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If You’re Using The Cry-Laughing Emoji Or Wearing Skinny Jeans You’re As Old As Dirt, Apparently

For the past few weeks, I have largely ignored the battle royale brewing over on TikTok between Gen Z and the Millenials.  You know the one: where Gen Z is calling out “The Olds” for their skinny jeans and side parts. @ayyylexi i don’t think i can ever go back. skinny jeans are still cute tho #swag ? So swag right now – yea Dragging elder Millenials for broadcasting just how ancient we really are with the jeans we wear and the way we style our hair. @speedforcecosplay #stitch with @blushliz I’m 24 but apparently I’m 100 ?#middlepart #millennial #genz #adulting #GEICOLipSync #emophase #30plusontiktok #oldface #hair ? middle parts are back apparently – Speedforcecosplay Like we didn’t BIRTH you, babies....

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