The Best Velvet Curtains Are Anything But Stuffy

We’ll get right to the point: Velvet is luxurious. This luscious, luminous fabric can be found hanging in the grandest of spaces—think Versailles and Windsor Castle—but our style director, Naomi deManana, stresses that you don’t have to live in a palace to adorn your windows with the best velvet curtains. In fact, adding velvet window treatments is deManana’s go-to textile trick for a bit of visual flair. “You can accentuate tall windows and archways or simply bring a bit of drama to a space with velvet,” she explains, and points out that it does well in all sorts of spaces, not just the traditional sort. “Velvet works well with mid-century furnishings and accents like brass and marble,” she adds, and it can look sumptuous or streamlined, depending on the color. “A slate gray, for instance, can look modern,” she says.

And although deManana notes that velvet isn’t the most practical of materials—it’s not her first choice for the bathroom or kitchen, where spills, splatters, and moisture can make a daily appearance—it is inherently great at blocking out light and keeping a space warm, ideal for the bedroom and living room. If this material sounds like just what you need in your space, read on for deManana’s favorite velvet curtains. 

Our Favorites

Best Colors: CB2 Velvet Red Curtain Panel

Red Velvet Curtains

Available Sizes: 48 x 84, 48 x 96, 48 x 108, or 48 x 120 inches | Fabric Type: Cotton | Machine washable: Dry-clean only  

What we like:

  • Bold, vibrant color 
  • 100 percent natural fiber 

Worth noting:

  • Only includes one panel 

Why we chose it: Darken your room with a deep red. 

While there are seven other colorways available, deManana’s favorite has to be the red. More of a dark, moody burgundy than a brighter, sassier scarlet, this is the velvety hue synonymous with royal thrones. Although soft in texture, this color demands attention and is definitely the top choice if your room is in need of regal-level elegance. 

Best Variety: Barn and Willow Blue Velvet Curtain 

Blue Velvet Curtain Close Up

Available Sizes: Customizable | Fabric Type: 60 percent cotton, 40 percent polyester | Machine washable: Dry-clean only  

What we like:

  • Multiple pleat styles to choose from 
  • Customizable dimensions 

Worth noting:

  • Over $200 

Why we chose it: From the fold to the color and fabric, this curtain is almost completely customizable. 

Whether you like a more traditional pinch pleat or a softer, billowy top, Barn and Willow’s velvet drapery is a “design-it-yourself” dream. After picking out your fold style, choose from an array of velvets, including warm neutrals like beige and pearl, a tempting teal, and deManana’s suggestion: saturated sapphire. A measurement calculator will provide you with the ideal dimensions (no math required!). Last but not least, you’ll just have to decide whether to line your fabric for extra privacy and light-blocking capabilities, or let the velvet do its own thing with the unlined option. 

Best Two-Tone: West Elm European Flax Linen and Velvet Curtain

West Elm Linen and Velvet Two-Tone Curtain

Available Sizes: 48 x 84, 48 x 96, or 48 x 108 inches | Fabric Type: Linen; border is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent viscose | Machine washable: Dry-clean only  

What we like:

  • Modern color blocking 
  • Textural 

Worth noting:

  • Sold individually or as a set of two 

Why we chose it: Double the fun. 

Not only is this curtain a mashup of color, it’s also a marriage of fabrics. Champagne-colored European flax linen meets a rich golden velvet bottom with a bit of shine, thanks to a high-sheen finish. Despite the light linen feel, the panels are still opaque, obscuring any view from the window when drawn. These curtains would add an elegant touch to a warm, neutral living room; optional: elevate the luxe vibes with neighboring brass light fixtures

Best Pattern: House of Hackney Florika Velvet Curtain 

Paisley Teal Curtains by House of Hackney

Available Sizes: Customizable | Fabric Type: Cotton | Machine washable: Dry-clean only  

What we like:

  • Large pattern repeat 
  • Each item sold enables the company to purchase and protect 35 square meters of forest in partnership with the World Land Trust 

Worth noting:

  • Returns not accepted

Why we chose it: Go all in on maximalism with this paisley print. 

If you’re looking to channel a French parlor room or the swanky vibes of an English setting room, then you’ll want a pattern that packs a punch, and House of Hackney can always be trusted to bring the glam. deManana’s enamored with this floral motif not only for the intricate woven details but the placement of warm accents against a cool teal backdrop. Not to mention when folded, we’re quickly reminded of British-based designers Holloway Li’s crazy color combinations in the form of psychedelic zinc. So yes, even though this fabric ships from the UK, we promise it’s worth the wait. 

Best Splurge: Perigold Eastern Accents Velvet Curtain Panel

Velvet Pinch Pleat Curtain

Available Sizes: 20 x 84, 20 x 96, 20 x 108, 20 x 120, 40 x 84 inches, 40 x 96 inches, 40 x 108 inches, or 40 x 120 inches | Fabric Type: Cotton | Machine washable: Dry-clean only  

What we like:

  • Made in the U.S. 
  • Free shipping 

Worth noting:

  • True color is darker than depicted
  • Narrow width 

Why we chose it: The lofty price tag speaks volumes about this curtain’s handcrafted details. 

Made in Chicago, Perigold’s velvet curtains with strong pinch pleats are a nod to American craft—and the fabric is as soft as it looks. Many of the reviews note that the panels are narrow; they’re sold in 20- and 40-inch widths, whereas the standard is 48 inches, but that doesn’t make them any less lovely (perhaps just not the most ideal if your main purchasing purpose is privacy or blocking out light). The elegant pinch peat in a rosy, warm pink, oozes luxury; they’re everything you’d want in a statement-making curtain.   

