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Keep Your Outdoor Workouts Sting and Rash-Free

Protect yourself from summertime perils and pests and take your fitness alfresco without fear. When you think of outdoor exercise, what comes to mind? Likely you see yourself reveling in the sunlight, hiking the trails, enjoying the freedom of shorts and tees, and spending some intimate time with Mother Nature. But if telenovelas have taught us anything, with intimacy comes peril, and the onset of warm weather also rouses some dangerous creeps in both plant and animal form: ticks, bees/wasps and poison ivy/oak. Warm weather brings ticks, bees/wasps and poison ivy/oak. Don’t let these hot-weather hazards chase you back inside. Here’s the 411 on what they are, what they do and how to deal with their nastiness so you can face...

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Always Ditches Female Symbol On Packaging To Make Products Trans And Non-Binary Inclusive

The makers of Always sanitary products have confirmed they will no longer use the female symbol ♀ on packaging, to reflect that trans and non-binary people have periods too.  The move comes after trans campaigner Ben Saunders wrote to P&G, which makes Always, earlier this year to ask why the company uses the symbol on some of its packaging. In a letter to Saunders shared on Twitter, Always confirmed it had redesigned the wrapper without the feminine symbol. “Please just be aware that you might find products with the old wrapper design in the stores for some weeks after December, as the distribution of the new packages might take some time – the new designs should be in store Jan/Feb 2020,”...

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