People Reveal What Made Them Never Want To Go Back To A House They Visited Once, Here Are 71 Of The Most Disturbing Stories

We don’t know about you Pandas, but we always worry about being good hosts. When we invite people over, we really do want them to feel like they’re at home. We tidy everything up. We get lots of snacks! And we try to focus on hearing our guests out instead of dominating the conversations ourselves.

However, not everyone has the same attitude towards cleanliness and manners as you’d expect from a host. A bit of chaos is lively and fine. A ton of chaos, dog poop everywhere, literal bed bugs, and total rudeness, however, are totally not okay. Also, did we mention the scorpions?! If your instincts tell you to ‘run!’ when you enter the door, you’d better listen to them.

We’ve collected some of the most horrifying stories about redditors visiting someone’s home to show you just how bad things can get. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like the end of the world if your friend forgot to offer you some tea, right? Let us know what you think of these stories in the comments, Pandas. And if you’ve ever had to go through a nightmarish guest experience, tell us all about it, too, so everyone can take notes.


I was the new kid in the 6th grade and quickly made friends with this one girl. I think she kind of jumped at the chance to be friends with the one person who knew literally nothing about her. She was really nice to me, but also kind of really strange... like she'd growl at people and she'd draw wolves on every single surface from the classroom to her bedroom, but nonetheless we were both in an advance art program so we saw each other more than I saw other people in my grade and I wasn't in a position to reject friendship.

Went to her house once- never went back. When we entered the home it smelled HEAVILY of dog urine... but there wasn't a dog. When I asked if she had a dog her response was "no, not since the accident" then there was an uncomfortable silence and she just started laughing uncontrollably. RED FLAG.

I stayed because my mother wasn't picking me up until a bit later and I didn't exactly know how to walk home. When my mother did come to pick me up and I was about to exit the house, the girl's mom literally ran after me and grabbed me and brought me back upstairs. She shook my shoulders screaming I couldn't leave right now. I started freaking out not knowing what was happening. The girl's mom is frantically running around to all the windows and screaming at someone outside in a language I don't understand. My mom calls the house and is also freaking out, the girls mom wouldn't let her talk to me and she also just watched me get dragged back by this woman. So she calls the police.

It escaltes and turns into like a mini hostage kind of situation. There was a guy outside that the girl's mom used to date and he wanted something from her and if I left he'd run into the house when the door opened, so I couldn't leave. Cops come, the girls mom gives me a plastic shopping bag duct taped everywhere and tells me under no circumstances am I allowed to look inside of it and that I had to hand it to the man outside. I didn't want to do that but it seems like it's the only way I'm getting out of there. It was rounded out by the contents and I remember it bearing the weight of a bowling ball. I actually pee'd on myself I was so scared. I didn't know what else to do so I took the bag and started to leave the house. When I made it to the exit I straight up YEETED the bag and ran to my mother. I have no clue where the guy was, I think at that point he was already apprehended by the police.

Whole time this was happening, the girl who I was there to hang out with was sitting on the table in her kitchen, eating cereal LIKE A DOG, not at all phased by the series of events happening in front her.

We had to go to the police station that night and becuase it was so late when I got home, I didn't go to school the next day. That day I missed school, the girl told everyone I was insane, and that when we hung out I went crazy and I pee'd myself for no absolutely reason.

We don't talk anymore.

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Bored Panda got in touch with the editor at 'These Three Rooms,' interior design expert Ariane Sherine, to get her thoughts about what it takes to be a great host and how we can leave a good first impression from the very first moment a guest approaches our home.

Ariane told us that the first things that guests will notice will be the front door, the front of the house, the drive, and the garden (if you have one). "First impressions count, so make sure the front door and doorbell are clean, the drive is tidy and the bins aren't overflowing. I hang a pretty wreath on my front door, with changing colors depending on the season. A porch light is useful to guide their way in case it's dark," she shared what things we ought to focus on if we want to elevate everything.

"Next, there's the porch and front hall. Have a lovely doormat ready and a tidy place for them to put their shoes and coat. I have some stylish coat hooks in my porch and a shoe cupboard tucked away under the stairs. The front hall should be light, clean, and welcoming, so be sure to have the light on and everything vacuumed. The decor is up to your own personal taste but I love white or cream walls and a wooden floor," Ariane said, adding that if you choose engineered wood or wood-effect laminate, it'll be easier to maintain everything.


A failed scorpion farm.

Made the horrendous mistake of spending the night at my ex's parents' house. I woke up to the feeling of something crawling on me. I soon realized there were three somethings. I flipped on the light and discovered...scorpions. There are NO scorpions native to our area.

I freak out, swat them off and then run to the bathroom to strip and check for more and when I turn on the light, several scorpions on the wall scattered like roaches. I wake up the ex because seriously, wtf?

Apparently when he was younger he thought ant farms were boring and decided to order scorpions on the internet and make a scorpion farm instead. The survivors of his arachnid Mad Max setup escaped into the house where a few turned into an insane amount. The very wealthy parents chose to live with the scorpions rather than call an exterminator.

