Spring Temptation: New Affordable Men’s Style Arrivals for 2021

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Spring has sprung! Now for many of us, warm weather style just isn’t as tempting as the tweed, boots, and flannel of fall. But that doesn’t mean there’s not some seriously drool-worthy gear that’s just landed. Fresher fabrics, lighter shades, crisper looks. Know that since these are new arrivals, prices will be higher than what you normally see on Dappered. It can take some time for sales and promos to bring costs down. 

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Linen Blazer – $450

All kinds of right. Breathable Italian linen. Totally unlined in the back. Just enough pattern, but being that it’s gray on gray, you’ll avoid the “wacky high contrast drunk-uncle jacket” look. Available in three fits: Slim, athletic, and standard.

Target Goodfellow & Co Tipped Jersey Polos – $14.99

Retro vibes without a huge markup. Jersey fabric. NOT a sweater polo, so, should fit and drape a bit like we’re all used to (sweater polos, which are again huge this year, can bunch and gather sometimes). Gonna be part of our big Spring/Summer Goodfellow review round up, so, stand by for that.

Timex M79 Red/Black “Cola” Automatic – $279

The M79 gets the red and black “cola” treatment. Full review of the M79 here if you want it (albeit in a black and blue color scheme).

Spier & Mackay Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool Fresco Trousers – $128

One of their most popular items. Fresco = high twist, open weave wool that excels in the spring and summer, but can be worn year round. Super breathable, but still resists wrinkles. Fresco wool trousers are the original, natural, performance pants. Two rises available this year… Regular rise (light gray example here) has a flat front. High rise (light gray example here) is equipped with a single reverse pleat, since it has to taper up a bit as your hips become your waist. Geometry! Anyway, if you want them to hem them before they ship, that’ll be an extra eight bucks.

Banana Republic Slim Core Temp Short – $40ish

That’s certainly one way to sit in a chair. Core Temp. Because it works. Same great, lightweight, cooling core-temp fabric as the well loved pants. Oh you’ll pay less for cheaper shorts. But every time you put those cheaper shorts on, you’ll wish you would have put on the core-temp shorts you have.

Allen Edmonds Strandmoks in Slate Gray – $365

A fun summertime suede splurge? That subtle studded sole will be great for keeping you upright on slick sidewalks after the occasional summer cloudburst. NOTE: According to my snail mail paper catalog, their big annual Anniversary sale starts tomorrow. So if you want to save a few bucks, cool your heels.

Suitsupply Unstructured Stretch Cotton Lazio Fit Suit Separates – $408

Lazio fit, so it’s slim. Be warned. Super versatile. Italian stretch cotton fabric. Totally unstructured. Lightweight, completely unlined in the back, and super easy to break up and use the suit jacket as a sportcoat, or the trousers with a polo/other tops combos. That, and they’re sold as separates. Which is a big deal, being that a lot of guys love Suitsupply, but can’t fit into their particular “drop” zones. So you pick the size of the jacket, and then you pick a size for the trousers, and you get them tailored maybe a bit on arrival, and then you wear them all the time with everything all summer long. And beyond. Bet that jacket would look good with jeans.

J. Crew Printed Linen Check or Italian Wool Pocket Square – $30ish

Pretty much the perfect pocket squares for warmer weather ahead. Not some glossy silk thing. Wool and linen here. Often on sale.

Danner x Huckberry – Vertigo 917 ‘Gold Rush’ – $220

Because getting outdoors is great. But once it heats up, hoofing it up a steep hill with brick heavy, super thick boots on your feet can be more than a chore. Lightweight but still supportive and tough, the 917 is a terrific all-around hiker for those that want some sneaker comfort. Waterproof too. Just re-released in the Huckberry exclusive “goldrush” colorway.

Spier & Mackay Gray Hopsack Sportcoat – $328

Perfect. A navy blazer is of course #1 on the list, but a gray hopsack sportcoat like this is a close second. Goes with everything… especially when the sun’s out and a darker shade like navy would get a touch warm.

