The 18 Best Travel Pants for Men

When travelling, the goal is to bring less, not more. Jeans are heavy and bulky. They can be such a hassle when youre trying to save on your suitcase space. Plus, wearing traditional jeans can be very uncomfortable when youre walking for miles in hot and crowded areas. Another reason why you may not want to wear your thick and heavy jeans when youre travelling is that they can be hard to clean on the go. This is why you need to wear pants that are light and comfy. They need to be packable to make room for more stuff. And, they need to be very low-maintenance.

What you need are travel pants. Travel pants are made of soft, breathable fabrics that usually have stretch in them. These are quick drying pants that are made to be tough and durable enough to be used in outdoor sports like climbing and hiking but also extremely comfortable to wear during your vacation. Most will remain relatively wrinkle-resistant, or the fabrics are designed to look good without the need to iron. Wearing a good pair will allow you to run to your next, flight, train, or bus unencumbered while remaining stylish.

Lululemon Commission Pants SlimLululemon Commission Pants Slim

The Lululemon Commission Pants Slim is a great pair of travel pants that were designed with the frequent traveller in mind. All the features that are incorporated and all the materials utilized were all chosen to create freedom of movement to ensure comfort and mobility.

They are made out of a stretchy fabric called the Warpstreme. This allows for a 4-way stretch that really follows the bodys movement. One of their most important features is the hidden pocket, which is the perfect size for a passport.


ArcTeryx Lefroy PantsArcTeryx Lefroy Pants

The ArcTeryx Lefroy Pants are very outdoor-oriented high-performance pants for active individuals. Many of the features that are incorporated in these pants are for extreme outdoor sports, like climbing or trekking, which means that travelling is a relative cakewalk.

They are made out of a highly breathable 86% nylon and 14% elastane fabric blend, which is called the Aequora Air Perm. They provide an unrestricted ability to move with the help of the gusset. Another key feature that is built into these pants is the thigh zip pocket that is great for valuables.


Aether Charter Pants 2.0Aether Charter Pants 2.0

The Aether Charter Pants 2.0 is the second version of the original. This version uses the Schoeller twill fabric blend, which is composed of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. They are made to be soft and comfortable to wear. They are also durable enough to have a lifetime guarantee as provided by the manufacturer.

One of their very useful features for travellers is the secure hidden side pocket. This is great for keeping valuables, especially in crowded places.


Prana Stretch Zion PantsPrana Stretch Zion Pants

The Prana Stretch Zion Pants are very versatile pants that are built to be tough enough for outdoor sports but are stylish enough for casual wear and travel. The come in a very modern aesthetic style as well as a variety of available colors. So, pick the one that fits your shirt and the look youre going for.

They are made of 97% nylon and 3% spandex, which allows for a 4 way stretch. They also come with a gusseted inseam for added mobility and ventilation. Other features that make these perfect as your next travel pants include their high water-resistance, their high UPF sun protection rating, and the secure pockets at the side that keeps your valuables safe while youre on the go.


Outlier Futureworks PantsOutlier Futureworks Pants

The Outlier Futureworks Pants are engineered to be the perfect travel pants. They are designed to move when you move. They are made from a proprietary F.Cloth, which is made of 97% nylon and 3% elastane. This fabric blend is capable of a two-way 35% stretch.

The Futureworks Pants are lightweight, highly breathable, and feature a long gusset to optimize ability to move. They look and perform superbly. Youll look real good with these on while maintaining high levels of comfort in your travel no matter the type of climate. Another important feature for travel is that the Futureworks Pants are highly water-repellent.


Eddie Bauer Guide Pro PantsEddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants

The Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants are made for the man on the go. They were mainly designed for climbing, trekking, and other outdoor sports, so you know that they will be able to withstand the relatively calm challenges of travelling.

The Guide Pro Pants feature a 94% nylon and 6% spandex blend construction that allows excellent two-way stretch. This is important since youre going to be walking a lot during your vacation. These are also very water-resistant as well as sufficiently protective against the suns UV rays with 50+ UPF rating. Other features that make this an essential pair of travel pants are its lightweight and packable profile, high breathability, and low-profile cargo pockets with secure zip closure.


UNIONBAY Rainier Travel ChinosUNIONBAY Rainier Travel Chinos

The UNIONBAY Rainier Travel Chinos are very versatile casual pants that have been specifically designed with travel in mind. They are made of a stretchy 94% nylon and 6% spandex fabric blend. They are lightweight and very packable. They are also very resilient and protective.

These Chinos are constructed to be highly water-resistant and protective with a formidable sun protection rating of UPF 50. They use a button fly closure design but have zip closure pockets at the back and side. These chinos are regular fit and look good enough for casual wear during your travel.


Rhonoe Commuter PantsRhonoe Commuter Pants

As the name implies, the Rhonoe Commuter Pants are high-performance pants that you can wear on a daily basis during your commute to and from work. Because they are so durable and comfortable, they are also ideal as travel pants.

The Commuter Pants feature a very modern, streamlined fit. They are made out of Japanese warp knit fabric with very accommodating stretch capabilities. This, coupled with the crotch gusset, creates an experience that is very comfortable and non-restraining. You can walk, run, or climb in the Rhonoe Commuter Pants with no problem.


