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During a year that’s more, well, precedented than this one, fall can send us into a bit of a nesting mode

Spending more time at home while the temperatures are chilly and pumpkin-everything is in season makes us want to bathe in every fall-related thing we can get our hands on—and this year, that’s amplified by approximately 1 trillion. With a fall that’s destined to be spent mostly at home, we’re stocking up on all of the things that are going to bring us joy throughout the fall season—and we all know the easiest way to do that is with two-day Prime shipping. These are the best things our editors have ordered from Amazon for fall 2020—from super-soft slippers to seasonal spices you didn’t know you needed to a face mask that will save your winter skin. Add to your cart...

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Spending all of this time at home looks different to everyone

For some, tackling home projects, getting ahead on work, and spring cleaning are keeping them extra busy. For others, watching everything on their Netflix queue, catching up on sleep, and relaxing are more in line with their daily to-dos. And most of us are operating in some in-between of the two. However, all of us are finding our own version of normal, and if a little something that comes in package can do that, we’re all for it. Our editors all have their own ideas of normal right now—spending lots of time with our pets, cleaning everything, using a face mask basically every day, never putting on pants with zippers—so we’re sharing the little things that are making life just...

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