Nordstrom Brody Driving Penny Loafer – $89.50

Drivers are great for the anti-sandal crowd who also doesn’t spend a lot of time in sneakers. They aren’t great for all day standing wear. Just not enough support there. But they are great for… wait for it… driving. So roll those windows down and crank the music up.

Banana Republic Motion Tech Rain Coat – $150ish ($249)

Dead simple. Which is terrific. Can be worn super dressed down (as shown above) OR dressed up with a suit and tie. And with everything in between. Big fan of the dead-simple Mac style raincoat. And this one, in green, could be a great way to mix in some contrast if you wear blue/navy a lot.

Bonobos Stretch Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt – $79

Love Bonobos. Love the Riviera short sleeve shirts, because the patterns are legitimately fun/nice/sharp, and they fit miles better than cheaper short sleeve button ups. But eighty bucks for a short sleeve button up seems a bit crazy to some. Gotta keep an eye out for codes and promos on these things. And we will.

Suitsupply Brown Double Monk Strap – $249

Suede and spring and summer. A combo that’s hard to resist. Made in Italy. Blake stitched. Just a heads up that sometimes the fit and finish on Suitsupply shoes can be wonky. At least they ship and return for free.

Amazon Goodthreads Lightweight Slub T-Shirt Hoodies – $20

Beachy. Precisely what they say they are. Hoodies, only in a lightweight slub t-shirt fabric. Nicely affordable at twenty bucks. That “rust” option looks particularly good.

J. Crew Dock Short in Stretch Yarn-dyed Plaid – $69.50

Plaid! But desaturated, cool tone plaid. Drawstring at the waist. Easy and comfortable shorts for warm sunny days. Should go on sale plenty. 6″ inseam. Looks like something that Don Draper guy woulda worn while flipping burgers in the backyard.

Suitsupply Havana Fit Sportcoats – $399+

Not cheap, but the real deal. Half canvas. Terrific fabrics. And most will find the Havana fit to be trim but not super tight (like some of their other fits). There’s a little room to breathe here. Not a ton. But some. Plenty of colors and patterns in warm weather weight fabrics.

Rhodes Footwear Tyler Chukka – $175

Because as great as the Clarks Desert boot is (all four iterations of them), sometimes a splurge could pay dividends. Made in Mexico, and if past is prologue on the Rhodes Made in Meixco boot collection, these should be outstanding.

Target Goodfellow & Co. Lightweight Jeans in Light Denim – $29.99

They’re back ! A true summertime pair of jeans. Which isn’t easy to do. Not sure how to wear it? Head here.

Nodus Retrospect III – Coming Soon?

The folks at Nodus do a tremendous job assembling their watches here in the States from quality parts, then sell them for attainable for many prices. Their Retrospect II diver has been retired, and the III is just about ready to go up for order. 42mm case size this time. Seiko automatic movement. Swiss Super-LumiNova. Double domed sapphire crystal. Inward sloping ceramic or stainless bezel insert. Can’t wait to see all the colors.

Old Navy Slim Built-In Flex Linen-Blend Interior Drawstring Pants – $35ish

Cheap. Cheap cheap cheap. 54% linen, 44% cotton, 2% spandex. Which is a good mix. Because if the fabric has too much linen in it, at this price point, they’ll probably be see through. So that cotton should provide some opaqueness.

Onitsuka Tiger California 78 – $90

Ah c’mon. Those look perfect. Blues, grays, a bit of cream, and all that retro suede w/nylon goodness. Under a hundred bucks always helps too.

TheTieBar Royal Blue Gingham Cotton Pocket Square – $5 FINAL ($10)

It’s arguably the best, most versatile pocket square for the spring & summer months. It’s less rigid than an all white cotton or linen pocket square, and the royal blue looks great with everything from the palest of greys to deep khaki & straw to the darkest navy. It should also help you get more use out of your somber charcoal suits, now that the sun’s out. Just ditch the tie, wear a pale blue or white shirt, and pop one of these colorful pieces of cloth into your breast pocket. Final sale. Doesn’t ship free. Drat.

