Rich men of the 19th century are often depicted smoking tobacco in opulent jackets us mortals could only dream of owning

These smoking jackets were worn to protect the garments of high society against the smell of smoke and falling ash. They were considered a luxurious piece of clothing back then, and owning a smoking jacket reflected a man’s financial status. 

Nowadays, the aesthetic of the smoking jacket is given more attention than its functionality. In the past, a man wore his smoking jacket at home because of their traditional robe style. But with the evolution of fashion, you can now wear a smoking jacket to other dressier occasions thanks to the dinner jacket-style design.

If you’re someone who engages in semi-formal events regularly, then an uninspiring wardrobe will do you no good. Instead, getting yourself a smoking jacket might turn out to be an ace up your sleeves in leveling up your style. In this regard, we have put our thinking caps on and prepared a list of the best smoking jackets you should consider splashing the cash on in 2021.


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1. MP Massimo Piombo Velvet Smoking Jacket


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Your best choice for a velvet smoking jacket is this delightful item from MP Massimo Piombo. It has shawl lapels, front button fastening, a straight hem with no vents, and two front welt pockets. All of these contribute to the overall formal and sleek look. This clothing apparel silhouettes a dinner jacket without losing its identity as a smoking jacket. 

The outer material of this velvet smoking jacket is pure cotton, one of the most effective materials that can absorb smoke. A blend of viscose and acetate makes up the lining material for this jacket. This combination of materials makes the Massimo Piombo only suitable for dry cleaning, which saves you the trouble of washing it yourself. 

If you’re the type of guy who attends parties across the semi-formal to formal spectrum, then this Italian-made velvet smoking jacket deserves a spot in your wardrobe. 

2. Derek Rose Lincoln II Smoking Jacket


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If luxury clothing is your game, then it’s fitting to choose an extravagant piece such as the Derek Rose Lincoln II as a new addition to your wardrobe. This navy smoking jacket is made from 100% fine smooth yarn, spun from combed long-staple wool. Even in a plain pattern, the fabric material exudes the vibes of a true gentleman. 

As a smoking jacket, it will shield you from the smell of smoke and envelope you with warmth and comfort in the colder months. It’s neither heavy nor bulky to wear, but you can feel that this piece of clothing is durable. This piece might be a bit expensive, but if you think about the cost per wear, then it’s worth it. 

This jacket could easily be a head-turner with its shawl collar and traditional turn-back cuffs. You can slip this smoking jacket on and off without much hassle because it doesn’t have a button. Instead, it comes with a matching belt that you can tie up or let loose as you need to. 

This classic apparel for men paints the picture of British sartorial elegance. With its relaxed fit and light fabric, lounging in the Lincoln II is a truly comfortable experience.

3. Abruzzomaster Smoking Jacket


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Formal clothes are sometimes less comfortable to wear and can ruin the experience of attending parties. But if you’re wearing the smoking jacket from Abruzzomaster, then it would not be such a bad memory.

This velvet smoking jacket will help you achieve the laid-back dapper-look with its comfortable material, silvery gray shawl collar, and double-breasted features. The ornate stitching around the fastening reinforces its identity as a smoking jacket. 

The Abruzzomaster smoking jacket has five-inch deep pockets, relatively deeper than the other ones on this list. If you want your smoking jacket to have even deeper pockets, then you may have to take it to a tailoring shop and let the experts do their magic. 

Each purchase includes a dotted or silk bow tie that you may or may not use based on your discretion. The bow tie matches the color of this jacket’s shawl collar in black, navy, or purple. Some say the color of the fabric looks richer in person than in the pictures. One way to find out if that’s true is to get yourself one. 

4. Revolver Fashion Hugh Hefner Velvet Robe


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If you’re looking for a signature red smoking jacket, then you might want to check out this offering from Revolver Fashion. Their velvet robe de Chambre-style smoking jacket is the one popularized by Hugh Hefner of the Playboy Mansion. The embossed roses add to the sensuality of this clothing classic. 