Never went back.

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Growing up I was good friends with a girl whose brother had passed away in his teens unexpectedly. They were a really nice family and I truly really enjoyed spending time with her. About 3 years after her brother passed away we were at her house playing and we smelled this horrible smell that was coming from his old room. She was so embarrassed and just said "It happens sometimes I tell my mom but she doesn't care." so we decided to investigate because at 12 years old that's totally normal. well, her brother had about 4 ferrets, and they had reproduced at some point... There were about 10 dead ferrets, a dead turtle in a tank, surrounded in feces and mess, moldy/petrified food and all of his dirty laundry. Turns out his mom was so sad from him passing she just literally left his room the way it was, animals and all. I told my mom what happened and her suggestion was to always have her over at our house from now on. Which was for the best.

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Ariane, the editor at 'These Three Rooms,' said that being a good host is all about being friendly and welcoming, as well as anticipating what the guest will want or need to feel at home.

"Are they hungry or thirsty? Have snacks and drinks on hand. Would they like to rest after their journey? Take them to their room (which will of course be clean and tidy with a freshly-made bed). Show them where the bathroom is straight away in case they need to go immediately and make sure it's well-stocked with soap and toilet rolls," she said.

Ideally, you should treat your guests as you'd like to be treated when you come over. "On the flip side, the best way to make a guest feel uneasy is to act awkwardly, as they'll then feel awkward too—or to be brusque, silent, and unwelcoming and not offer them anything."

In Ariane's opinion, we shouldn't worry too much about being too eager to please because part of being a good host is being accommodating. "A clean, tidy, warm, and well-lit home is always impressive, but make sure you're also clean, fresh-smelling, and well-dressed and don't look messy or have food stains down your clothes! If you look flustered, that'll create an awkward atmosphere, so try to stay calm while also greeting your guests with a smile."


I had a buddy I visited who played cat turd golf in his house because there were cat turds caked onto the carpeting everywhere. I believe an 8-iron was the club of choice.

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So many cats! Cats were locked inside all day and they never cleaned up after them. Every surface in the house had cat food and/or cat s**t on it. Kitchen..stove had cat s**t on it, take a seat on the couch..but mind the cat s**t. No idea what the floor was made of, because it was covered in newspaper, fur, food and you guessed it, cat s**t. No idea how the smell hadnt killed them

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Scissors stuck in the ceiling. Like the whole living room/ kitchen area ceiling was covered with scissors.

So there was like 30 pairs. At least. And this was in a trailer house so all I could think about was how horrifying it would be to be in this death trap in a bad storm or tornado.

When I was introduced to the owner of the now dubbed "scissor house" all my questions were answered and the answer is meth. I didn't ask about the scissors I made my friend take me home. I stayed maybe 10 minutes total, being in a scissor house with a bunch of crackheads is not how I like to spend my Friday nights.

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Skulls on the walls, swarms of flies, and the walls dripping with grease aren’t the only indications that your visit won’t be all that pleasant. There are two main areas that really demand to be treated well by anyone who’s opening up their home to others.

First of all: cleanliness. You’ve got to keep that ship tight, yo. The rule of thumb that we like to use is thinking about what your mom and grandma would say if they came over right now.

Would they be appalled by the mountain of unwashed dishes and piles of stinky clothes festering in the corners of your apartment? Would they give you a stern talking to for not vacuuming for the past three months? Odds are that, yeah, they totally would. Keep your guests happy by keeping your cleanliness standards up to par.

Secondly, it’s all about how you behave as a host. No matter how tidy your home, how much your kitchen floor might gleam, it all means nothing if you have a sour attitude. We feel like a good host is someone who puts their guests’ needs slightly ahead of their own. They’ll offer them tea, drinks, snacks, and maybe even a homecooked meal without seeming too pushy. They’ll make them feel comfortable without sacrificing their own comfort.


Urine cups (plural) on open display until the host poured them out in the sink.

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Met my biological father and half siblings when I was 12. Spent a night at his house to “get to know my family”.

Proceeded the spend that entire night feeling disgusting, watching roaches crawl across the TV, trailing from the ceiling down the wall into the trash can. Crawling all over the piles of actual garbage laying on the bedroom floors.

I did not use the bathroom that night. It was a very long night.

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I turned on a light in the bathroom and I saw at least 30 roaches scatter

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Relationship and dating expert Dan Bacon, from The Modern Man, previously explained to Bored Panda that what truly matters is you being happy with the way your home looks and feels. We won’t be able to please everyone, so instead, we ought to focus on our own happiness. What’s even more important than the interior is how we behave.

"A man’s home is part of what people initially use to judge his social status and character. However, how he behaves and acts with the people who come over to his place says so much more about him," Dan said.

