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This backpacking checklist is sponsored by REI Co-op

Get major discounts on your new backpacking gear during the REI Co-op Anniversary Sale which runs May 15-25, 2020. If it’s your first time backpacking or if you’re wanting to get your backpacking gear dialed for your next trip, you’ve come to the right place. This 3-day backpacking checklist (tailored for women) covers all the basic essentials you’ll need to be comfortable on a weekend-long backpacking trip – nothing more, nothing less. I encourage you to adjust based on your own needs – but I also encourage you to try and stick to the essentials. You may be surprised at how little you need. In this backpacking checklist, I share every item I bring on a 3-day weekend backpacking trip...

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15 things I’m loving about Corona Isolation

Our state is opening back up this week like a lot of others.  Restaurants and stores are open.  Salons are open.  Churches are making plans to open up.  We are for the most part still home.  I go to the store when I need to and we get outside but for the most part - we are staying home.  Scott can work from home and we are finishing up school soon.  I'm not planning to get back to normal any time soon.  And as much as it was hard the first few weeks,  I feel like we have hit our stride.  I miss a lot of things but there are a lot of things I'm loving right now during this...

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Turn on your JavaScript to view content Today we’re talking with my favorite baby food brand. The brand I plan on giving my daughter: Serenity Kids. Serenity Carr is the co-founder of this amazing company that makes nutrient-dense baby food that’s also convenient for parents. Their food is super high-quality & I can’t wait to introduce some of their products to Zaza. Serenity is here to give us the inside scoop on what to do to prepare for your baby’s arrival. In this post you’ll find tips on pre-mama self care, how to set up your house for baby success, & how to prep if you know you’re having a c-section. Let’s welcome Serenity Carr to The Skinny Confidential. ♡♡♡...

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43 Absolute Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Surrounded by lush mountains and dotted with historic temples, Chiang Mai is the best hub for exploring northern Thailand. This city has a rare combination of adventure, nature, culture, history, food, and modern comforts; a blend that makes it one of our favorite cities in the world. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, we’ve got you covered with a huge list of fun things to do in Chiang Mai. And this isn’t just any list you’ll find online or in the guidebooks… We’ve spent a lot of time in Chiang Mai. Like a LOT. We even called it home for a year, so we know this city really well. We’ve rounded up the top attractions as well as our...

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10 Steps to Help Older Women Get Energized for Losing Weight at the End of the Year

This year is quickly coming to a close. As a holistic nutritionist I’m often asked: “What is the secret to lasting weight loss?” That’s a heavy question, no pun intended. Here are 10 things I’ve learned in the 20+ years I’ve been helping older women who want to lose weight: #1: The Law of Attraction Matters Do you ever hear slender women talking about wanting to lose weight or how many calories they have consumed on a given day? Somewhere deep in their brains they have learned to eat enough, but not too much. They don’t think about calories or weight… they think about other things and eat when they are hungry. #2: Consider Your Eating Habits Weight is only...

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