I had been on a final written warning for breaking the "social media policy", I don't see why he shouldn't be either.


I worked in a bar and I caught my supervisor giving her and her friends free drinks and taking bottles home. They reviewed the CCTV and found she was also dealing drugs from behind the bar and she was fired the next day.


I was working at a gas station. Now this gas station was a dump, tiny place that was getting robbed and occasionally a drive by would shoot it up, but I was broke and needed the money. I work my first 2 weeks there, payday comes no paycheque. OK fine, sometimes because of how timeliness work out it gets put on the next cheque. Next payday comes, still nothing, so I talk to the owner who tells me he has not been able to add me to the payroll and to check back with him tomorrow and my paycheque should be there. Next day rolls around and so does the boss man who tells me he still hasn't added me to the system but offers to pay me under the table. Counts out a stack of bills. Now here is the thing, I had been keeping track of my hours and he was trying to pay me less than half of what I had earned. So I tell him that he needs to put me into the system and pay me properly and I ask him if the money he is offering has had the tax deducted and tracked. Boss is surprised that I actually want to pay my income taxes. I remind the boss that tax fraud is a thing but he didn't care. I got a little heated and demanded he pay me properly or I would go to the labor board, boss told me to go home and that the labor board won't do anything. So I did, and with a calm fury I proceeded to unleash hell on that guy. I walk home and while I do so I call the labor board who immediately email me the forms I need that basically said he either paid me what I was owed or he would be forced to pay me and face some steep fines. Great. But then I have a thought and I make another call. This time to the CRA, and I let the taxman know everything about him trying to pay me under the table and they were very interested to know. A couple weeks pass, I get finally get my paycheque and I learn from several friends who had all worked there that they received a call asking if he had ever paid them under the table or offered to and assuring them they would not be in trouble if they had accepted. Well of course all of them had been honest and said he had indeed tried to. And that was the last I heard about it until one day a few months down the road I stopped in after noticing a friend of mine was working there. They told me the rest of what happened as they had just been hired when it all went down. My call had started an investigation leading to Tax fraud/evasion charges. But wait, there's more. Turns out it was discovered that those robberies that kept happening were staged to get insurance money. More fraud. Suffice to say the owner was arrested.

TLDR: gas station owner tries to pay me under the table less than half of what he owed me, fires me when I insist on being paid properly. Owner ends up arrested for tax and insurance fraud


I quit.

I went through everything in my exit interview.

How my reviews were always shit so she didn't have to give me a raise, but that I had emails telling me how great that same work was throughout the year.

How I was "written up" because someone heard me say something mean. She couldn't tell me what it was, because she wouldn't repeat it. HR never heard anything about it. She also did that write up by herself, instead of with another member of management per the company handbook.

She also told me to work 80 hours a week just because she wanted me to order that I should find a new job. I refused to and then I got a new job within the week send turned in my 2 weeks.

I also talked about how she threatened my job, because I found out about her and a few other people changing reports to get them all of their bonuses.

I got to meet with everyone about the shit she was pulling. Except for the people that were in on the editing of reports. I met with the COO, CFO, VP of HR, and all of the legal team.

After I left she was immediately moved to a new dept and then let go within 3 months. Also the people that were changing reports were either let go or demoted.

I do feel bad for leaving that job though. Within the year that department was fully let go. So my friends all lost their jobs.


He was fucking mean to us (illegal)... and one day, we decided that we took our revenge. We recorded him... and we showed it to HIS boss... all of us got fired, cUz wE rEcOrDeD hIm wItHoUt HiM kNoWInG


I can't take credit for getting him fired, but I have a good story.
My former manager was a bloody moron. None of my coworkers liked him; he was rude, a bully, and didn't know what he was doing. I made an HR complaint a few months after starting there (so I feel like I helped build a case at least). Found out from long-term workers that he had many reports on his file already for various things, including harassment.
One day, we were just told he wouldn't be back. He was there the day prior. The complaint that finally got him fired didn't come from me, but you'll love/hate this:
In February he was casually speaking with a Chinese employee about coronavirus, and the manager referred to COVID-19 as "Kung Flu". Employee complained, and asked for apology. The manager refused to even apologize, saying he (employee) could quit if he didn't want to work for him. Employee quit, and the manager was fired, after several years at the company. Fuck that guy.


I worked in a sales job visiting customers at their business premises. My boss was supposed to make some calls too but he was lazy and started copying my entries into our record system to make it look like he was calling on them as well. He also signed all the quotations from himself making it look like he was getting all the new prospects.

When I spotted what he was doing I made up a few customers as prospects using the names of some high street shops (like WH Smith, F Woolworth, D Perkins) and what do you know; he copied those too. I slipped the fake call records in between real customers so it wasn't too obvious.

After a month or so I went to the regional manager to complain about what my boss was doing. When I went back to the office a few days later he had been fired and I never saw him again.


Hotel manager, my hotel was undergoing a full renovation. During this time both my managers were putting in less than 30 hrs a week, and I was racking up 70+ doing their jobs as well. I’m ambitious and knew it would look great on my resume so was happy to bust my ass.

2 months in i started to notice things going missing like furniture, funds allocated by corporate to offset LoR were not used, and just general bullshitery. Found out both my managers were pocketing the 20k in discretionary funds allocated to us when I overheard a conversation in the back office. Reported them to corporate and an investigation was launched. 2 days later on a Friday I had been put on suspension for misconduct by our district manager, and Monday 9am I was told To clean out my office.

I was burnt out at this point so took it as a victory, filed a retaliation lawsuit (district manager conducts the investigation with corporate) and moved states. 6 months later everyone is getting fired, charged have been pressed on 2 managers.