"A man might have a perfectly tidy, well-designed, and stylish home, but be very nervous and try too hard to impress people who come over. So, rather than seeing him as a cool, confident, successful man they can admire and look up to, most people just perceive him as a nervous, insecure guy with a nice place. Alternatively, they may see him as a guy who tries hard to please others with material things because he's insecure about himself and doesn't feel good enough in their eyes,” the dating expert told Bored Panda.


They had accumulated so many dirty dishes, they just put them into the bath tub.

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"Oh yeah, did we mention we've got bedbugs? You should be OK, though."

Might want to give someone a heads-up about that in advance. You know, so they can *not come.*

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Finally went to a girls house that I had been talking to for a little while. We were messing around on the couch, things were advancing, and she asked to move to the bed. We get in the room and I noticed a foul smell. I started looking around and saw a pile of dog s**t on the floor, nbd, we had been out for a few hours and accidents happen. I told her about it and she said "oh no!" Like she was surprised and went to the bathroom to get things to clean it up. While she was in the bathroom I spotted 3 seperate piles of s**t and one of them almost petrified and had to have been there for a few days. I told her I didnt feel well and was going to go home. I never saw her again lol

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"Remember that most people care more about themselves than other people. So, allow people to talk about themselves, rather than always trying to be the center of attention," he shared some of his thoughts about being a good host.

"Also remember to not try to oversell yourself or your place, to hopefully gain people’s approval. Be confident and secure in who you are as a person and let your surroundings provide additional clues about who you are and how you approach life."


A work friend invited me over to his house to watch a hockey game so I said sure why not. I bought a 6 pick of beers and he said sweet. He just put them in his fridge. He proceeded to pour himself scotch but never asking me I wanted to have a drink. Then he pulled out some leftovers and made himself a dish and again, he never asked me if I was hungry. Then i just asked for a beer (that I had bought) and he said "i guess, but I was going to save them for another time". I left after the game and its been really akward at work.

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I went to a buddy from schools house for a sleepover, it was a Saturday night, and the one stipulation was, that I had to go with them to church in the morning. I was raised Christian (I've strayed from the flock in my adult years) so I didn't think much of it.

We got there, and people were getting "healed" by the minister (pastor? wizard man?)

Like getting touched on the forehead, then convulsing into better forms of themselves.

I felt so scared, everyone was yelling and dancing, I was sitting there quietly for what seemed an eternity.

They dropped me off at home, and I never went over for another sleepover.


I spent the night in the guest bedroom, and the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes the next morning was a pile of rat droppings on the pillow next to me.

Dan noted that different people feel comfortable in slightly different interiors. Some prefer everything super tidy. Others thrive in the midst of light chaos.

"If you enjoy placing a lot of importance on your home because it means a lot to you, then do that. If you only see it as a place to live and want to focus your attention on other things, you should do that. You can never impress or please everyone, no matter what you do. Just look at celebrities as an example. They have millions of people who love them and millions who hate them,” he told us.

"The same applies to your home. You will never make it, furnish it or arrange it in a way where everyone loves you for it and wishes they had it. Some people will love it, others will like it and some will hate it. So, just enjoy doing what you want to do. That’s the only way you’ll truly be happy."


The pile of dishes in the sink with spiderwebs on it. Upon being asked what the deal was, she told me that a couple of years ago, her mom decided she wasn't doing the dishes anymore, they got divorced and the rest of the family swapped to paper plates. No one will do them out of spite so they've been there for more than 2-3 years by the time I saw it. It's been 5 years since and I doubt they've been touched.

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Went to my friend's girlfriend's house. She had 18 cats that were poorly being taken care of. The smell is piercing and suffocating, strong of ammonia and dander, it took me about 30 minutes to breathe normally while in there, and even then the smell was bludgeoning my senses.


In 7th grade I stayed overnight at a new friend’s house. She thought it would be hilarious to point her Dad’s shotgun at me. I never went back.

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walked in my friends living room and it is wall to ceiling nazi memorabilia, i'm talking flags, giant metal swastikas, uniforms, the whole lot. I just backed out. Later learned his dad is a antique dealer and they were all being sold to some sort of institute, still scared me sh**less i thought i wondered into a trap


Was supposed to be staying over and I was attacked by fleas, noped right out of there right then after dowsing my legs in raid flea killer that they had sitting around


We ate dinner and then instead of putting the dishes in the sink the hosts put them on the floor for the dogs to clean.

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When I was in elementary school I had one friend who I really liked but something always seemed off about her. She was really sweet and goofy but sometimes she just seemed hurt in a way that as a kid I couldn’t understand. One time she invited me over for a sleepover. We spent the day doing normal kid stuff, but we were outside the entire day. When evening came we went into my friends room to play. Every time we went into her room she would lock the door behind her and turn her radio on. After we ate dinner with her family, her dad started wrestling with us. He put her older sister in some hold that I thought were weird, but he was in the military at the time and I just didn’t think about it any more. He did the same to me. Her dad was wrestling goofily with us but then we would always end up with him on top of us for just a minute too long. It was the first time I was there and he gave me a long hug afterward and told me he loved me. After that my friend pulled me away and we locked ourselves in her room with the radio on again.
It turns out that my friend's dad had been molesting my friend's older sister for years. Every single night for years. My friend had the bedroom across the hall from her sister and locked her door and turned on the radio at night so her dad wouldn’t come in and hurt her, and so she couldn’t hear what her dad was doing to her sister.
After that one sleepover I never went back. I just felt gross the next day but as a kid I couldn’t figure out what made me felt that way. I found out years later what was going on. I eventually grew apart from this friend but I still think of her often, and it seems like on social media she’s built a life for herself as an adult that she’s really happy with.


