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If You’re Using The Cry-Laughing Emoji Or Wearing Skinny Jeans You’re As Old As Dirt, Apparently

For the past few weeks, I have largely ignored the battle royale brewing over on TikTok between Gen Z and the Millenials.  You know the one: where Gen Z is calling out “The Olds” for their skinny jeans and side parts. @ayyylexi i don’t think i can ever go back. skinny jeans are still cute tho #swag ? So swag right now – yea Dragging elder Millenials for broadcasting just how ancient we really are with the jeans we wear and the way we style our hair. @speedforcecosplay #stitch with @blushliz I’m 24 but apparently I’m 100 ?#middlepart #millennial #genz #adulting #GEICOLipSync #emophase #30plusontiktok #oldface #hair ? middle parts are back apparently – Speedforcecosplay Like we didn’t BIRTH you, babies....

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Fashion will never be the defining aspect of this year, but the trends that were definitely capture the zeitgeist of lockdown, an unprecedented period in history that we’re all ready to move on from

In that sense, this moment finds brands and shoppers alike at a crossroads: When we finally emerge from the pandemic, will we return to our seasonal, trend-based shopping habits? Or are we collectively move on to pieces that offer practical longevity and spiritual fulfilment? While we dream of safely having places to go and people to see, here’s a look at the trends we wore this year and what we hope to wear in 2021. May we never be confined to our sweatpants for weeks on end again. 2020 trend to leave behind: Sweatpants   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) The sweatpant was without a doubt the fashion hero of 2020:...

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Fashion and time, both don’t stop for anyone

Over the past centuries, we’ve seen many fashion trends come and go (if not experienced). I divide the fashion trends into three— the vampires, the zombies, and the dead and gones! Well, the first category includes those trends that came into our lives and never really left. This includes jeans, leather jackets, the little black dress (LBD), suede jackets, bold red lips, and animal prints. The zombie trends are those who die and then come back alive later. For example, trends are booming these days like the crop tops, sling bags, thick eyebrows, high waist pants, shoulder pads, overalls, chokers, and bandanas were all huge hits decades ago. via GIPHY The third category is the infamous star of the show...

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