Banana Republic Garment Dyed Cotton Honeycomb Cardigan Sweater – $70ish

Time to put away the super heavy/super warm wool sweaters. This cotton shawl collar number with that honeycomb texture should jump right into the void quite nicely. For the cooler days of spring all through the summer nights and on into early autumn. Also available in black. Well it WAS also available in Black? Where’d it go? Sorry about that. Thanks to Patrick S. for the heads up here.

EXPRESS Piped Performance Polo – $30 ($50)

The stretchy, super comfy, mostly cotton EXPRESS performance polos have gotten the piped treatment once again this year. Spendy at full price, but… this is EXPRESS. There’s always another 40% off train a comin’. Four colors to pick from. Size shown above is a medium on 5’10″/190.

Amazon Goodthreads 9″ Stretch Canvas Shorts – $25.90

The 70s and 80s. Having a bit of a moment, no? These, those Onitsuka Tigers, and a printed button down short sleeve shirt and you’re just a Pabst or Miller Genuine Draft from being a solid gold 70s Dad. Also available in a 7″ inseam if that’s more your speed.

Crown and Buckle “Bond” Supreme NATO Watch Strap – $34

Because it might be time to switch out leather straps for something more summery (leather can stink when sweat marinates in it for too long). Crown and Buckle’s Supreme Nato straps are the best in the business. It ain’t close. Yes $34 for a NATO strap seems spendy, but the smoothness of the weave, the comfort of the strap, and the excellent brushed/slightly angled at the edges hardware is so much better than cheap straps. So, so much better. But they haven’t had an olive/black/red “og Bond” option… until now. Available in multiple widths.

Spier & Mackay Tropical Wool Plaid Jacket – $298

Tropical wool = wool that’s lighter, crisper, and plenty breathable for warmer conditions. Such as the next 4-5 months. But you could almost certainly wear this thing year round. Just quarter lined in the back.

Lululemon Commission & ABC Pants – $128

ABC 5-pocket warpstreme fabric tech pants – $128 Commission warpstreme fabric tech pants – $128
Not cheap. But quite simply… these are the best. And Lululemon went a few months there with very, very scattered sizes, fits, and colors. But it looks like they’re now fully stocked… with even a few new shades? From inseams 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, and 37″, and fits skinny to slim to classic to relaxed. The Warpstreme fabric ABC and Commission pants are the best pants that blend significant tech-performance and real world style (read: they don’t look “techy” or sound *swish swish* techy). The commission pant is a chino style. ABC pant = 5 pocket style. It is impossible to underestimate how much some of us love these things, while simultaneously hating the price. Review here.

Allen Edmonds Strand or Park Avenue in Mahogany – $395

Dear powers that be at AE… Please make more models in this shade. Full review here if you want it.

Huckberry Weekenders Polarized Sunglasses – $45

Because sometimes you want a pair of solid feeling Sunglasses, and don’t want to pay out the wazoo (THE WAZOO JERRY) for them. 50.8mm lens width here. So, not huge, but not super tiny either.

J. Crew Ludlow Slim-fit Stretch Cotton-Linen Jacket & Matching Trouser – $456

Has dropped to $228 with the rare-ish 50% off deal. Also available in a super good looking “Deep ocean” medium shade of blue. Should be able to break the jacket and pants up and wear them separately with other stuff in your wardrobe.

Bonobos Throwback Swim Trunks – $79

Holy cow, it looks like they already just about sold out of these things? Looks like they have a hit on their hands. 5″ inseam (so yes, shorter), contrast piping. So yeah, retro.

Grant Stone Traveler Penny Crimson CXL – $298

For those living the sweet Loafer Life, and want to invest. Our shoe guy Adam LOVES Grant Stone. He’s super impressed with their materials and construction quality for the price. The price isn’t cheap, no doubt. But for the shoe lovers who want something relaxed yet still REALLY nice for the warm weather, these might be it.

Banana Republic Organic Traveler Jogger – $60ish ($98.50)

For #teamjogger. 98% cotton/2% elastane Italian fabric, just like their traveler 5-pocket pant. Five colors to pick from.

Wrath of Man Starring Jason Statham. Directed by Guy Ritchie (May 9th)

Jason Statham is hell bent on revenge AND he wears a shawl collar cardigan? Also, more polos with sportcoats. Wait, what just happened to Post Malone? You first into the theatres. Most of us will wait for streaming.

