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You know those days—or weeks or months—when you speak to your heart in frustration, saying, “get it together” as you glare at your mess? Your mess of discouragement and tear

s. Or your mess of over-indulgence and its unwelcome consequences. Or your mess of over-commitment and the stress of an intense schedule, or of crossing those boundaries with your boyfriend (again), or of your short fuse and hot temper with your family, or of secretly partying on the weekends. Or a unique combination of those and more. Portions of your heart feel like an untended, overgrown garden with weeds tangling and choking all the fragile growth. And other portions of your heart have shriveled up like grass in a dry wasteland. You don’t know whether to address the cracked desert or the thick overgrowth, but you do know for certain that they both fall into the mess category. So get...

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