The 101 Best Truth Or Dare Questions

Have you ever been present at a party, an event, or at home surrounded by friends, and everyone is bored? If so, you have likely tried to play truth or dare to take the time with friends more memorable and entertaining Yet, in most cases, a game of truth or dare that started fun can quickly become the opposite if the questions are too mundane or too inappropriate. 

It is true, most people know truth or dare as the classic game, but not many realize it’s also a great game to learn more about your friends and those you might be interested in romantically. The best truth or dare questions are meant to be thought-provoking, fun, interesting, and exciting. This is often a tricky balance to achieve. 

Do you want to uncover a few truth or dare questions that will catch a player off guard, inspire a deep conversation, or be interesting enough that other players will enjoy discovering more about that person? If so, look at this list. We have thoughtfully put together 101 of the very best truth or dare questions that will ensure you and those playing with you are entertained while creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

Truth Questions


  1. If you woke up early one morning and found out that you were the opposite sex, what would honestly be the very first thing you would want to do?
  2. Have you ever shared someone’s toothbrush on purpose?
  3. Do you have an incredibly embarrassing drunk story?
  4. Are you someone who has stalked an ex on Facebook or other forms of social media?
  5. If you had to choose to date someone in this room, who would you choose, and why would you choose them? 
  6. If you could, without repercussions, steal something that you have always wanted, would you do it? 
  7. When last did you trust a loved one when you knew you shouldn’t have?
  8. Name a single thing that you would change about every person in this room.
  9. Tell me the one thing in your life that you wish you could change.
  10. Who was your first childhood crush or first childhood love?
  11. How often do you change and wash your bedding?
  12. If you only had a few weeks left to live, who in this room would you want to spend the most time with?
  13. If you had to bury a dead body, who would you trust to help you?
  14. What was the last thing you Googled and show us evidence on your phone?
  15. Have you ever tried any illicit drugs, and if so, what was your experience with them?
  16. Do you have anything in your web browsing history that you would be embarrassed if anyone in this room saw?
  17. Have you ever done anything illegal, and if so, what did you do and when?
  18. What are three things you vehemently don’t believe exist or are real?
  19. When you’re using a public bathroom and notice there is no toilet paper, what do you do?
  20. Is there a personality trait that you believe to be genuinely disgusting, and if so, what is the trait?
  21. Do you have a secret guilty pleasure, and if you do, what is it?
  22. Is there a sexual act that you deem to be overrated that most people enjoy?
  23. If you could swap lives with anyone playing this game now, who would it be and why?
  24. Where would you choose to travel if you had a one-way ticket to any country right now?
  25. What is an unpleasant act that you have had to do in public?
  26. Have you lied to someone you loved to get them to confess a truth to you?
  27. Have you ever kissed or slept with one of your closest friends, and did it ruin your relationship with them? 
  28. Are you someone who frequently participates in drunk driving or speeding? 
  29. If you woke up and everyone in the world had disappeared, what would you do?
  30. Have you ever dated or had a crush on someone that is more than twice your age?
  31. Do you believe sex to be better when you are in love or when you are with a stranger you barely know but are attracted to?
  32. What is the absolute sexiest thing that anyone has ever said or done for you?
  33. Were you ever bullied in the past, or were you someone who bullied others in the past?
  34. When you are bathing, which part of your body do you wash first?
  35. Have you ever had a near-death experience, and if so, what happened?
  36. Once you have dropped food on the ground, what is the longest time you have waited to retrieve it and then proceed to eat it?
  37. If you had no choice but to either be naked or have your inner thoughts on display for those in this room to view, which would you choose? 
  38. Would you rather only be able to have sex with the person you are currently dating or last dated or never have sex with another person again?
  39. If you had the opportunity to marry more than one person at the same time, would you?
  40. Have you ever posted an embarrassing video or status on social media?
  41. Do you have an embarrassing childhood memory that has haunted you throughout your life?
  42. Have you ever done something crazy to get out of a speeding ticket or fine?
  43. Would you accept the money if you were offered $10,000 to break up with your current partner?
  44. Would you wear your clothes inside out the entire day while shopping if someone paid you $1,000?
  45. Are there any fictional book characters that you have or have had sexual fantasies about?
  46. Have you ever done anything weird in a public bathroom?
  47. What is your relationship really like with your spouse’s or partner’s family?
  48. Do you have an ex-lover that you would consider reconciling with?
  49. Have you ever played a cruel prank on someone, and if so, what was the prank?
  50. Would you ever or have you ever compromised your morals for money?