Outdoor Research Ferrosi PantsOutdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

The Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants have it all. These are outdoor sports oriented, high-performance pants that can be used as an ideal travel pants. They are constructed with more spandex than most other travel pants. The fabric used to make the Ferrosi is an 86% nylon and 14% spandex 90D blend. This means that these pants are going to move in sync with your body.

They are made to be highly water-resistant and wind-resistant too, which adds protection from the elements. If you want to wash them during your travels, you wont have a problem since these are very quick-drying. Other important features on the Ferrosi are the zip closure pockets at the back and side.


Mountain Hard Wear AP PantsMountain Hard Wear AP Pants

The Mountain Hard Wear AP Pants are made to be worn all-day; hence the name. These are made out of 75% cotton, 23% nylon, and 2% elastane. The combination of these materials makes for a fabric that is very high-performance, especially during climbs or other active outdoor sports.

They are also designed to look very modern, which makes choosing to wear the AP Pants an easy decision for travelling. They feature articulated knees and a close fit design that enhances both the look and performance of the AP Pants. Other features which makes this an awesome travel pants are the zip-closure security pockets and the snap pockets at the front.


Western Rise Evolution PantsWestern Rise Evolution Pants

The Western Rise Evolution might just be the future of pants. They are built to be worn by active individuals who are ready for anything. They utilize fabric that is abrasion-resistant but feels really soft on the skin. They are extremely light and packable so they are ideal travel pants.

Other features that are specifically designed to make these a great travel pants choice include their anti-wrinkle characteristic and stain-resistance. The Western Rise Evolution Pants are ready when you are. Wear them every single day in your travels and dont worry about getting them dirty.


Western Rise AT Slim PantsWestern Rise AT Slim Pants

The Western Rise AT Slim Pants are nigh indestructible. This is a tough pair of pants that was designed to be worn for everything from extreme sports to outdoor activities to travel. They are constructed out of a sustainable 97% nylon and 3% spandex fabric blend. They are thicker and have a high denier but still allow a two-way stretch.

They are also highly protective against the sun with a UPF 50+ rating. You can also wear these with confidence in the rain since they are highly water-repellent. They also feature a zip closure pocket to keep your valuables secure.


Foehn Nelson Pants CoyoteFoehn Nelson Pants Coyote

The Foehn Nelson Pants Coyote are very heavy-duty and versatile climbing pants that can perfectly work as travel pants. They are made to help you conquer tough mountains and even sheer rock walls, so going through airports or walking for miles on end as a tourist really wouldnt be much of a challenge for the Nelson.

They are constructed out of a very accommodating fabric that stretches 4 ways. They also incorporate Cordura yarn, which means that the Foehn Nelson Pants Coyote are 4 times tougher than denim in terms of abrasion-resistance. Not surprisingly, the Nelson also features a gusseted crotch, which helps with full mobility.


Topo Designs Tech PantsTopo Designs Tech Pants

Whatever the activities you are into, the Topo Designs Tech Pants are perfect for the job. These are guaranteed to be tough enough to be up for any challenge. They are made of a 96% nylon and 4% spandex fabric blend that allows for a two-way stretch.

They are very lightweight and very packable. They are great travel wear. They feature a very modern style fit as well as an articulated knee to add to the aesthetics and function of the Tech Pants. With these on, you are sure to remain comfortable throughout your travels because they are very breathable, stretchy, water-repellent, and gusseted.


Olivers Passage PantsOlivers Passage Pants

The Passage Pants from Olivers are engineered to be a better and more advanced version of the traditional jeans. They were constructed for the purpose of providing you with high-performance active wear that can do what you can do.

They are perfect for active sports, such as hiking or climbing but can just as easily work as travel pants. The features that make these the perfect travel pants include a gusseted crotch for optimum mobility and a 4 way stretch fabric made of 91% Cordura and 9% Lycra. They are also moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and lightweight all essential features of the ideal travel pants.


Rapha Loopback TrousersRapha Loopback Trousers

The Rapha Loopback Trousers are constructed with the cyclist commuter in mind. This, however, does not mean that they cant be used as travel pants. On the contrary, the features that make the Loopback Trousers high-performance commuter pants are also the features that make them ideal for travel.

They are constructed with Pertex nylon fabric that makes them lightweight and very durable. They are moisture-wicking and also very water-repellent, so they can be worn in hot or even wet weather. The back pockets also incorporate a zip closure for added security for your valuables.


Bluffworks Classic ChinosBluffworks Classic Chinos

The Bluffworks Classic Chino is a pair of well-designed travel pants. They are made for active men who still want to look stylish. It is constructed out of 100% polyester that is stretchy, highly breathable, and wrinkle-resistant.

If you happen to get them dirty during your travels, you dont have to worry because these are very quick-drying. You can just wash them in the sink and hang them to dry. Aside from the style and comfort that the Bluffworks Classic Chino brings to the table, there is also the added level of security of a hidden pocket for your valuables.


Aviator Concorde Travel JeansAviator Concorde Travel Jeans

Aviator is not shy to claim that the Aviator Concorde Travel Jeans are the best travel jeans for men. These are made of a very unique fabric blend that is comprised of 45% lyocell, 27% cotton, 15% rayon, 12% polyester, and 1% spandex.

Unlike traditional jeans that are made of heavy and bulky denim, these jeans wont bog you down during your travels because theyre very lightweight and packable. If you do wash them, theyre going to dry very fast. They also have 3 zippered hidden pockets for securing your valuables.


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