Win It: The Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Harrington Jacket

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The Flint and Tinder Harrington Jacket – $220
What I appreciate the most about Flint and Tinder is that the design of their clothing fades into the background – yes, that’s a good thing.

When something, be it a gadget or an article of clothing, does exactly what it’s designed to do, it shouldn’t be “noticeable.” Pants that don’t move well are noticeable. Jackets with low armholes are noticeable. But I’ve reviewed a number of Flint and Tinder pieces, and every one has been pretty much the essence of what it’s aiming to be. And that’s incredibly commendable consistency.

Made in the USA from matte-finish “staywax” 100% British Millerain cotton

Popularized by Steve McQueen in the US, the Harrington Jacket gets its name from character Steve Harrington of Stranger Things Rodney Harrington of the 1960s soap Peyton’s Place, who was often seen donning a Baracuta G9 on the show. Other notable wearers include James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra. Originally designed to be roomy and loose for golf wear (the “G” of “G9”), the Harrington jacket has become slimmer and a style staple, especially in the spring and fall seasons.

Size small on 5’9″ / 160

I was excited to check out this Harrington jacket, as it’s finally starting to turn fall-like around here after being in the mid-90s (no, not THOSE mid-90s) not even two weeks ago. The skies are getting grayer, the nights are getting shorter, and we’re settling into that sweet spot of crunchy leaves and chilly, dewy mornings. Like those graying skies, the finish on this particular shade of blue is desaturated, moreso than their other navy jackets I’ve reviewed. Rather versatile.

Right up top, this jacket is still made in the USA (unlike its Flint and Tinder family member, the 365 Pant, which has recently moved production to Indonesia). What stands out here, though? That beautiful, matte-finish “staywax” 100% cotton outer by British Millerain, the globally recognized inventor of the “waxed cotton” textile we know and love.

Kenmore plaid on the inside.

While it may not be a name you know by heart, you’ve seen British Millerain before. They’ve been making premium textiles for over 100 years, producing signature fabrics for Barbour, Belstaff and Filson. This jacket emblazons the inner pocket with a patch, which really stand out nicely against the Kenmore plaid tartan inner.

The entire jacket gives off a vintage, London-Fog-esque cool, but this ain’t your dad’s baggy raincoat. Everything about this is modern. The slim cut body and sleeves are sharp, draping perfectly, and the nylon sleeve lining is intentionally so; it’s slick, so it won’t stick to your sleeves as you take the jacket on and off. Brilliant.

Flap pockets can be worn in or out. Up to you.

The front pockets have flaps that fit seamlessly into the pockets, giving you the flexibility to have easy-reachin’ slash pockets or flap them closed. Marbled matte faux-horn (or real horn, the website is unclear) buttons look super clean against the color of this jacket, and the sturdy collar stands up straight, keeping the elements off of your neck.

So many companies can hit two of the big three of menswear: Look, Fit and Function. Flint and Tinder just seems to understand what it takes to hit all three, again and again. Here’s hoping this jacket stays stateside (there’s a tongue twister).

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