The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization


The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

As we've been unpacking House #6, I've been keeping a list of the must-have items we've used to get this house in order. So many little things have been crucial in organizing the general chaos that comes with moving an entire family from one house to a temporary apartment and into another house. 

We own everything on this list, and have brought most of it from house to house, depending on the layout of our spaces. 

The list turned out to be larger than I expected, so meet the Ultimate List of Amazon Home Organization Must-Haves! 

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The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

Ok, this little guys is genius. It doubles your shelf capacity by creating a shelf within a shelf. I use mine on the cabinet shelf that holds mugs or short glasses. You can use this expandable shelf to fit the space and double them up. 

If you've binged a certain organization show on Netflix and are on the hunt for an affordable acrylic food storage set, this is the one! With 4 of each sized container, this is a great way to put your pantry staples in order quickly and efficiently. PS The set includes the labels, chalk marker and a set of measuring spoons.

I truly didn't believe in the magic of fridge organizers until I snagged a single egg container and can container for myself. Consider me converted! I wanted everything within a container so I can find it easily and quickly. This set includes 6 storage bins: 1 egg container with lid, 1 drink can holder, 2 wide bins and 2 narrow bins.

17 acrylic organizing dividers in 5 sizes! I broke this out and used it for multiple drawers including our junk drawer and my make up. 

The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization

No more brooms and mops falling all over themselves! We stuck this baby inside of one of our new mudroom shelves and love the space we get back once everything is hung. 

We use this to keep both kids water bottles and adult Yeti cups in check. 

Nothing saves more space in a closet than a thin, non-slip hanger. We slowly transitioned over to only using these and we couldn't be happier with them. 

Ok, wanna know a secret? This is how I store all of my leggings. I use one S Pant hanger and hang every pair on one single hanger. If I need to double up, it's no problem because leggings are so lightweight. Saves me a ton of drawer space! 

Perfect for snacks and lunch box items, this clear turntable lets everyone see what's in stock and ready to pack. 

We use two of these under our kitchen sink! It adds so much storage and can be set on either side of the sink pipes.

Perfect for storage folded pants, sweaters and sweatshirts, I used these across the long shelf in our last home to add more organized storage. 

The Best of Amazon: Kitchen, Pantry and Home Organization
Bonus Find: shop this bamboo silverware organizer here

This set of 16 drawer organizers can be locked into place once you find the perfect set up.

There are just never enough outlets. I love this for our mudroom (where we charge the tablets) and our bedside tables for lamps, chargers etc! 

These baskets can handle anything. We've used them to store miscellaneous shoes, gloves, mittens, etc in our coat closet for years. 

We use these in our laundry to store bottles like stain remover spray, stain sticks and color catchers. The non-stick bottom makes this ideal in case there are leaks or drips!

I use this for storing our baking sheets/pans/cupcake tins/baking racks etc! It's perfect if you have tall storage to keep them all from falling into each other. 

We've had everything from a designated spice drawer to pantry spice storage and in this house we have a little shelf that needs some help! This 3 tiered shelf allows you to see all of the spices and keep things contained. 

This is perfect for those hard to wrangle corner cabinets! Available in 4 sizes with easy install, this little guy will be a game changer. 

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