Trivia Quiz: Figures of Speech - Clothing

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Nov 16, 2021

A Humanities > Linguistics Quiz : The words a person uses to express himself can be as defining as the clothes he chooses to wear. When you mash those together, you get some well known idioms that feature articles of clothing. How well will you do?

1. Using a cowardly or unfair tactic is sometimes referred to as "hitting below the ____".
2. According to the idiom, a very generous person might be willing to give you what article of clothing?
3. If you need to treat someone with extreme caution and care, you'll need to handle them with "___ gloves".
4. According to the phrase, "home is where you hang your" what?
5. Finish this phrase referring to being amazed, impressed, or awed. "It knocked my ____ off!"
6. A humble man waving off praise and accolades might say, "Just like you, I put my pants on one ___ at a time."
7. To better understand someone and what they have been through, you might be advised to "walk a mile in their ____".
8. If you possess an advantage known only to you, you might be said to "have an ace" where?
9. If someone confides a secret to you, they may ask you to "keep it under your ___".
10. If you find a great deal of success through your own hard work and effort, you might be said to have "pulled yourself up by your _________".
11. If you give a presentation without any formal preparation, you might be said to be speaking "off the ___".

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