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for a chance at freedom..

Wired by the FBI by Glenn Painter "This book is ripped from the headlines – a real-life true-crime story!! This book is interesting, intriguing, compelling, provocative, and stimulating!! I have always loved crime stories, and even though this is not a typical crime story – more of a noir fiction crime book, it still incites intrigue, suspense, appeal, and entertainment!!" Ally, Goodreads Description: Christian Romano lives his life as a con-artist, burglar, drug dealer, and a ladies' man, using his good looks to con wealthy women out of jewels and money. When he is arrested and jailed in one of the most violent jails in the U.S. (Cook County in Chicago), a steamy affair begins with a nympho female jail...

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How to Edit Your Closet with a Professional Home Organizer: Kristen of Minima

Modern dining room of Kristin of @minima_organizing The world seems to have turned upside down and I am heading into week 3 of being home in 600 square feet with 2 kids who are normally in school or care. Initially I intended to tackle projects I had always wished I had the time to do and instead have found myself, feeding, entertaining, crafting and peacekeeping - while simultaneously trying to put on a brave face in this confusing and scary time. I can easily let my mind wander into dread and fear over all the things out of my control in this time. I hope you are all keeping safe and sane at home despite these trying times. When I...

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