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Move Away From Night Sweats With These Comfortable Cooling Pajama

s One of the easiest ways to ensure you are not going to have a good night’s sleep is to be too hot. Sleeping while you feel overheated leads to a restless and wakeful night that will leave you feeling sluggish and dehydrated throughout the day. Sleeping in a room that is more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit can affect your sleep quality, which over time can have a major negative impact on your health and lead to weight gain, depression and higher blood pressure. One of the best ways to maintain a comfortable body temperature is by wearing pajamas with cooling features. When sleeping in a warm room, it may seem like common sense to ditch your PJs and opt...

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Pajama Fashion: Loungewear is Here to Stay in 2021

As people continue to work from home, the loungewear trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Refresh your WFH wardrobe with these locally sourced looks By Mia Morelli    1. Phoebe Necklace, $54, Ferne Boutique; 2. Light Gray Crop Top, $28, Deviate Fashion; 3. Go with the Flow Pants, $58, Ferne Boutique; 4. Mini Cloud Sandal, $130, Hersh’s; 5. Essential Oil Diffuser, $85, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset; 6. Femme Boxer, $24, Good Neighbor; 7. System Work Bag, $199, Good Neighbor 1. Harley Boxy Tee, $66, Guys N Gals; 2. Ribbed Pants, $29.99, H&M; 3. Ugg Fluffita Slipper, $110, Sundance Shoes; 4. Ribbed Two Button Cardi, $26, Pitya; 5. Damn it’s Early Candle, $30, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset 1. Sleep Over Tie-Dye...

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