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Easter Bunny Bread is a longstanding tradition in our family and my kids look forward to it even more than their Easter baskets! You can make it with frozen bread dough or with any homemade sandwich or shapeable bread dough

My sesame semolina bread dough makes a lovely Easter Bunny Bread. Visit our Bread Recipes page for more fantastic homemade breads! I’ve been making Easter Bunny Bread since my eldest was a bonnie wee boy in diapers. And seeing as he and two of his little brothers are now legal adults and the other two of his brothers are now full-fledged, card-carrying, certified (and certifiable) teenagers -pardon me while I go hyperventilate for a couple minutes- I think you could call this a truly ingrained holiday tradition. Here’s how Easter Sunday works Chez Foodie With Family… The boys wake up early. The Evil Genius and I lay down the law about only eating two pieces of candy from their basket,...

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