Best Trim: Threshold Marlow Velvet Trim Curtains

Caramel Velvet Trim Curtains From Target

Available Sizes: 50 x 63, 50 x 84 inches, 50 x 108 inches, or 50 x 95 inches | Fabric Type: Cotton | Machine washable: Yes (but air dry) 

What we like:

  • Wide widths 
  • Rod pocket and back-tab compatible 
  • Fast shipping

Worth noting:

  • Sold individually 

Why we chose it: Elegant yet light and airy. 

If you like the look of velvet but still want to bathe your room in natural light, these cotton curtains might be your ideal middle ground. The lightweight fabric lets in some sun and is bordered by a slim, decorative velvet trim in warm caramel or navy blue. But perhaps the best part is the fuss-free aspect: Unlike a completely velvet curtain, the panels can be tossed in the wash come laundry day. 

Best Matte: Anthropologie Matte Velvet Curtain

Blue Matte Velvet Curtains From Anthropologie

Available Sizes: 50 x 63 inches, 50 x 84 inches, 50 x 96 inches, or 50 x 108 inches | Fabric Type: Cotton, polyester | Machine washable: Dry-clean only 

What we like:

  • Rich colors (and plenty of options to choose from)
  • Easy returns  
  • Cotton lining

Worth noting:

  • Velour-like feel

Why we chose it: Block light in every color of the rainbow. 

Amethyst, opal, emerald, sapphire: Name the jewel tone, and you can probably find the shade from this line of velvet curtains by Anthropolgie, but in a subtle matte finish. The same luxurious fabric that we’ve come to know and love in the brand’s upholstered furniture can also grace your window frames with a slight less sheen, but just as luxe. We see these panels doing well in an eclectic, colorful room. Pro tip: If your panels arrive wrinkled, let them hang or give them a quick steam. 

Best Texture: Cotton Velvet Darkening Curtains

Amazon Velvet Curtains

Available Sizes: 52 x 84 or 52 x 96 inches| Fabric Type: Cotton, polyester | Machine washable: Dry-clean only 

What we like:

  • Rippled surface  
  • Plenty of color options
  • Rod pocket and back tabs 

Worth noting:

  • Limited sizes

Why we chose it: A tufted, fuzzy alternative that’s less silky in appearance compared to typical velvet. 

Much like your favorite pair of corduroy pants, these curtains will keep your home feeling comfy and cozy—literally: The thick fabric will help keep drafty windows in check. Although there’s a wide color range, it’s really the textural depth of these curtains that won us over. The only downside? The panels are super long, so unless you have incredibly tall ceilings or windows high up on your walls, these might not be the best curtains for you.

How We Chose These Products

We tapped our in-house style guru, Naomi deManana, to search for the best velvet curtains. She prioritized natural materials, sourced from brands that are trusted by our discerning editors, and added in a few unconventional, unique styles to prove that velvet curtains aren’t just for stuffy, formal dining rooms. Choosing the right color or pleating style, she argues, can help this material that’s largely thought of as traditional feel more modern, even contemporary. 

Our Shopping Checklist


“Velvet” actually refers to the fabric weave rather than the material, and it can be made from natural fibers like cotton and linen as well as synthetic ones, most popularly polyester. Velvet typically fetches a higher price tag, as the weaving technique is complex, bringing two fibers of the same thickness together. (If you’re super budget-conscious, try velour.) That’s part of the reason why this fabric is great for blocking light and providing greater privacy, and it also means that velvet curtains can be insulating, making them a great swap-in for the colder months. 

Installation and Hardware 

Getting your curtain sizing right doesn’t have to be a whole thing. Simply grab a measuring tape and jot down the height of your windows, then extend to see how far you’d like the fabric to fall. Do you want it to just brush the floor or slightly gather at the bottom? “There are generally three different styles for curtains: at the windowsill, just below the sill, or at the floor,” explains deManana. “This is a personal choice and can be determined by the style of the room or window.” 

For velvet, though, deManana recommends allowing your curtains to kiss the floor, a look she generally prefers for bedrooms and living rooms. “How wide is all about personal preference,” she shares, but she’s a personal advocate of extending your curtain rod past and above the frame by 4 to 6 inches (or simply to the middle point between your window and ceiling) to create the illusion of taller windows and a larger room. A return rod is best for blocking off as much light as possible, part of the allure of velvet curtains. Just be careful to check the weight capacity of your chosen rod: Velvet is a heavier fabric, especially compared to sheer curtains, and will likely require something a bit more sturdy. 

Care and Maintenance 

Contrary to popular belief, velvet doesn’t require much extra care when it comes to general maintenance. Like all other curtains, velvet attracts dust, so be sure to give your panels a good shake or brush them down now and then (darker velvets, too, will more easily show build-up). When it comes time to wash (we recommend giving your curtains a deep clean about twice a year), be sure to check the manufacturer instructions. In most cases, velvet is a dry-clean-only situation; otherwise, hand-wash this material with warm water and gentle detergent. 

Ask Domino

Q: Are velvet curtains a practical window covering? 

Yes! Velvet can provide your home with more than just a luxurious detail. This fabric is inherently good at providing thermal insulation and blocking light and sound, too. Live on a noisy city block? Putting up velvet curtains can help dampen the intensity of car horns or sirens. We’d also recommend bringing out velvet curtains during the snowy months. The thick weave can help keep cold winter winds from seeping past your windows and into your home. 

The Last Word

Velvet is the textile to tap if your room is feeling a little lackluster. But as luxurious and elegant as it is, deManana points out that the best velvet curtains are also a practical choice if you’d rather not commit to blackout or soundproof curtains. 

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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