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I Bought These Bestselling Memory Foam Slippers on Amazon, and I’m Never Taking Them Off

You know that feeling when you get home after a long day and can't take your work clothes off fast enough to get into a cozy outfit? Yeah, same. Over the years, I've found that it doesn't matter what oversize-pants-and-ex-boyfriend's-old-shirt combo I'm wearing, but it does matter what slippers I'm wearing. Now I wouldn't necessarily call myself a slipper connoisseur, but I am - in a sense - a slipper connoisseur. I grew up in UGG slippers, and while I'll always love the brand, I just knew there was more footwear out there for me dip my toes into (pun most definitely intended). After Target hauls, online browsing, and even some out-in-the-woods shopping in a small Montana town last Winter,...

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