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One of the easiest ways to ensure you are not going to have a good night’s sleep is to be too hot. Sleeping while you feel overheated leads to a restless and wakeful night that will leave you feeling sluggish and dehydrated throughout the day. Sleeping in a room that is more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit can affect your sleep quality, which over time can have a major negative impact on your health and lead to weight gain, depression and higher blood pressure. One of the best ways to maintain a comfortable body temperature is by wearing pajamas with cooling features.

When sleeping in a warm room, it may seem like common sense to ditch your PJs and opt for your birthday suit. But sleeping naked can actually make you feel warmer since there is no fabric to pull sweat away from your body, which helps start the cooling process. Sleeping naked also may be undesirable if you have young children who often make unannounced visits to your bedroom looking for a glass of water at 3:00 AM or you live with roommates who would prefer to not see you in the nude. Having a few sets of pajamas on hand also makes for great loungewear during the day and a comfortable option to wear early in the morning or late at night when you have guests in your home.

When looking for a pair of cooling pajamas, there are several key features to keep in mind. Lightweight fabric that is moisture-wicking helps to pull sweat away from the skin. A breathable fabric, which is also good for cooling blankets, helps to keep the wearer cool all night. Cotton pajamas are high on breathability, but you may also want to look at pajamas that have a spandex or polyester blend since they will likely have more stretch and are less likely to bunch while you sleep. We’ve included several styles of cooling pajamas that all have one thing in common — they keep you cool all night.
   1. Hanes Men’s Adult X-Temp Sleepwear Lounge Set

With a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend, this lightweight pajama set from Hanes is a great four-season pick for pajamas that will keep you cool all year long. The breathable blend uses X-Temp technology to keep the wearer cool on hot nights and adjust to the user’s body temperature. Made tag-free for added comfort, customers can choose from a wide variety of colors and opt for a shirt and shorts set or T-shirt and pants, which provide excellent coverage for colder months when you still want to stay cool while sleeping.
Buy: Hanes Men's Adult X-Temp Sleepwear Lounge Set $52.49    2. DAVID ARCHY Men’s 2 Pack Sleep Shorts

If you need a pair of shorts to help keep you cool when the temperature outside rises, we like the set of shorts from David Archy. The bamboo-rayon and spandex shorts are stretchy and cooling, moving with the wearer. The super-soft fabric has a wide waistband that won’t dig into the skin and includes a button fly for easy access. The adjustable drawstring helps to create the perfect fit for wearers who like to stay cool while they sleep or hang out around the home.
Buy: DAVID ARCHY Men's 2 Pack Sleep Shorts $43.99    3. Polo Ralph Lauren 4D Flex Cooling Lounge Pants

Finding the perfect lounge pant is no easy feat. If it’s too warm, you’ll be uncomfortable and fall asleep while you should be getting work done around the house. If they’re too lightweight, you’ll be uncomfortable because thin lounge pants hide no secrets. The Polo Ralph Lauren 4D Flex Cooling Lounge Pants strike the perfect balance, using a four-way stretch in its microfiber fabric to keep you cool at night and comfortable during the day. The pants, which are part of a collection that includes a matching t-shirt and shorts, have two pockets that make them perfect for wearing all day (that phone isn’t going to carry itself).
Buy: Polo Ralph Lauren 4D Flex Cooling Lounge Pants $48.00    4. 32 Degrees Men’s Cool Ultra-Soft Light Weight Crew-Neck Sleep T-Shirt

For a shirt you can wear all day and again all night (hey, sometimes laundry doesn’t happen as often as it should), there’s the 32 Degrees Men’s Cool Ultra-Soft Light Weight Crew-Neck Sleep T-Shirt. The antistatic shirt has anti-odor properties that keep you smelling fresh even when things start to heat up during the night. Made with lightweight stretch fabric and featuring moisture-wicking properties that help to keep you cool, the 32 Degrees shirt, which has matching shorts available, comes in eight colors for every day of the week plus one bonus shirt.
Buy: 32 Degrees Men's Cool Ultra-Soft Light Weight… $22.00    5. Polo Ralph Lauren Andrew Stripe Pajama Pants

For those who love the look of traditional pinstripe pajama pants, check out the classic style by Polo Ralph Lauren. The 100% cotton pajama pants are lightweight and have a straight-leg finish for a comfortable fit that won’t bunch or squeeze your legs while sleeping. A button fly and inseam pockets add helpful touches to these pajama pants that will keep you both looking and feeling cool.
Buy: Polo Ralph Lauren Andrew Stripe Pajama Pants $44.00    6. Men’s UA RECOVER Sleepwear Shorts

If you like to get your daily workout in right before bedtime, you may want to consider the nighttime routine that includes Men’s UA RECOVER Sleepwear Shorts as your new pajamas. Available in regular and tall sizes, the shorts have a mineral-lined fabric that returns infrared energy to the body, which can help speed up recovery time for your fatigued muscles. The soft knit, four-way stretch fabric is moisture-wicking and fast-drying, helping to keep you cool and comfortable all night.
Buy: Men's UA RECOVER Sleepwear Shorts $55.00    7. Core Temp Pajama Pant by Banana Republic

For a pajama pant that looks like something you could wear to the office but is comfortable enough to sleep in all night, there’s the Core Temp Pajama Pant by Banana Republic. The pants are made with 37.5 Technology and lined with particles derived from volcanic sand, which helps to keep the wearer warm or cool. A great all-weather pajama, the pants are finished with an elastic waist, button fly, front pockets, and a single back pocket that make them look good for wearing to bed or to the (home) office.
Buy: Core Temp Pajama Pant by Banana Republic $59.50    8. SHEEX Men’s Long Sleeve Tee

The company that makes ridiculously soft and breathable sheets is now stepping up its nighttime routine with pajamas that are just as comfortable. Sheex is using the same four-way stretch knit used in their sheets to make pajamas in long sleeve, short sleeve and shorts styles. The temperature regulating fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable to help keep users comfortable all night long. The quick-dry fabric is made with a cotton-polyester blend and has shape retention, which means even if you stay in your pajamas all day, it won’t look like you slept in your clothes.
Buy: SHEEX Men's Long Sleeve Tee $59.00    9. Dagsmejan Sleep Shirt and Shorts

For a pajama set that will not only keep you cool while you sleep but also makes for a great travel companion, we like the Dagsmejan Sleep Shirt and Shorts. Available in sage and navy blue options, the shorts and shirts are made from eucalyptus fiber material that is eight times more breathable than traditional cotton. A great option for travelers who need to do a quick load of laundry in their hotel sink, the sleep shirt and shorts dry in 1/3 of the time it takes for cotton to fully dry. We also like that the shorts have pockets, making them a great option for loungewear throughout the day as well.
Buy: Dagsmejan Sleep Shirt and Shorts $89.90    10. Soma Cooling Night Pajamas

Ladies, we know you get hot at night and not always in a fun way. From menopause hot flashes to growing a mini heater inside your stomach while pregnant, to dealing with a bedroom that always seems hot (raises hand), you need some cooling help from your pajamas. Soma has a full line of cooling pajamas that come in nightgowns and sets with shirts, camisoles, pants and shorts. Made with a lightweight rayon fabric that stays cool and won’t cling, these pajamas will keep you comfortable throughout the hottest of nights. Guys, pay attention — these are a great birthday/Mother’s Day/sorry-for-not-turning-on-the-air-conditioner gift.
Buy: Soma Cooling Night Pajamas $42.00   
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