Tuesday, Third Chart!

 Finally was able to finish another chart.  It is slow going and hopefully will speed up in the coming weeks.  The shop is busy and if I can get the work done and picked up the charts will pick up.  

I haven't been able to save as much in categories, because prices are so outrageous for gas and food. Even though I did a pantry challenge for January and February, I finally went to the store on Saturday because we were out of many things.  I spent over $100.00 and did not get any meat to speak of, the prices were just scary.

I am so grateful to be able to scratch cook, and also enjoy cooking so we always eat well.  I have been craving bacon, but refuse to buy it.  Just too high.

Did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I would have liked, but I did enough.  I was able to replace zippers in three pairs of pants, (two were Hub's) and also a zipper in a hunting jacket.  I mended the cuffs on a mans work coat,  I wanted to finish up a wedding dress, but did not get to it.

Hub's worked at the church this morning watching kids while mothers had an activity.  As he plays the piano for the children, they are all familiar with him and will stay in the nursery.  He said they spent most of their time walking around the church with push toys.

I was able to get some needed housework done, but have not finished the kitchen or the vacuuming.  I might just leave it to get into the shop.

Hub's has to be at the high school tonight at 6.  I already have something for dinner ready for him, so I can just have a nice long sew session and get things done.

I also need to pay bills tonight and get my desk cleaned up and gather tax things.  Or separate things from last year and this year as they are all in a big pile.  I have to get taxes done this month and that is on my to do list.We all know how much I love getting ready for the accountant. NOT!

I already went in and hemmed a three layer bridesmaid dress and steamed it.    I am making a list to see if it will help me get motivated.  It often works.  I love me a list.

1. finish a wedding dress alteration

2. call some people for pick up

3. fold clothes in dryer

4. transfer washer to dryer

5. fold last load to dry

6. finish kitchen

7. finish vacuuming the house

8. finish hemming a bridesmaid dress

9. finish another wedding dress alteration

10. put a patch on a ref uniform

Let's break the shop up into sections as it is still not clean.  Maybe that will help.

1. empty closet and shelves into spare room

2. get rid of any hanging things that are over do for pick up

3. clean off extra table

4. clean out drawer of serger table

5. clean off window sil

6. clean out all three sewing drawers on sewing desk

7. hang all wedding dresses according to due dates

8. Put all things back in closet and on shelves that I am keeping

9. clean off sewing table

10. vacuum shop

I need to eat this elephant one bite at a time, before it mates and becomes two elephants.

But first get the sewing quota done for the day and then the laundry.

Okay no excuses, let's get it done.

I need a cheering section.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.