The Best Snow Sleds for Adults, Because Reliving Your Childhood Snow Days Is a Great Form of Self Care

If there’s ever a movie with an iconic, stop-what-you’re-doing-and-watch sledding moment that’ll make you want to buy yourself a sled for adults, it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. For those who don’t remember the scene (or who have been deprived of the holiday comedy classic), here’s a refresher: Chevy Chase’s character Clark Griswold slicks up a metal flying saucer and goes on the ride of his life. As the youths would say, he gets positively yeeted, flying over snow banks and through powder drifts on what is effectively greased lightning.

Many of us have chased similar sledding moments to no avail. Even in our adulthood, winter brings dreams of lubing up a flying saucer sled and yeeting ourselves down the neighborhood sledding hill in a barrel of laughs. Laughter ensues, for sure, but the rides are short and sweet, a fragment of Griswold’s cinematic masterpiece. Sledding is a fun and refreshing way to get outside and get moving—and it’s something we totally encourage if you’ve got snow and a hill nearby. Is sledding the new self care this dreary winter? Why not?

If you’re on the hunt for a Christmas Vacation-worthy sledding scene that’ll leave you and your friends speechless, you’ve come to the right spot. Turns out, it all comes down to the right sled—like anything else, good gear is everything, and sleigh rides are no different. Whether you’re a tube-r, a tobogganer, or a classical bob sledder, there’s a snow sled out there sure to give you your own Hollywood sledding moment (or just a carefree day of sledding that brings you back to your childhood). Find the best snow sleds for adults below—snow pants and cold-weather gear not included.

The best snow sleds for adults, by adults

L.L.Bean, Sonic Snow Tube — $159.00

Fun fact: L.L.Bean’s classic snow tube was originally designed for commercial tubing ventures, so you know it’s the real thing. The rubber inner tube in the Extra Large version is heavy-duty enough to hold you and some friends, while the polyurethane bottom guarantees to give you speed down the slopes. Tl;Dr: This tube is the real deal.

Back Bay Play, Lifetime Downhill Saucer Disc — $45.00

Ah, you thought you escaped the Christmas Vacation references?! Not so fast. This is the plastic version of Uncle Eddie’s metal saucer, no Crisco necessary. For $45 on Amazon, this sleek lil’ saucer will send you flying down the hill (don’t worry—there are handles attached for you to hang on to). Just note, it isn’t the most comfortable thing to ride on, so if you’ve got a sensitive bottom, stick to the classic toboggan-style instead.

Funboy, Cardigan Toboggan Snow Sled — $79.00

You probably know Funboy for its whimsical pool floats that run the gamut of everything from flamingos to flying saucers. Well, summer isn’t the only time to get your hands on a Funboy float—the company makes sleds, too.

Since they’re inflatable, carrying to-and-from the sledding hill is a breeze. And just like the pool floats, they’re just as playful, available in a wide range of shapes and wintery patterns, including a retro snowmobile the brand just can’t seem to keep in stock.

Flexible Flyer, 60 Inch Metal Runner Sled — $170.00

Or, you can go the classic toboggan route with the Flexible Flyer, one of the original snow sleds for adults. The light birch wood and smooth steel runners are designed to send you flying down your neighborhood sledding hill. At 60 inches, it’s big enough to hold you and a friend, but if you want to ride solo, there’s a smaller 48 inch one on Amazon, too.

Classic Plastic Snow Sled — $74.00

This plastic sled has more than 3,000 5-star reviews and a laundry list of devoted customers all thanks to its speed on the slopes. The plastic construction is lightweight for pulling back-and-forth between runs, and while other sleds don’t include a lanyard, this one does, making it that much more convenient to transport.

Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD — $274.00

The name alone of this sled should let you know it’s all business. This snow beast is made from lightweight, powder-coated aluminum that makes for an effortless glide. Along with the unique steering design and ski runners, it’s about as serious a snow sled as you can get.

Flexible Flyer, Snow Screamer 2-Person Snow Sled — $50.00

Another Flexible Flyer option, only this time, the classic wood toboggan shape is replaced with a thin, mat-like body that just zips down your favorite hills. The cushioned mat acts as shock absorption over lumps and bumps (your bones will thank you) while the sleek bottom builds up speed as you roll along. Great for solo rides or tandem rides—your pick.

Snowboogie, Animal Tube 44 inch — $35.00

We’re a sucker for novelty tubes. I mean, how could you not love this adorable polar bear sled that’s practically begging to be taken out on the slopes? The single-rider sled inflates, so it’s easy to pack to-and-from the sledding hill. Ride sitting up or on your stomach for a bear-y great trip.

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