It was such a mess that the most organised guest’s things would disappear into thin air and it permanently smelled like sausage rolls

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I had a new friend in middle school and I went over her house for a sleepover. It was fun at first because we were just playing outside. Then she shows me her creepy, unfinished basement with a rabbit hutch and some bunnies. She tells me how sad she was when one of her bunnies died recently and how her older brother made her laugh by making it's corpse dance.

Her dad is drinking in the kitchen, big beer gut. Something about him makes me feel uneasy. She shows me a room with a big fish hanging on the wall and flies around it's eyes. She says we can either sleep in here on the couches or in her bedroom. Then she tells me that her mom and brother sleep in her room with her every night and they lock the door. I ask why, she says ghosts. I'm thinking, what about your dad? Don't ask it aloud because I figure it's really him they're hiding from. Then I fake a stomach ache and had her mom take me home.

Edit: because everyone's asking. We were about 12 years old at the time. My mom spoke to her mom over the phone when we made the plans. Her mom was a nice, seemingly normal lady. There was no reason for my mom to be concerned. I don't think there would have been a reason for concern even if she had met the father. It's not like the dude was some horrific character straight out of Deliverance. Same if she toured the house. It was a totally normal house, albeit old, big, and therefore creepy. And the fish wasn't rotting, it was taxidermy, there were just some gnats around it's eyes for whatever reason.

I was still going to sleep there until my friend said her mom and brother slept in her room at night because of ghosts. And she told me this fact with the same level of excitement that she told me the story about her brother making the dead bunny dance. For all I know, she was just f*****g with me because she got a thrill out of being creepy. She was into the macabre and ended up being goth and working at Hot Topic when we were in high school.

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I had an almost rich friend. Almost meaning that his parents were well to do (they just up and gave him a house) and his grandma was in the oil business (would leave 6 figure dividend checks uncashed on her tables because who cares?).

So he moves into his detached garage, halfway turns it into an apartment, and rents out the house to another friend. I didn't go over there often, but I knew that he hadn't sprung for improvements to the apartment like a toilet or running water. Understandable. I guessed he would just go in the house to use the bathroom.

I visited one day. His 'apartment' was trashed. Used pizza boxes were everywhere, dirty dishes, dirty clothes... etc. All of that I could understand; this was his house, his living space. Who was I to judge?

Then I noticed two things: a definite dog s**t smell and his penchant for Gatorade. The dog s**t was obviously from the other friend's dog, except that it'd tracked it into the apartment and my friend had tracked it all around, mooshing it into the sh**ty carpet. I was about to comment on him storing Gatorade all along the shelf near his computer and how keeping it cold would be better... until I realized that these were already used. The bottles were full of what I was sure wasn't Gatorade.

But he was almost rich, so he was better than me, according to him.

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Was not offered any form of bedding. Slept on the floor while they slept on the bed.

There were three of us and we were both invited. Both guests slept on the floor. This has happened multiple times and I swear I will not go back now I can drive

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Dark, dingy, felt like a drug front and he served me a drink in a dirty used McDonalds cup with a chewed up straw.

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I ended up being left alone with friends mom. The women spent 30 minutes telling me every outlandish conspiracy theory in the book. Asked for my help with her facebook account because she was positive the government was tracking her with it because she knew that the end of times was coming and who god was going to punish.

She said a lot and I don't remember half of it because my brain couldn't process the fact someone thought and believed all this.

Love the rest of the family though.

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Their hermit crabs lived in the couch for whatever reason. Yeah, in the couch. Guess their glass cage thing broke on it and she figured it was easier to let them live there. She poured sand under the cushions. It was f**king weird

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Their dog pissing on my shoe because I was in her 'peeing zone', which happened to be right in the doorway to their kitchen. She just let the dog pee there instead of bothering teaching her to go outside.
Sadly my interactions with this woman weren't up to me, but I think that was the last time I went to that house in particular.
She also let her cat s**t between the wall and dishwasher in her next house for about 2 years straight and didn't even notice until she moved out. She's also a hoarder and her place is always crammed to the brim with furniture.
This person no longer has animals, thankfully. The dog went to another owner, I hope they treated her better.

