The festive season is in full swing, and as a new parent, you must be on the lookout for cute and stylish, yet, traditional outfits for your sweetie-pie

But with so many options in outfits available out there, it can be downright confusing for you to settle for one option. Your heart will reach out to ethnic wear, but your mind will gravitate towards soft, comfy clothes – after all, gorgeous as they look, a lot of ethnic outfits aren’t exactly comfortable enough for your baby to wear the whole day without fussing. Well, guess what – you don’t have to give up one for the other. This Diwali, dress your baby up in comfy clothes that look as good (or even better) than they feel!
Fashionable and Comfortable Outfits for Your Baby Boy and Girl Baccho ki shopping, baccho ka khel nahi; right, ladies? But don’t worry; you know what looks best on your little munchkin, plus we are always here to help! We have curated a list of comfortable yet elegant outfits for you to dress your baby up in this Diwali – simple, traditional, classy, formal, you name it, we’ve got it!
Festive Outfits for Your Baby Boy 1. Dhoti–Kurta Set

If it’s your baby’s first Diwali, without a doubt, you’d want to dress him in a traditional outfit and make it memorable (by clicking zillions of pictures of him). A dhoti kurta is, by all means, traditional! With ready–made elasticated dhotis available, you won’t have to struggle to make your baby wear a dhoti, especially if he hardly stays put while getting dressed. As for kurtas, there are several prints and patterns you can choose from – from a traditional sanganeri print to fun animal patterns to mirror work (on cotton fabric too), there are plenty of options available.
2. Kurta–Pyjama Set

Another option that is just as popular as dhoti kurta is kurta pyjama. You can either buy a plain white cotton kurta-pyjama set or a colourful kurta with white or cream pyjamas! Regardless of what you pick, your little boy will look handsome and will get appreciative glances from everyone for his simple, yet elegant look!
3. Formals

Don’t want to go the traditional route? Western formals to the rescue! Formals are available in plenty of designs, colours, and patterns – shirts paired with a blazer and trousers, full–sleeved shirts paired with a waistcoat and jeans, three-piece party suits with a bow tie – the options are many, and fancy too! You can either choose to dress him up in a soft cotton shirt and trousers or in a three-piece suit. The latter would prove to be a smart (and cosy) choice, especially if you are throwing or attending a Diwali party at dusk, when the temperature may plummet slightly, especially if you live in the cold areas. The extra layers are sure to keep him warm! However, if not a three-piece suit, then select an outfit you think your baby will be most comfortable in, and no matter what you choose, he will look dapper just like his daddy!
4. Dungarees

The quintessential look of the 90s is back in fashion and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while! Dungarees look absolutely adorable on anyone, more so on babies. You can reserve outfits like kurtas or formal shirts for a dressy event, like a party you’re throwing or attending, and dress your baby in a dungaree set during the day or for more casual functions. While a denim dungaree paired with a white tee remains a classic choice, your baby may not enjoy the snug fit of the heavy denim material if he has to wear it for a long time! Instead, overalls made of cotton or some other soft fabric would prove to be a wiser choice for your cutie. Comfort is always a top priority!
5. T-shirt and Shorts

Nothing defines comfort better than casuals, and nothing defines casuals like a tee-and-shorts combo! A cute t-shirt paired with shorts or pants will give your kiddo plenty of freedom to move around comfortably. You can always dress him up in an ethnic outfit for the celebrations at home or for a party you’re attending. And once the photo session is done, dress him up in a bright and cute tee and a pair of shorts, and let him crawl or toddle around freely!
Festive Outfits for Your Baby Girl 1. Lehenga Choli

Wearing a bright lehenga with a contrasting blouse, the little diya of your house will look like a princess! With a range of patterns available in lehengas – lehariya, layered, silk, sequin, etc., you will have enough and more options to choose from. Lehenga blouses too come in a variety of designs, from embellished round necks and one–shoulder pieces to blouses with mandarin collars – you can pick what you like! And don’t worry about the comfort factor; you can easily find a lehenga and choli in cotton too – so hurry and get one for your princess!
2. Top and Pants

Think your little tomboy would be happier in a pair of pants and a comfortable top more than a lehenga–choli? We know, a top paired with pants doesn’t really qualify as ‘ethnic’, but it’s actually easy to put a traditional spin on tops and pants too! An embroidered top with linen pants will keep your little one comfortable and also add an indo-western touch to her look.
3. Dungarees

Dungarees aren’t just for your baby boy! Dressed in cute dungarees with polka dots or animal prints on it, your little girl will charm everyone with her innocence and cuteness. And there’s no doubt that the comfort factor will keep her fuss-free during the festivities too!
4. Frocks

Little girls look the prettiest in frocks, and frocks define comfort like nothing else. For your baby girl, you will find frocks in a range of fabric, colours and designs to choose from. Frocks with polka dots print, flower print, animal print, check print – you think it and you will get it! From sleeveless frocks to full-sleeved frocks to frocks with shrugs – you will be spoiled for choice! You can dress her up in a frock the whole day or dress her up in it once she has had enough of lehenga choli! So go ahead, and pick nothing but the best (and the cutest) for your little princess.
5. Frocks and Leggings

Looking for a warm and cosy outfit to dress your little girl up in? Think frocks and leggings! Frocks and leggings are available in various designs and colours for you to choose from. Well, it’s not an ethnic outfit, but it will keep your baby warm, especially if you plan to attend a Diwali party with her in the evening, when it’d be slightly breezy and cold outside. Dressing her up in a full-sleeved frock and a pair of leggings will keep her covered and prevent mosquito bites too! Choose a pattern you like, whatever you choose, your baby girl will look the prettiest!
Shopping for clothes is always fun and relaxing, but the fun doubles when you go shopping for your baby. And with Diwali around the corner, it’s only natural that you shop cute little outfits for your little bundle of joy! Buy a pair or two (or more!) of stylish outfits from the above list and click lots of pictures of your munchkin all dressed up! Have a happy shopping experience and a safe and memorable Diwali with your baby!

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