The Only Pair of Winter Running Pants You Need: Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene Review

Forget long johns and lined wind pants. If the mercury drops and the wind is howling, log your miles in Reebok’s Thermowarm+Graphene pants and leave winter in your dust.

Pants are generally underwhelming. Most people don’t complain about their legs getting chilly or sweaty, and the majority of fashion marks often land in the tops category.

And that goes double for running — breathable shorts with a cellphone pocket in the summer, and some good base layer bottoms with almost anything on over them in the winter, amiright?

No! I am not right. It turns out I was very, very wrong. My winter pant game had massive room for improvement (and if any of this sounds familiar, yours might too). It just took the minds at Reebok to solve the problem I didn’t know I had. And they did, with one of the outdoors’ latest wünder materials: graphene.

Released this winter, the Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene Pants utilize graphene, the strongest material on Earth, but also one of the most heat-conductive. Printed in specific areas, the graphene zones on the pants retain 8-15% more heat than non-graphene areas.

runner in winter wearing reebok thermowarm graphene pants
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It may not sound like much, but after running and cycling through a few Midwest cold snaps, I can tell you I’ve found the only pair of winter workout pants I need. Read on for the full review.

In short: Throw on the Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene Pants ($80) when you have a cold run ahead of you, or just a frigid morning dog walk. With a drawstring and elastic waistband, these pants fit like relaxed loungewear, but are excellent at both trapping heat and beating back wind. The only knock I have is that you’ll have to resist wearing them as PJs, comfy as they are, because they are that good at retaining heat.

Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene Pants Review

Graphene isn’t all that new, but graphene-printed pants are. The material is right up there with aerogel and Dyneema when it comes to high-performance outdoor gear.

A single atom-layer thick graphene is lightweight, ultra-strong, and for our purposes, very heat-conductive. In fact, since its discovery in 2004, scientists have found it conducts heat better than any other substance on the planet.

This means as you radiate heat inside the pants and your (warm) body contacts the graphene, the pants literally heat up. Couple this with some established performance materials, like wind-blocking polyester, and you have the perfect set of winter trousers.

reebok thermowarm graphene pants zippered pocket
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Suffice to say, I did not know any of this prior to testing the pants. All I really care about is not cutting a run, ride, or workout short because my tender bits get cold.

I received the Thermowarm+Graphene in October, just in time for the first stabs of winter. Since then, I’ve worn them on runs up to 10 miles in temps down to the single digits (Fahrenheit).

Obviously, pants are only part of your winter activewear equation. Don’t expect your warm legs to cover for inadequate insulation on your torso. But for the lower half, I’ve learned to trust these graphene slacks above every other winter option I have.


As noted, Reebok printed the graphene panels in specific areas. These lie on the front of the pants — a great design, unless you run backward.

The rest of the construction is a stretchy polyester plain weave. And because stretch is also one of graphene’s standout characteristics, these pants offer stellar stretch throughout.

Two side-seam pockets give your hands a place to hang out if you’re wearing these out and about. And a hidden zipper pocket within the right-hand pocket is just big enough for a phone, wallet, or keys.

The ankles have an elastic closure. This is nice for running, but the lack of a zipper here does make it difficult to step into the pants or remove them without taking off your shoes.


I will say that no garment is perfect for every person in every scenario. For winter outdoor activity, the Reebok Thermowarm+Graphene are unparalleled and perform exceptionally.

runner crouching wearing reebok thermowarm graphene pants
(Photo/Kendra Smith Photography)

That said, if you’re going to find any knocks against them, it’ll be in a couple of design choices. First, taller folks will notice the bottom hem doesn’t quite fall where you’d like. And despite the stretch, it’ll ride up when you sit or squat, so prepare to show off some ankle.

Second, there’s no fly for on-the-go relief — just an elastic waistband and drawstring — so take care of business before your run.

And it bears repeating: These pants heat up! Given the stretch and feel, you’ll be compelled to wear them on a lazy evening around the house. That’s your business, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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