Tuesday, Spraying....

This is a term coined by my Twin Sister and that is exactly what I feel like I am doing. You know how a cat goes around and marks its territory. Well that is what I am doing. I had almost 15,000 steps on my fit bit yesterday and I still have so much to do. If I could just finish one room it would be nice.

Mom's room is done except for the curtains. I do not know what happened to the cream sheers I had in there? I think the last renter must have done something with them. I did find these really long white sheers that will do. If I was staying in this house I would go a get new sheers, but I will cut these to fit and then hang them. (I wonder if I can find someone to hem them:) I am not going to spend money on something I might not use again and these are available. So when I get this done the room will be done. One room out of only 8 more to go not counting the back porch and front porch which are a mess. I just keep telling my self everything I do is one less thing needed to get this house on the market.

The new shower parts are in and the handyman dropped them off and I have them in mom's room waiting the install. Which could be then end of the week or next week we will see. So that is something that is almost ready to go. This is the next room we will try and finish up.

I was able to get the Dining room cleaned out yesterday, which means I moved all the crap to other rooms;). Like that is going to help the situation. So I can say one room is done. I guess I could say progress is being made just much slower than I want it. So many little details to put things back together the way they need to be. So many things 1/2 done.

You must add a musical score and an instrument to all photos that are upstairs. Hubs rehearsal last night went until after 11:00 p.pm. He was tried when he got home. I am sure tonight will be worse. He says the singers are really rushing the music because of breath support which makes his transitions from viola to cello hard, so I am sure he will spend the day practicing. Which is fine as long as he helps me hang up all the large oil paintings.

I made a large pot of split pea and lentil soup with ham last night and it is delicious. There is enough to take dinner into my friend tomorrow. That is one less thing on my plate.

My mind is a big long list of to do's. I need to quit jumping from room to room and just finish something.

So here for your reading enjoyment is a list by room of what needs to be done. I am sure you are as thrilled with this as I am. But is does help me to keep my rattle brain straight when I use a list, like this.

Mom's room;
1. hem curtains

Mom's bath

Family room
1. clean
2. vacuum
3. vacuum stairs

Back hall
2. organize paint and paint supplies (relatives can just deal we are under construction)
3. new candle and table cover
4. put all molding we are not going to use back in garage.

Spare bath:
1. clean (I bathed the dog last night so it is a furry mess)

Spare room:
1. change sheets
2. sweep and dust

1. get up tape residue and polish hard wood floor where tape marked it up
2. put rugs back and vacuum

Front room:
1. get light switch plates put on
2. hang art work
3. take up tape residue
4. scrub fireplace tiles from paint residue
5. dust and clean fireplace tools
6. put things back on shelves
7.clean and wipe/polish all end tables
8. put back books
9. replace knobs on coat closet( have to go buy these)
10. vacuum rug

Our room:
1. straighten
2. sweep and dust

Master bath:
2. sweep ( Since this is under construction, I will do the best I can)

1. Kim clean
2. finish scrubbing grout in one half
3. clean fridge
4. straighten food cupboards

Front Porch:
1. remove old rugs
2. sweep and put things away
3. get Hubs to take paper and garbage to dump

back porch:
1. put away all canning jars
2. clean off table
3. sweep and generally straighten the mess

But first I am going to go into the shop and hem 10 pairs of pants and get it organized.

I have until tomorrow at about 5 p.m. before I leave for Spokane to get as much of this done as possible. Realize that it will not be perfect, this is a big house and with all the remodeling this last 6 weeks it is a mess. Our house is also very dusty and fury with the dog and the cat. I just have to get done what I can and be happy with it. But we are getting closer, every time we complete something. There is still a lot of touch up to do with paint in the hall and front room but that can be done by me after company leaves. It is nothing too glaring.

I have to get busy. Dang, it would be nice if I could just site and make lists. So much easier.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative