Tuesday, Setting goals for daily work

  I bet none of you knew I was a goal setter?  Haven't figured that out yet? *Snort*

     I actually try and set a few goals everyday.  I usually over plan, okay let's be honest I always over plan, but it does help me get things done.

     If I don't set a goal or make a plan, I waste a lot of time just messing around.  Not that messing around is a bad thing, it can actually be quite enjoyable. I would just take it to the extreme.  I am good at extremes.

     So what am I planning on doing today?  That would be my goal or goals?  Well I really feel I have to sew, and I have to cook something for dinner, and I should take stock of the veggie supply in the house.  I heard broccoli is on sale at Winco for .69 a pound, should probably stock that up. I am out of one of my meds, better send Hub's to the pharmacy, he can take care of that.  The spare bath needs a good scour, and I had better do a load of whites.  Hubs needs to empty all of the garbage as the truck comes tomorrow. I have about 5 bills that need to be paid and a load of mail to read mostly medical stuff.  Now how to accomplish all of this?

     So far no real plan, just a mental list. But as I go through the day I do a thing or two to help.  As in I emptied the garage in the spare bath, filled the toilet paper caddy, and put disinfectant in the toilet to soak, when I last went in there. I am sure I will be in there again sometime today and will scrub the toilet, so that is done.  When I go upstairs again I will grab the whites and bring them down and throw in a load. When they are done I will hang them.  Just all part of the movement around the house.  Will sneak out to winco sometime this evening when Hubs is at the High school to get the broccoli and few more veggies.

     There are chicken breasts thawed so I think a stir fry is in order for dinner.  That was easy. I have all the ingredients for a good chicken stir fry.  So dinner is done (in my mind). Now onto sewing. 

Plans are made for the household things on my mental to do list, so now onto the shop.

1. press and call client on jacket.
2. hem blue brides maid dress.
3. hem lavender prom dress
4. hem grey pants
5. Alter coat sleeves and shirt sleeves
6. rip and alter neck and sleeves of suit coat
7. go to Joanns for a pink zipper.
8. check satin stock for a wedding dress alteration
9. shorten lavender bridesmaid dress
10. pull out at least one wedding dress and see what needs to be done.

     Okay so I have made plans.  Now the hard part is the get to work.  Yeah the actual work.  Always the hard part I tell you.  So I am going to run upstairs and go Potty (tmi) scrub the toilet, grab the laundry, pull the wedding dress, check the satin stock, run to Joanns, grab a zipper and maybe some satin (first put coupon book for Joanns in my purse) stop at Winco, press and call client on jacket.

     When I get the above done, I will need to figure about when I am going to read all the medical crap and pay those bills.

    On your mark get set go.  Now stick to it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.