Lorier Gemini Manual Chronograph – $499

Back in stock! Man, Lorier knows how to make a great looking watch. Efforting a full in-person review. Standby for that. Seagull ST19 mechanical movement. 39mm case width, 47mm lug to lug. 20mm bracelet width which tapers to 16mm at the clasp. So not some big honkin’ chrono. Much more classically sized.

Amazon Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Short-Sleeve Printed Poplin Shirt – $25

The prints. They’re getting bigger. They’re getting bolder. Although there are some more subtle options available too, if you’re not one to wear LOUD floral/stork prints.

Target Goodfellow & Co Slim Fit Tech Chino – $29.99

A cheaper version of the BR Core Temp. Fabric isn’t quite as good (not as lightweight, but not heavyweight either). But it’s mostly cotton (the rest being nylon and spandex) and looks and feels more like chino than tech-wear. Waist band has an interior drawstring for a super precise fit. Nicely inexpensive. Size Shown: 33×30 slim fit on 5’10” / 190.

Jack Erwin Driving Loafers – $125 – $145

Penny strap or rawhide laces. Made in Portugal. Shown above in Blue Steel Suede. Yes. Blue Steel.

Spier & Mackay Fine Twill Dress Shirts in White or Sky Blue – $59

Spier started as a shirt company, and you get a lot of bang for your bucks. These just landed. Full review of some of their shirts can be found here.

Suitsupply Mid Blue Check Napoli Fit Tropical Wool Suit – $359

And now tailoring of a much more dressed-up variety. The mid-blue, subtle plaid suit is a heck of an investment. Looks great with a white shirt and tie. Looks great with a pale blue shirt and tie. Looks great tieless too, being that the subtle plaid can carry the visual interest all on its own. Suitsupply just released some new “wardrobe starters” (ie their least expensive line, but still half canvas and made with nice materials), and this mid-blue check number was part of that release. Made in their Napoli fit, which is slim, but not skinny. Unless you have a thicker backside and legs. Then the trousers can get tight in a hurry. Ships and returns for free though.

Banana Republic Linen-Wool-Cashmere Sweater Hoodie – $70ish

If there was such a thing as a spring/summer hoodie, this would be it.  Interesting blend here: 38% flax (linen), 30% super fine merino wool, 19% cashmere, 13% recycled wool. So, expect a bit of texture thanks to the linen, but still some softness thanks to the cashmere.

Converse Jack Purcell x Todd Snyder “Summer Daze” – $65

When you’re kinda interested in a bit more visual texture, but don’t want to jump into the deep end of the “wait, is tie-dye really back??” pool. Because, tie-dye is still tie-dye. And as washed and varied as these are, it’s not a full blown Grateful Dead concert tee. Ortholite insole helps keep them comfortable.

Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel Jeans – $99

An updated, stretchier version of their hugely popular travel jean. Full review here. Quite good. Sizing suggestion from our man Jason (who reviewed them) is to size down.

J. Crew Kenton Suede Plain Toe or Pacer Boots – $278

Warm weather boots? Are those a thing? Can they be? Goodyear welted here. Has dropped to as low as $140 with codes and promos. So, keep an eye out (we will too) for those.

Target Goodfellow Knit Chore Jacket – $39.99

Another better looking alternative to a hoodie? Brilliant. 75% cotton / 25% poly. Knit here, so will be softer and move easier than other chore jackets. Huge thanks to Threads user Marc99 for the heads up on this one.

Todd Snyder Plaid Track Jackets – $295


(sees price)


Spier & Mackay Blue Fine Wool/Cotton Twill Peak Lapel Sportcoat – $328

Finishing up with a bit of peacocking. Because after a year+ of living like moles underground, some guys are gonna wanna strut a bit. You know who you are. And more power to you. Us wallflowers will hang back and nod. Wool cotton fabric with a diagonal weave. Peak lapels here. White mother of pearl buttons. Looks like you’ll be off to Gatsby’s mansion for an all day/all night shindig.

Did we miss something warm-weather specific that should have made this list? Send those tips into: joe@dappered.com.
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