Dare Questions


  1. Let someone in this room post a status on your Facebook or Instagram account.
  2. Text the person you have been crushing on and tell them that you find them attractive. 
  3. Drink half a cup of lemon juice without pulling a face. 
  4. Swap clothes with the person sitting next to you for two rounds of the game. 
  5. Take a selfie while on the toilet and post it to your social media accounts.
  6. Take any four random ingredients present in your fridge and mix them together, then drink it. 
  7. Bite a bar of soap and keep it in your mouth throughout a single round of the game. 
  8. Talk in an accent throughout the game.
  9. Eat a teaspoon of curry powder or cinnamon. 
  10. Show everyone in this room the most embarrassing picture you have of yourself on your phone. 
  11. Make an impression of someone playing the game until a player can guess who you are impersonating. 
  12. Put on a dance show for those playing the game without music.
  13. Throw out everything you have in your bag or purse and describe each item to the game’s players. 
  14. Put on a five-minute stand-up comedy show. 
  15. Run down the street singing an embarrassing song while your friends video record it. 
  16. Walk around in the room and pretend you slipped on a banana peel.
  17. Call a friend or family member and sing happy birthday to them. 
  18. Sing a freestyle rap for 30 seconds. 
  19. Go to the fridge and eat a raw egg without pulling a disgusted face. 
  20. Call the 50th person on your contact list and profess your love for them. 
  21. Create a post on Facebook and tag a random person on your friend’s list. 
  22. Put on a blindfold and proceed to eat whatever someone in the room chooses to feed you. 
  23. Go on Facebook Live for five minutes and proceed to do the macarena and chicken dance while singing your ABCs.
  24. Call a MacDonald’s restaurant and try to order a pizza with all the toppings. 
  25. Drink a sachet of hot sauce and only drink water after two minutes.
  26. Call a random number on your phone and proceed to sing to them until they hang up. 
  27. Spin yourself around as fast as you possible in a circle for 30 seconds, and then try to run 30 feet in a straight line. 
  28. Only speak in a Jamaican accent until it is your turn again. 
  29. Pour an entire cup of flour over your head and then take a selfie and posit it to social media. 
  30. Text someone a suggestive message and then send a follow-up text stating you accidentally sent it to the wrong number. 
  31. Call a contact on your phone and attempt to get them to pay for a phone sex subscription. 
  32. Pour an entire drink down your pants and refrain from changing them for two rounds. 
  33. Prent to have a heated argument with someone in the room who is playing the game. 
  34. Take a screenshot of your browser history and send it to your mom or dad.
  35. Go outside holding a makeshift leash and proceed to ask people if they have seen your pet crocodile.
  36. Let one of the male players redo your makeup and then take a picture and post it as your new profile picture on Facebook.
  37. Go around the room and name a famous singer or actor that each player looks like. 
  38. Look at the person to your right and stare deeply into their eyes while serenading them.
  39. In detail, describe your last bathroom experience. 
  40. Try and convince a random stranger that UFOs are real for five minutes.
  41. Type a status out with your elbows and then post it. 
  42. Call a local pet store in your area and ask them if they sell mosquitos.
  43. Take a potato and peel it with your teeth. 
  44. Pretend to be a wild animal until your next turn. 
  45. Speak to players an entire round without closing your mouth.
  46. Pretend to be a ballerina for one minute and put on a dance recital.
  47. Show all the players an embarrassing text you have recently sent. 
  48. Try to do a magic trick.
  49. Video yourself taking a shower with your clothes on while pretending that you are not aware that your clothes are still on.
  50. Tell the group of players one of your deepest secrets. 
  51. Walk around the room or down the street pretending to be an elderly man who thinks he is trapped in a young person’s body. 

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