I’m back here eating popcorn, sad that I was great at my job but can never work for that company again


He confided in me that he was banging a staff member. Told me he would stop.

About a year later, he's still doing it and everyone pretty much knows. He keeps promoting her. I sent in a few anonymous tips to HR, which led to a few investigations and ultimately his dismissal


I was fired because I "abandoned my job" while on short term disability, because wile on approved leave, they are a date for me to return, never informed me (by their own admission), and when I obviously didn't return to work... i was fired.

The locker I had at work had my work boots in it that the company pays $90 a year towards. However there isn't a pair under $100 available. So you always end up having some come out of your paycheck. At that point they are yours regardless of the company line. They disagreed and said they were thrown out, I reported them stolen, and the HR director responsible for getting me fired was fired.


Not my boss but I helped my friend get her boss fired. He was a general manager, and always grabbing her sides, purposely scheduling her to have shifts alone with him, asking her for nudes, asking her to sleep with him, etc. She reported it so many times to the owner(big boss) and they said they couldn’t do anything because they hadn’t seen it and had no their reports other than her account. So I called and complained as a customer about how I witnessed him being creepy to her and how it made me uncomfortable. For the most part true lol, I just don’t shop there.


We hired a new project manager. He tried to force me to work Sunday even though I had plans. Our accounts manager heard about this and fired him.


I got handed a complete mess of paperwork that OSHA requires that hadn't been done in years and was told to forge whatever wasn't there.

I sent that email to OSHA with a handful of stuff that was missing that they should ask for when they came.

He only made it a couple days after they came in to review the complaint.


She stole $1800 cash from the deposit that she was solely responsible for. I noticed it was missing from the Qucikbooks records when she was out on vacation and reported it. She was fired as soon as her boss found the footage of her accepting the money and putting it in her purse.


His boss asked me to keep tabs on him. He was working a fraction of his hours (salaried), calling in hourly guys so he could leave early, not doing work while he was there etc etc


I didn’t get my boss fired, but she blames me.

Boss and I didn’t get along, but she didn’t have the authority to fire me. But, she promised her boyfriend my job. So she hires her boyfriend in another position, with the plan they’ll drive me to quit, and then she can just promote him to my job.

This lasted for about a month. She fired him when they broke up. He confessed their scheme to me on his way out (we’d actually become friends at this point) and I tell him he should really tell HR.

HR does their investigation, she’s fired because “sleep with me and I’ll give you a job” is textbook sexual harassment. And she tells anyone who’ll listen that it’s all my fault because I didn’t quit like I was supposed to.


Basically said "I'm quitting because of X". Boss looked at me and said "Can I convince you to delay this by a week?"

Worked from home for a week, then she (X) was gone. Worked there for 5 more years, then 7 at the company that acquired us.


It wasn’t just me, it was a team effort.

At my old job we got a new food&beverage director. So he was in charge of our restaurant/bar, as well as our conference area. He couldn’t care less for the conference area so he focused his time on the restaurant. Got rid of bussers, and made every server become their own bartender. Made a new drink menu, and worked with the head chef for a new food menu. Fired the people he didn’t like, and hired his drinking buddies from old jobs to be servers there.

He was an alcoholic, and he would always disappear into his office with a cocktail or a glass of wine and leave us servers out to struggle. I remember one shift in particular, I was scheduled to work lunch and dinner, and I was the only one scheduled during lunch. We were showing the local college football game, in our college town, and it just so happened to be our rivals we played that day. Every table was full. Every bar stool. I even had people standing and just ordering beer from me. My chefs were running my food for me. He comes out from his office to see how things are going, I’m eyeballs deep making drinks and had just finished one of our special drinks(it was the colors of the team) and he complimented me on how well I was doing. I turn around and he’s gone. My drink is gone. Didn’t see him again until he complained about his table in the restaurant (my middle school principal and her mom) and asked me to take that table.

After a few months everyone hated him, including his “friends” he had brought over with him. On New Year’s Eve we would have a huge party, and everyone was expected to work. Even his boss was there. Halfway through the night he said he had to go home because his wife and daughter were sick, but he had told his friends he was going to a concert RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. So we told his boss, went out to our wrap around patio, and sure enough you could see him with his wife waiting to go in.

He didn’t return to work.


Called the head office and suggested that they do a random drug test on him. He constantly treated me like shit, said horrible things about me behind my back to literally all of my co workers, and said racist things to my one black co worker. I knew for a fact he was always on coke so fuck him you make me lose my job I'll make you lose yours


I reported him to HR for committing fraud when I quit, they started an investigation that led to him being fired.


I work for the federal government and we have a yearly review for all employees to fill out where you can rank your management. Enough people complained that it caught someone's attention and they sent in auditors to investigate. Our boss was incompetent and cost us necessary funding because they simply weren't doing their job. What got them fired in the end though was time fraud. Auditors found it when doing the general investigation about the complaint.


I told supervisors that my direct boss was stealing so much product and time from the store. I knew it. Her stories didn’t add up, she was never helping us on the floor, always in her office, would take 1.5 hour lunch breaks and not clock out, leave early, tell me she was coming in early when the store didn’t open until 9 (which I knew was shit because she didn’t have a store key). I told them for about 8 months. No one followed up on it.

I didn’t get her fired, per se, but I basically made her unable to get rehired or not able to use us as a reference. I got promoted to her position after she left, and I found thousands of dollars worth of empty boxes shoved in the back of her desk drawers. I’m sure she was taking cash from the register, too. POS.