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She was unbelievably attractive. We had been together at my apartment several times, and that last morning, she asked me to come to her apartment so she could make me breakfast. When we got to her house, she had ferrets. She let them *c**p in her house, everywhere*, because she didn't believe it was right for them to be caged. The scent was incredibly bad. Apparently she just left it there for weeks at a time, and then cleaned all the poops up (the ones she could find, anyway) when she felt like it. She seemed totally normal in every other way. I was sad to see it end. Owning ferrets is illegal (and they smell bad enough as it is) but I can at least understand it because they're cute and people love cute animals. She was hot, funny, and great in the sack. But even I, who was not very popular with the miladies, had to draw the line at leaving animal excrement in one's house because it's "natural". The smell was...terrifying.


Asked me if I'd like tea, I said yes. He poured a cup, added milk. Then he opened a bag of sugar, and two or three roaches ran out. He then used his fingers to scoop up sugar and put in the tea....


A pyramid of empty cat food cans one foot from their bed.


Dirty bongs and moldy dishes all over the place. Then her kid sister came down with a rat and said "This is my new rat, i killed the other 1" ( She stabbed it in the eyes)


It actually caused a rift in our friendship that I don't think we ever got over.

He was in town only for a few days, I told him if I came over, since we were drinking I needed to spend the night and that my wife would be there, because we lived an hour away.

So he's home from college, and we go to his childhood home, his mom's house. She's out with friends.

I walk in with an overnight bag for me and my wife. I ask where to put it and he shows me where we'll be sleeping. This is a mid 80s era trailer. Looks clean though. Until he opens the door to this room. His mom's room. I dare'd not turn the light on. There are unclean sheets on the bed. There are 5 dogs in there, mostly laying on the bed, which I now notice is covered in dog hair.

On the floor, which is bare plywood as the carpet looked to have been haphazardly torn out, there are 10 - 15 piles of s**t and p**s soaking into the wood everywhere.

My friend looks past all of this and tells me I can put my bag on a chair in the room. I said "OK....." and my wife was just glaring at me. I looked back at her like "I got this."

It looked as though he had cleaned the whole house pretty well, then shoved the dogs into his mom's room (which seemed frequent given the state of it).

So I went out on the back porch with my wife and the first thing out of her mouth was "we are not f*****g sleeping here, your friend is f*****g disgusting and I'm not staying in that room."

I said "babe. you don't have to sell me on it. I just don't know how we're gonna get out of it, I basically requested a room."

She said "i'll stay sober, I can drive, you gotta get us out of here." I said "Ok, can we just hang out a while longer?" She agreed that was fine. A couple hours later and her body language basically said she was donezo. I asked where the bathroom was. I went in there and shat, as I tried to think of what to do to get out, then it occurred to me, I was doing it. I shat, wiped, then read everything in the bathroom, and flushed probably 6 times. I came out of the bathroom gripping my stomach and covered in flop sweat (splashed on water from the sink. Proclaimed we had had sushi for dinner and it must have been bad. Went and got my bag and went home.

I'm not the best actor. I'm pretty sure my friend knew what was up. We were never the same after that. IDK. Our friendship definitely wasn't worth staying a night in that literal shithole.


No running water or plumbing, and only like 80% of a roof. To be fair this was in Jamaica and in the mountains kinda so take that as you will.


Some guy hosting a party during university kept popping pimples, rolling the contents up and throwing them onto the floor... :-S

Needless to say, I threw the socks away


Visited a friend from school who'd moved away to go to uni. There was a saucepan of food on the coffee table in the living room that someone had eaten straight out of. Hey, not that unusual, maybe there were no bowls clean.

Visited her again a few months later. Same saucepan was still there and hadn't been moved.

Haven't visited her at any of her homes since.


A neglective dog covered in ticks and fleas. Malnourished. Looked at me with the most pitiful plea for help.

Left and reported them to the RSPCA. The dog died the next day before they had a chance to attend.

F**k that guy.


I went to my friends house for the first time. She lives with her aunt and she didn’t tell me her aunt is/was a dog sitter.
Now, I’m a dog lover, but I feel like 12 dogs and counting is a huge number of animals for such a little home.
She also forgot to mention that there was cctv everywhere to video the dogs when no one was home and now they have a recording of me of at least 24 hours. It creeps me out.


Too clean. Too perfect. One of my friends in high school had a house that looked like a model home all the time. Even at Christmas everthing looked meticulously placed like it was about to be sold or shown to buyers. I was so worried about touching anything or doing anything there. Even her own room looked like an interior designer had just decorated it perfectly, except for a single poster. It just didn't feel like a home at all, there was nothing really personal, and I felt so uncomfortable I only went yhere a few times and then never again.


I matched with a girl on Tinder that I had known in high school (different school, though). She invited me over, and I brought a nice bottle of wine. I was excited to see her again, but I decided not to see her again once I got to her house. She told me before I came over that she had lots of pets and was polyamorous, but I didn’t know it would make me as uncomfortable as it did. She must have had over 15 cats and dogs, plus hamsters and fish. The house wasn’t very clean, and the smell was terrible. She even told me she spent most of her free time at home cleaning because of all the animals. It was also uncomfortable being in the house when both of her partners were there. I’m not trying to sound judgy, but I realized that I just couldn’t continue seeing someone in a relationship like that. Eventually I also learned that she would only do anything physical beyond making out if I paid her. No, thanks.


