Nora Period Pants Review

Nora Period Pants Review A Mum Reviews

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I discovered period pants a few years ago and they have been a game-changer for me. Having very heavy periods, I love using period pants together with other period wear, such as reusable pads for example, which makes me feel very secure as I have an absorbent extra layer of protection. For me, period pants on their own are also great when I’m expecting my period or for the lighter first or last few days.

Testing new brands is something I love doing so when I heard that Nora was bringing out their own range of period pants I was very excited to try them. Especially since I’d recently discovered Nora reusable period pads which are my new favourites!

Nora Period Pants Review A Mum Reviews

From Nora’s new period pants range, I have a pair of the Heavy Flow Latte Shorts Period Pants and a pair of the Heavy Flow Black Full Brief Period Pants.

Since both of these pants are in the Heavy absorbency, they both offer the same absorbency as 3 heavy flow pads or 10 super tampons. The conversion like this doesn’t work quite like this in real life as your flow is not directed equally over the absorbent part of the pants but it’s a good indication of how absorbent they are.

Nora Period Pants Review A Mum Reviews

The pants are made from organic cotton for comfort and designed with a clever technology to keep moisture away from the skin. They also have a waterproof layer to offer leakproof protection.

Nora Period Pants Review A Mum Reviews

Both styles have a touch of stretchy elastane in the fabric for comfort and to ensure a good fit. The shorts design offers good coverage and a comfortable style. For me, I think I could have sized down with the shorts but they are still great for me for overnight wear on my lighter days. Due to the shape of the gusset, these are not as easy to team with reusable pads as the full brief design.

Nora Period Pants Review A Mum Reviews
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The full brief period pants from Nora are my new favourite period pants! They’re the ones I reach for first when they are available as the high-waisted fit and soft material is so comfortable and I find that they work really well for me with a pad on heavy days and on their own on lighter days.

Period pants are really easy to wash and look after. Some people like to hand-rinse after use, but I simply rinse in the washing machine on a cold, short cycle before the main wash with non-bio powder, then hang up to dry. Nora pads dry faster than the other brands of period pants that I have so that’s another bonus!

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