The Hugh Hefner Velvet robe beckons anyone to feel the stretchy material that provides incredible comfort instead of just looking at it. You can wear this piece while at-home lounging and even when attending Halloween and pajama parties, to name a few occasions. A pair of black pants and a captain’s hat are all you need, and your Playboy costume is complete.

This velvet robe from Revolver fashion is hand-made in the USA using 90% nylon and 10% spandex. The great thing about this robe’s care and maintenance is that you won’t need to go to the dry cleaner. You can wash this in the gentle cycle of the machine using cold water. You cannot, however, tumble-dry. Just hang the robe or lay it flat to dry.


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5. Paul Stuart’s Velvet Smoking Jacket


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Paul Stuart is your go-to clothing line if you’re looking for top-quality craftsmanship and carefully put-together designs. The perfect smoking jacket for the modern man who likes timeless belongings. It features a shawl collar, a contrast piping, and a tasseled belt in a robe de Chambre style. 

This sophisticated clothing apparel is available in black, green, navy, and purple. At first glance, you might think that this smoking jacket is way too expensive for a piece of clothing that resembles a dressing gown. However, the bespoke and handmade quality of this robe will change your mind.

For a robe, this velvet beauty from Paul Stuart is a little more daring. It especially feels great to wear on days when you need to dress to kill because it gives off that confident vibe. Since robes are more suitable to wear at home and most of us are also staying at home, this velvet beauty will be a worthy investment in your wardrobe. 

6. Regency New York Smoking Jacket


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The smoking jacket from Regency New York and Derek Rose is in the same luxurious category. The most notable feature of this velvet jacket is the quilting in the shawl collar and the turn-cuffs. Twisted piping at the edges of the turn-cuffs adds more character to this hip-length clothing piece. 

The two deep pockets, in addition to the breast pocket, increase the functionality of this robe. For a more luxurious feel, these features have a 100% satin finishing. Make sure to send this robe to the dry cleaner, or else machine washing will ruin the fabric quality.

Tying a robe may seem boring for some, but Regency New York made sure to spice things up by adding decorative tassels at the ends of the belt. You might worry about the belt dangling around you and ruining your style. Fret no more because there are buttons that hold the tie belt in place with the belt loops.

This smoking jacket is perfect for formal events like hosting. You will surely stand out in either of the jacket-collar color combinations from the Luxurobes collection. There’s burgundy-black, navy-blue, midnight navy-black, regal purple-black, black-black, and black-burgundy.

7. Historical Emporium’s Black Brocade Vintage Smoking Jacket


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A true gentleman must have a vintage piece of clothing in his closet. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend the black brocade smoking jacket from the Historical Emporium. Their products are authentic, and they provide old-fashioned service that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

This black brocade vintage smoking jacket is the luxurious version of Abruzzomaster’s smoking jacket. While both are double-breasted jackets, the black brocade has more intricately designed button columns with two frog closures at the front. Besides, the jacket’s fabric with silver thread embellishment already looks more dashing.

The black velvet shawl collar contrasts with the brocade, while the black braid trim around the collar, lapel, and front plackets pulls the whole look of the jacket together. For your spectacles or smoking supplies, the manufacturer has thoughtfully added in two inset pockets. 

Unlike the other smoking jackets that we have introduced, Historical Emporium uses synthetic materials in creating this jacket. Blending 80% polyester and 20% rayon looks good but is of inferior quality compared to velvet and silk. Nevertheless, it is better to dry clean this smoking jacket instead of washing it in a machine.

8. Duke and Digham Ferdinand Smoking Jacket


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The Ferdinand from Duke and Digham finishes off our list of the best smoking jackets in 2021. This clothing label is one of the pioneer manufacturers of smoking jackets. They have been in the market for more than a decade which is proof of their credibility.

Duke and Digham created a smoking jacket that is longer than most. The Ferdinand has the characteristic features of a smoking jacket, such as the shawl collar, exterior pocket flaps, turn-up cuffs, and belt. Duke and Digham, however, tweaked their smoking jacket a little more. They specifically divided one of the interior pockets so it could fit two of the user’s cigars. 


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