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Win It: The Made in the USA Flint and Tinder Harrington Jacket

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why. The Flint and Tinder Harrington Jacket – $220 What I appreciate the most about Flint and Tinder is that the design of their clothing fades into the background – yes, that’s a good thing. When something, be it a gadget or an article of clothing, does exactly what it’s designed to do, it shouldn’t be “noticeable.” Pants that don’t move well are noticeable. Jackets with low armholes are noticeable. But I’ve reviewed a number of Flint and Tinder pieces, and every one has been pretty much the essence of what it’s aiming to be. And that’s incredibly commendable consistency. Made in the USA from matte-finish “staywax”...

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