Just Launched: 30+ New Products in THE Home Edit Collection at Walmart!

Oh, you thought we were done adding things to The Home Edit Collection at Walmart? Nope, not even close!

Since the title of this blog post truly explains it all (sorry, Clarissa, and sorry for that early 90s reference, Gen Z!)…let’s just cut right to the chase, shall we? From wooden hangers to headbands, here are the reasons why we love the new items in our collection…and why you will, too!

THE Wooden Hanger Packs

You’ll love our new Wooden Hangers because…

  • They are the slimmest and sturdiest wooden hangers you’ll ever find (we made sure of it!)
  • They come in two shades (natural or black) in 12 or 30 packs! Matching sets are the simplest way to elevate your closet!
  • They are slip-proof for pants, shirts, dresses, etc!
  • Each hanger can hold up to 90 pounds (aka perfect for storing winter coats, duvets, anything bulky!)
  • They are waterproof and won’t warp (aka you can hang your hand wash items on them to dry!)

THE Canister Packs

You’ll love our new Canisters because…

  • They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe!
  • You’ll be able to clearly see when you are running low on your favorite snacks!
  • We added an airtight snap lid for added freshness. The snap sound is what ASMR dreams are made of!
  • You can buy them in packs!
  • They stack! They save space! They make life so much easier!

THE Label Packs

You’ll love our new Label Packs because…

  • They are adhesive, water-resistant, and fully removable!
  • Each label features our signature script in crisp white ink!
  • You’ll have a clear guideline of the most common categories in the pantry and general home!


You’ll love our new XL Bins because…

  • They are the same size as two of our large bins! Double the storage, double the fun!
  • They are stackable!
  • Chances are, if you name it, the XL bin can contain it! Sweaters in a closet, stuffed animals in a playroom, just to name a few.

THE Large Drawer

You’ll love our Drawers because…

  • They offer a drawer solution anywhere you wish you had a drawer!
  • They blend the functionality of stackable storage with the full visibility of a clear bin!
  • You can buy them as a pack of 2!
  • If you decide you no longer need the drawer component, remove the frame and now it’s an open bin!
  • Yes, they stack!

THE Kitchen Drawer Edit

You’ll love our new Kitchen Drawer Inserts because…

  • They are the longer, slimmer version of the inserts (or baby bins) you already know and love!
  • Perfect for silverware, cooking tools, and even colored pencils in a craft drawer!

THE Desktop Edit

You’ll love our new Desktop Edit because…

  • You can mix and match the different pieces to fit your needs! Includes a base tray, pen holder, 1 small bin, and 1 small bin with a divider
  • It’s perfect for storing items you access on a daily basis, whether it’s for supplies on your desk or makeup on your vanity!

THE Office Drawer Edit

You’ll love our new Office Drawer Edit because…

  • It includes large, medium, and small inserts WITH REMOVABLE DIVIDERS!!
  • You’ll be able to subcategorize your subcategories if needed!
  • The inserts fit perfectly inside our Walmart bins and drawers! So many options!

THE Beauty Drawer Edit

You’ll love our new Beauty Drawer Edit because…

  • It includes 8 Insert Bins: Large (x 2), Medium (2x), Medium with Removable Dividers (2x), and Small (2x)
  • You’ll be able to separate your smaller categories with the dividers (aka never mistake eyeliner for an eyebrow pencil again!)

THE Hair Tool Organizer & Bin Edit

You’ll love our new Hair Tool Organizer & Bin Edit because…

  • You’ll no longer have to deal with tangled cords, misplaced combs, etc!
  • It includes a heat-resistant tray, making it possible to store your hot tools as soon as you’re finished using them!
  • It‘s stackable and modular! (We recommend stacking a narrow and a large bin on top where you could store other hair products and accessories!)

THE Hairband Holder

You’ll love our new Hairband Holder because…

  • You can place it on your vanity to display your favorite headbands!
  • It also fits perfectly inside The Home Edit Large Bin!
  • It’s so easy to assemble/disassemble!

THE Narrow Bin with Slider Tray

You’ll love our Narrow Bin with Slider Tray because…

  • You can use the top tray to store the smaller items you need at a moment’s notice without losing access to the contents below!

THE Hair Accessories

You’ll love our new collection of hair accessories because…

  • Why wouldn’t you?!
  • Each piece is gentle and slip-proof for all-day wear, and inspired by our love of bright colors and fun patterns!

THE Headbands

THE Scrunchies

THE Hair Clips

Click here to shop The Home Edit Collection at Walmart! We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new products! Leave us a comment below or tag us on social at @thehomeedit and #thehomeeditcollectionatwalmart!

xo, clea + joanna

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