I went to a friends house for a sleepover in 5th grade. I wasn't a hard to please kid, so I have fun doing just about anything. He had an old Atari and some Sim City like computer games. We had dinner (Me, him, his Dad, his Mom, and his little brother, who we'll call John). His Mom told John to do something, and my friend echoed, "Yeah, John." in a sarcastic tone. I repeated the same thing. Dad threw his milk on me over the table and told me not to talk back to his wife. I still spent the night, and everything seemed normal the next day when he went to take me home. I told my Dad about it and he almost drove over there, but didn't, and just told me I wasn't ever going back over there again. His mom ran into me a year or two later and asked why I hadn't ever come back over and I told her the truth.


One of my friends brothers married this girl who’s parents passed away suddenly after their wedding leaving her a business and about 3 million dollars. So the two of them bought this enormous house on a 50 acre plot of land. I went to go see the house one time after they had been living in it for about 6 months. Now from the outside seemingly nice property big front lawn and all that. There was literally no furniture inside aside from one couch and a few folding chairs. We toured around the endless number of rooms and there were used paper towels, plates, bags of trash, half empty Pepsi bottles (some filled with p**s), and the bedroom consisted of a mattress and a piles of unfolded clothes. It was one of the most bizarre sights I’ve ever witnessed. I forgot to mention the overflowing cat box. This skeeved me the f**k out so much so that my friend was upset at my reaction.


I had this thought after visiting the house my friend shared with her (now ex) boyfriend. It was his house, but it was so messy you could barely squeeze in the front door. There were boxes and just *stuff* everywhere. I had to step over boxes just to get to the couch, and at that point I was mildly amused because I'd never really seen a mess like that before. But the true horror struck when it came time to use the only bathroom in the house...

It was a small bathroom, typical of a house built in the 30's, and the toilet was against the wall that was opposite the door. This is only noteworthy because there were months (maybe years) old urine caked across the floor, the wall, every part of the toilet expect for the seat... presumably because my friend kept that clean so she could use it. The smell was utterly horrid.

Apparently, her boyfriend liked to stand at the doorway and launch his p**s to the toilet. He had poor aim.

I left early because I really had to pee and I would p**s in the yard before I dared to use that bathroom. When I finally got home and pulled off my pants I found 2 ticks on my legs... I assume I picked those up in that mess of a house.

I never went back.


I slept over at a friend's house and not only was her house dark and smelled weird but her dad immediately gave me weird vibes. I kind of let it go because maybe I just wasn't used to her house smell, and maybe the dad was just kind of intense, idk. I brush it off. A lot of small things happen that are strange to me, like not feeding us the entire day, insisting we slept top and tail or sending us to bed super early. I just brushed it all off. Wake up early the next morning and the dad is just standing there watching the two of us sleep. He sees me awake and doesn't even say anything or acknowledge his weird behaviour. That was the moment I was like "ohhhh, ya i'm never coming here again."


They kept playing a game of who can make the guests more uncomfortable and both were winning. Also, I learnt that dinner was too much to ask for a dinner party.


Their house smelled so strongly of dog that I might as well have tied their dog to my face. They only had one medium-sized dog that spent most of its time in the back yard.


Walking from the mall one day I took a different block then I normally did, I passed a house with a rusted old vehicle in the drive way, and just as I pass, roaches scatter... in broad daylight. A month or so passes and I’m hanging out with my buddy, he says to me he says. “I met some dude whose pretty cool, want to go over to his place”? Sure i reply. We pull up, no s**t up to that same house from the beginning of the story, same car, same roaches. F**k it. The guy was ok to hang out with it turns out, but EVERYTHING else that happened in that house was the thing of nightmares... and yes the roaches live inside too!
(1) Dad and mom hanging out on dirty couch. Dad in his underwear.
(2) 2 emaciated dogs, a great Dane with some horrible joint issue or displaced leg socket limping around, and a chihuahua constantly rubbing his a*s all over the carpet.
(3) No running water. It had to be turned on from the mains, as everything leaked in the house if they left it on.
(4) cigarettes put out on tables, desks, literally anywhere possible.
(5) the kid literally BBQ’ing inside his room.
(6) the same kid spray painted his room black.
(7) that kids brother sleep walking and peeing on the kitchen floor. He cleans it up with a towel laying on the floor...and leaves it there once he’s done.
(8) that same kitchen has stacks of dishes, migrating out from the sink onto every inch of the counter,
(8) me and my buddy ask if he has any snacks, he comes back with a bag of chips, jar of mayonnaise, can of corn and can of tuna. Mixed it all up and proceeds to double dip all day (not to mention I hate tuna, but that’s my issue). Wash it down with a bottle of Shasta Cola with Santa on it... it’s August.
(9) dad comes in to chat with the guys and talks about his gout for an hour.
(10) Dudes cousin is living there because she got kicked out of her house, she’s fat and trashy and lonely so she try’s to hang with us. Sitting on the nasty stained carpet, picking her feet while eating a bag of Cheetos and without shame asks if we’d like any. Now granted this all took place on mostly separate occasions, and I kept going back. But whoa boy! That family was something else. And every time I left, i thought to myself, that’s it, I’m never coming back.


