Hi, everyone, Lindsay here

As a parent of school-aged kids, the upcoming school year is front and center in my mind. Like you, I’m trying to figure out how to make distance learning work for my family. Before starting today’s post, I want to acknowledge that everyone’s situation is different. Family structures, finances, support systems, living arrangements, access to technology, and employment all affect how we’ll approach this upcoming school year. Not to mention, our kids have unique needs, strengths, and challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. A lot of parents are facing tough dilemmas. Their school districts’ solutions simply aren’t workable for them for various reasons, sometimes reflecting larger societal issues. While I’m going to offer some simple, concrete steps and encouragement, I...

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How to Find Bookish Joy in a Time of Quarantine

With the current state of the world, I am fairly positive that I am, along with everyone else, slowly and surely losing it. At first I thought I was going to be fine and power through. Now I’m not sure. Especially with schools in Texas being officially closed down for the remainder of the school year, which means that on top of everything else I now have homeschooling to add to my daily to-do list. I feel like I’m a bit of an oddity since I’m still able to read during this time. That is both surprising and then less so. I’ve talked before about how reading has always been a constant friend to me, during the darkest of personal...

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Compassion and Care: Being an EMT During a Pandemic

The following is part two in a series; read part one, here. * I was having one of those nights that, if it doesn’t break the heart, roughs it up. My partner for the shift, and the ambulance’s driver, was Talia. We had been called to the house of a patient with multiple sclerosis who had fallen face-forward out of her wheelchair. From the prone position in which she’d landed, the patient had alerted 911 through her medical alarm bracelet. The home was a row house in a complex of identical structures. We parked the ambulance by the curb and approached in the wash of red-and-white ambulance lights. The call had not been dispatched as a “person under investigation” for...

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