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Practical Tips on How to Teach Your Toddler to Dress

Teaching your child how to dress up on their own not only benefits them, but you as well. By now, your child has advanced motor capabilities. They want to start doing things on their own, and they have an increasing curiosity for learning things. It’s a perfect chance to start teaching your toddler responsibility and independence. It will set them on a path to self-care and successfully dressing for success by learning some basic dressing skills. Plus, the fun part is they get to choose their style and have fun at the same time. As adults, we don’t put a lot of thought when dressing. It’s rewarding, and yet a bit tricky for your child to learn. Dressing up helps...

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I’m going to write this article on the assumption that EVERYBODY knows being a stay-at-home mum (aka housewife) is single-handedly the hardest job going

This article is a refresh in case anyone has forgotten! I cannot (and choose not to) believe that there might be people out there that think housewives have it easy. If twenty-something girls, husbands or anyone think we watch KUWTK, eating ice cream or sunning ourselves all day long, couldn’t be further from the truth. Narrow-minded people may think housewives are lazy. I can only conclude these people have never been exposed to the life of a housewife and don’t know how difficult and challenging days can be. Let’s just say you were taken from your 9-5 office job five days a week. Put into a house with three kids to be a stay-at-home mum. Your mummy duty starts around...

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Jim juggles fatherhood with the 4-hour time difference at the Rugby World Cup. 

In the space of a 10-minute chat I showed them my room, was told-off twice and got into a debate about having too many clothes in not-enough space. And been photographed as I was pulling a stupid face. This is my sixth Rugby World Cup and fifth away from home and the advent of video calling has made it more tolerable, but still not easy, to be away. No one turns down the chance to cover a World Cup, especially in a city as vibrant, safe and welcoming as Tokyo, yet the flip side is that I miss a lot at home. It is the same for anyone whose work involves long-distance travel and luckily my heavy-travel days are behind...

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