Tuesday,Solving problems


Here is my very sloppy list as I took my inspiration from "If you do stuff, stuff gets done"  But her lists are all pretty with stamps and she does not write like a first grader.  Sorry arthritis just does not allow me to have good hand writing.  Okay who are we kidding I never did have good handwriting and arthritis has only made it worse.

As you will see if you read because I know you are all so interested.... Dusting is a main thing here.  The family joke has always been that Sissie came out of the womb backwards saying, "Me first, me first", and left me to clean up the mess.  I emerged with a dust rag and said, "Where can I help you Mummy?"  But I think growing up as the head duster has left me just hating to dust now, so we will see.

I did get a few more things done on this lists but not many, most of my time was spent in the shop and then out back doing more yard work. Hubs mowed and replanted the garden things. I got more spray painting done and now have to finish planting.  I hope to be able to miricle grow all the boxes this evening if the weather co operates.  It is still overcast, but no rain to speak of. Hubs is now out spraying weeds with his home made natural concoction of something involving dish soap.  Hope it works. I promised him french toast for lunch if he sprayed.

I txted HUD's cousin's wife yesterday about my inability to download and the little sweetheart came over on her errands and we figured out how to circumvent the problem.  She thinks it is my Apple phone causing the problems.  So I was grateful to get that glitch taken care of for now.  One less problem to aggravate me.

Then I thoroughly cleaned the shop and organized all the wedding dresses in order and of course I had a bride for July call and insist on getting her dress this week, even though there are at least 8 June brides waiting.  But I have learned the hard way if you have a bride clamoring just give her, her way it is less hassle.  If you expects them to wait they start to imagine all sorts of calamities. 

So I am very happy to say that having a clean shop really motivated me to get some wedding dresses done.  I am about to finish up my second for the week and start on my third today, along with the piles.

List for today:

1. spray all boxes with fertalizer

2. what is for dinner?

3.get all trash cans emptied, why is this just so difficult? 

4. finish planting in backyard

5. hang things on deck once fertalized

6. finish hemming a steaming wedding dress

7. start another wedding dress by hemming the under skirts and pulling the hoarse hair braid off top

8. put zipper in a pair of shorts

9. put a zipper in a pair of pants

10. hem 5 pairs of jeans and two pairs of pjs.

11. hem two pairs of jeans

12. rip a bridesmaid dress

13. start another wedding dress, just a hem and steam

Boy do I have so much to do. Better get to work.

Am I going to get even half this list done? Likely not, but I will try.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.