In grade K I had a sleepover with one of my mom's friends kid who was also in Grade K. First off I brought my Gameboy. He also had a Gameboy. The difference was that his was covered in snot and other gross dried substances. Of course he tried to switch his with mine on multiple occasions. Secondly, he put on his moms see through black panties. That was enough for me.


When I was a kid this other kid's stepdad gave me the weirdest vibes and I didn't want to be there again.


First thing being threatened to have my d**k cut off and possibly shot.

I was meeting her parents for the first time, never had any problems with the girl, wanted to meet her family.


Their bathroom floor was carpet and it was always wet. It went through my shoes and got my socks wet. First time, maybe someone just showered. Second time, nope I can’t live like this.


I was a mental health case manager a few years ago so I would do home and school visits to make my client's lives easier. I had this one client who lived in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house with her two parents and 11 siblings, 2 cats and 3 dogs. When I walked in, I almost dry heaved due to the smell and then it just got worse from there. I stood up for our entire 1 hour session (I cut it down to 45 minutes) because there was dog poop, some roaches, probably dog pee, and some mysterious crusty white substance on the couch and the floor was awful too. There was moldy food sitting on the coffee table and rotten milk in what I'm guessing was a bowl of cereal.

I had to call CPS due to these kids' living environment and then I insisted that I either see the child at school or the family come to the clinic. I was paranoid that I had picked up some bed bugs or lice or fleas or something and went home and stripped in the garage. I felt so bad because I know that my client had no choice but to live with her family in that house and that mom and dad had to work multiple jobs each to be able to afford just to keep a roof over their family's head so there was no time for much else.

Fortunately, with the help of some resources through CPS, my client showed me pictures of her "new house" which was really just her old house with clean floors, new furniture, fresh food, etc.


A friend from school mother thought I was extremely rude because I stuttered in front of her. Then because of the stuttered and the embarrassment I felt I decided to pick my words carefully.

She said directly to me, a 12 year old that I was extremely rude.

Now aged 20, I still have a massive fear of meeting anyone's parents.


Had the sexy time with a girl at her place. Was under the impression that her kids weren't home. We both fell asleep in the buff.

Little bit later I hear this little kid voice asking if he can crawl up in bed. His mom is like sure honey and scoots over so he can lay between us.

Noped right the f**k out of there.


Stayed the night at some of my friends house (they had just got an older house that they all roomed in) unfortunately, all of them had gotten scabies and waited to tell me until the morning after of drinking and me spending the night on the couch. Had to do all kinds of extensive creams and treatments to get rid of.

Got drunk at a party and one of my friends girlfriend offered to take me to their house because I was too drunk to drive (which I appreciated) BUT when I woke up the next morning the first thing I saw was the house completely covered in very unshy, very socialized roaches, not the big ones, the little ones that completely just take over I was so uncomfortable and stranded in a house in the middle of nowhere for over 2 hours. Scratching every minute.


Confederate flag


Their giant a*s dogs had no manners. I love puppers but their huskeys jumped on me and scratched me up the second I walked in the door and were underfoot barking and tripping me literally the whole time I was there. I was trying to ignore them and not validate the behavior, then the (uneuterd) male started humping my leg. My friend just laughed and said "oh ignore him." B***h how !?


I was part of a middle school volleyball team and we met up at one of our player's houses. Her father kept touching me. Now I understand some people are more hands on with gestures and things but I was 12 and he kept putting his hand on my arm. I decided the party wasn't worth it and hopped the fence and went home.


My wife’s brother’s trailer. I’ve been there a few times but I think I’m done now. They have 4 kids with one more on the way. There’s just a gross film over everything, the carpet is all nasty, the kitchen is never clean, toys are scattered all over, and the walls are covered in crayon and markers. I don’t even really want to sit anywhere.


I will never again visit my BIL & SIL in the next state over.

They are “FIRE” people. Financial independence, retire early. They don’t spend a penny on anything, expect everyone else to subsidize their lifestyle, and openly judge anyone else that doesn’t live life the exact way that they do.

They go to bed @ 7:30 pm, so they expect everyone to have dinner at 5, and then be quiet when they go to sleep. They then get up at 4am, to workout/walk the dog, but don’t give the same courtesy to anyone else because it’s our fault we’re ‘sleeping so late’


Date three. Suggest my place or his for make out opportunities. We opt for his as I would need a day or two to clean mine to new date standards. He does warn that he had a plumbing leak and things are in boxes. No probs. Construction/home renovation is my jam.

