Level Up Your Zoom WFH Look With These 7 Stylish Accessories, Because We’re Still Here, Wearing Sweatpant


I’ve always been an outfit girl. I love getting dressed to go out, or for work, or even just for a quick trip to the grocery store. The act of getting out of bed to try on 15 different looks while sipping on my morning coffee (and then end up wearing the first option), is one that I treasured, even looked forward to, until recently. With no sidewalk to strut my perfected ensemble down or subway commute to ogle other passersby’s costumes for rainy day inspiration, the motivation to wear anything other than a (sometimes) fresh set of PJs to sit at home and work all day is long gone. That is… until the first Zoom call of the day comes around, and with it, the ever so familiar hustle of “What can I put on over my high school swim team shirt so I can look like I have any business telling you about [insert work phrase here]?” Enter: Zoom accessories—the true WFH heroes of our time.

Zoom accessories are exactly what they sound like—bits and bobbles that you can add to the top half of your drab sweatpants, uh, outfit to spice it up enough to take a video call. Whether that means popping a hat over your nest of 4-day dry shampooed hair or channeling your inner Norma Desmond with a dramatic, statement necklace, accessorizing your every day look is a fun, stylish, and easy way to level up your look in less than 3 minutes. Because what you wear greatly impacts your mood, confidence, and productivity, getting “dressed” (or at least cleaning up and adding a pop of color) can also help you feel on and in the zone even if you’re working horizontally on the sofa. Scroll down to shop 7 fun Zoom accessories that will instantly level up any fit.
1. Alexa Leigh Nili Statement Chain, $165 Photo: Shopbop
The easiest way to class up an otherwise underwhelming fit is to just bling it up! Take notes from everyone from the OG, Carrie Bradshaw, or the hundreds of Insta-influencers on your feed and add a chunky gold chain or an assortment of smaller layered necklaces to any pullover sweatshirt or t-shirt look to give it some flair.

Shop now: Alexa Leigh Nili Statement Chain, $165
2. Wolf and Badger Silk Scarf, $129 Photo: Wolf and Badger
Scarves are every lazy dresser’s dream. They are versatile, stylish, and easy to chuck on or toss in a bag in a flash. Whether you turn it into a headband, an ascot, or a bandana, adding a scarf to any boring outfit can give it total Grace Kelly on the riviera vibes.

Shop now: Wolf and Badger Silk Scarf, $129
3. Numi Simone Shirt, $190 Photo: Numi
Though not an accessory, swapping an oversized tee for a sharp, white button-down can totally change your look and feel. Yes, you can even keep the sweatpants on underneath. A crisp, white shirt is a closet staple, and this one is made from stain-repellent silk, so you don’t even have to worry about dry-cleaning it after a coffee spill. Just throw it in the wash.
4. BaubleBar Twiggy Earrings, $48 Photo: BaubleBar
Earrings, though subtle, can make pretty much any outfit a *look*. They show that you put in a semblance of effort (even if that’s not the case), and can just be a super fun way to express yourself in a small way. Statement earrings come in all shapes and sizes and exude fun no matter which you choose.

Shop now: BaubleBar Twiggy Earrings, $48
5. Ethos Dad Hat, $19 Photo: W+G Shop
Haven’t washed your hair in days and don’t want your boss to know? Thrown on a dad cap. This lightweight hat is black, so it matches whatever you’re wearing, serves to cover your oily hair, and is so breathable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it at all.

Shop now: Ethos Dad Hat, $19
6. Sashi Casablanca Headband, $38 Photo: Shopbop
Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a chic headband. Much like the hat, a pop of color headband can hide greasy roots, but can also spice up a more monochrome fit. Trendy and functional, they also serve to keep your hair out of your face as you toil over your screen.

Shop now: Sashi Casablanca Headband, $38
7. Free People Wild Nights Duster, $168 Photo: Free People
Finally, if you really want to fool everyone on the call, hang a blazer or duster jacket on the back of your desk chair and throw it on while you “wait for host to start this meeting.” Since the camera can only see the chest up, you can look like you woke up early to dress to impress, when really…you’re not wearing any pants.

Shop now: Free People Wild Nights Duster, $168

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