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The Black Diamond Solution Guide Harness offers support, comfort, and extreme durability in a trad-specific harness.

Climbing brands usually reserve advanced technology in a harness design for high-end sport climbers. As such, these svelte models continue to get lighter, sleeker, and more minimalist. But when Black Diamond released its trad-oriented Solution Guide Harness last fall, it gave it both tech and materials on par with its sport climbing models. I’ve been testing a sample since its release on multipitch granite in Colorado and single-pitch granite in Texas. In short: The Black Diamond Solution Guide Harness ($100 for men and women) is well-appointed and extraordinarily durable. It focuses on the needs of trad climbers vying for long multipitch objectives and utilizes materials and technologies to improve comfort and durability. Black Diamond Solution Guide Harness Fit and Feel When I...

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This is the freest-feeling setup for sport and competition climbing.

Mammut released the original Realization Shorts in 2013, and like many climbers, I scoffed. “Is there really a need for this? Is this better in any way?” I thought. Essentially shorts with a built-in harness, the Mammut Realization Shorts presented a super-niche product. It seemed unnecessary and gimmicky. Sport climbing harnesses are super-lightweight while remaining comfortable, and I can take them off without changing pants. I just didn’t get it. I’ve been testing both the original Realization Shorts and the 2.0 version, launched last spring, for a full year. And, like the shorts, my thoughts have evolved. They do indeed have a place in sport or competition climbing, where they perform incredibly well. In short: The Mammut Realization Shorts 2.0 provide a freer feeling...

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