Show up. Wave of BO hits me. Dude wasn’t dirty and otherwise seemed well groomed. Just semi-retired, where he woke up, made coffee and did hobby programming so In his mind he didn’t sweat and therefore didn’t need to shower daily. He obviously had no idea that his house reeked. Then there was the clutter. There wasn’t an uncluttered surface for me to put my purse down. Go to den. Flash back to my college years because a blanket is nailed on one of the two windows, couch covered in a sheet, and coffee table has c**p, paper, tissues on it and under it. It wasn’t filth like food/beverage containers, just lots of
Messy papers with a few tissues. Chairs in living room have c**p on them. Can’t sit to visit. Dining room table not even wiped down.

I don’t think I am materialistic, but make a freaking effort when you invite a date come over. Especially when said date has indicated a desire to be more intimate and sex is a possibility. Air out your place, pick up the clutter, and wipe down the GD table if you’ve invited someone over for dinner. Otherwise, you’re telling your date that you don’t care for his/her comfort level or worse that something is wrong with your mental state.

I was only willing to hang out in the dining room and whooped him in scrabble. In hindsight, glad we chose his place first.


My aunt's house as a kid, I couldn't get out of it until I was older. Her house was disgusting and falling apart because they didn't take care of it. Kitchen full of moldy dishes, bathroom repulsive, loose rabbits in the house, and flea infested dogs. Their yard was full of broken kids toys, abandoned cars, and there was dog s**t everywhere. The icing on the cake for me was that they kept cows in the shed attached to their house, and left the windows open. I got licked by a cow walking down the hallway and never went back.


In high school a friend's house was missing most of the carpet, and her room was COVERED in mud from her Saint Bernard. The kitchen never had any food and was the kind of house you didnt want to eat from anyway. The furniture was all dirty and smelled weird, too. It was the most uncomfortable night of my life. I felt bad for her because she didnt understand that was no way to live. I imagine she'd lived like that her whole life.


We spent the night in a friends home. We knew him from my boyfriends work and we all played games and hung out.

We got really sick. They had an entire section of the house barred off. Turned out their two cats used that section of the house as a litter box. They hadn't cleaned it for years.

It was absolutely rank in their house, but we were too polite to go home. They really wanted to hang. They used so much incense they had an industrial size box of assorted incense sticks.


The house was over a hundred years old I think. Very thin walls... Water from a well... The tub was filled with moldy books and papers. The floor in front of the bath tub was rotted and caved in... The house was filled with stacks of newspapers and boxes from floor to ceiling and you had to navigate through them... The owner collected porcelain dolls and had them displayed in various places, many just still in boxes. The living room had a small opening between the newspaper columns to an old TV surrounded by the dolls and a single chair to watch it...

But the worst part... I kept thinking there were odd curtains pinned to the roof... No. They were billowing nets of spider webs. Webs so dense that they looked like fabric and were just hanging like strung curtains. Spiders crawling all over the roof.

Pledged to never return. I found out many years later that it burned down.


My buddy (who shall remain nameless) invited me round once, to where he lived with his mum and dad. There was a strange air about the place, he slept on a mattress on the floor, there were ungodly amounts of trinkets and bits of junk everywhere, dust on everything. It just didn't feel healthy somehow. There was a creepy, musty air about the place.

Several days late he came into work, severely beaten up by his dad (just for swearing). He was in his 30's at the time. I'm still friends with him, offer him support and keep him company. But f**k me, I'm not going round there again.


Filth... just everywhere. And just WEIRD stuff... like in the garage, there was a dirty spatula on the seat of the brand new Harley. I saw one of the kids open a door on the coffee table and I saw a bowl full of what I’m guessing was either really old milk from cereal, or yellowed cottage cheese. Right inside the front door was a HUGE pile of shoes.. like a PILE of shoes. 5 people lived in that house and I think each person had 10 pairs of shoes in that pile. I’m pretty sure everyone had some sort of foot fungus because the whole pile smelled like garbage and Fritos. We keep getting offers to stay with them when we’re in town... but no... hard pass.


The mom of my next door neighbors as a kid was a hoarder and the house was always sticky and smelled like sour milk. No thanks.


My best friend and I went out for drinks with two guys, let's call them A and B. She liked B and he liked her. B lived in a dorm so he always hung out at A place. The next day A invited us all at his place for dinner. They were all smokers and smoked inside. A couple of friends came by and started smoking too. There were a total of 6 people smoking in the living room, and i was the only non smoker. I just couldn't breathe anymore and spent most of the night on the balcony.

Later that night while going home with my friend, i told her "i'm sorry if you like B but i swear i'm not going to step foot in that apartment *ever* again, i can't die of asphyxiation only cause you want to shag this dude".

Fast forward a few months, A and I got together, i now live in that same apartment, he quitted smoking and i fabulosoed the s**t out of this house, and it now smells like flowers and lavender. We don't hear from B anymore cause he is upset he can't smoke here anymore, go figure.