Inland Northwest Holiday Gift Guide

By Bradley Bleck, Jon Jonckers, Derrick Knowles, and Amy McCaffree

What does it mean to shop local? For some, it means something made locally from local materials or from a locally-owned shop. Or for many buying local means shopping from a local store that might sell products that are mostly made elsewhere. Others place high value on the local relationship, expert advice, and ease of returning and exchanging items that you often get from shopping local. Whatever your motivation, its an important gesture since more of your gift-giving dollars support local businesses and stay in our communities. Make an effort this season to do as much of your holiday shopping as you can in our local communities! (DK)

Shop Local for Home and Art

Art that delivers a sweet dose of nostalgia is like two gifts in one. Local artist Chris Boveys Vintage Prints ($20) are available at Atticus Coffee & Gifts, along with 13x19 art frames ($28.95). Bovey prints feature local landmarks and recreation destinations including Mt. Spokane, Lookout Pass, Silver Mountain, and Priest Lake. Or gift all the art with Boveys book Vintage Spokane ($49.95), sold exclusively at Atticus and Boo Radleys. (AM)

Tote bags made by Noteworthy Paper & Press ($19.95) feature designs for nature lovers, like Take Me to the Trees and Im Frond of the Pacific Northwest with fern graphics underlying the textsold at Atticus. (AM)

Books are gifts that get opened again and again. Head to Aunties Books, Spokanes beloved independent bookstore, for these new 2019 titles:

Thirst: 2,600 Miles to Home by Heather Anish Anderson ($17.95, Mountaineers Books)a memoir about how she came to be a long-distance hiker and ultrarunner, including the impact of a P.E. class goal-setting writing assignment, and the grueling challenges she experienced while attempting to break the Fastest Known Time for a completely unsupported thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Winter Army: The World War II Odyssey of the 10th Mountain Division, Americas Elite Alpine Warriors by Maurice Isserman ($28). (AM)


For all outdoor adventures in need of light, Scott Willegalle of North Division Bicycle says lighting products have become smaller, lighter, brighter, and less expensive over the years. For cycling, the Nightrider 1800 throws 1800 lumens of light, more than most of us need, for $160. While not having the same power, the Bontrager Ion 200 headlight, a daytime running light, integrates with Garmin and Bontrager computers, allowing control and battery monitoring with the push of a computer button. Available at Trek dealers such as North Division for $60. (BB)

You know how your otherwise happy road- or mountain-bike crazed significant other can get a little nutty come winter? See what an indoor bike trainer that will keep them pedaling away excess energy will do to improve your family life. Wheel Sport has a ton of options from old-school to tech-savvy, and they have a shop on each side of Spokane. Wheel Sport also has a 30 Days of Winter sale leading up to the holidays with 10-20% off everything store wide, excluding 2020 items. (DK)

The e-bike stigma is so gone that even three-time World Champion Peter Sagan rides an e-bike on rest days. Many different e-bike brands are available at local shops. The bikes come in racing, mountain, and townie styles. They extend a riders range and make it easier for riders to hang with their stronger friends. They also allow more people to tackle hills, difficult commutes, and longer rides. Prices start around $1,000 and climb to around $14,000. (BB)

Chinese carbon component manufacturer ICAN sells a range of UCI-certified carbon wheelsets (UCI is the world governing body of cycling). This certification means they can be ridden in Pro Tour events around the world. Whats good for the pros is great for the rest of us. Rather than spending upwards of $2,000 for a name brand carbon wheelset, ICAN wheelsets can be had for as little as $400 (BB). Or, if you prefer to buy your new hand-built bike wheels for just about any bike locally, connect with Spokane-based Mathew Larsen Wheelbuilding at 775-997-5634. (DK)

Garmins Varia RTL 510 is a rear bike light with radar to alert riders to oncoming traffic. The readout occurs on either a compatible Garmin computer or a separate radar display where traffic appears as a white dot on the edge of the screen. For added safety, the light changes flashing speeds as traffic gets closer, and a band of red light darkens and lightens depending upon the speed of traffic. The light is visible for one mile during daylight while the radar has a range of 150 yards. Available at The Bike Hub locations in Spokane for $200. (BB)

Mountain View Cyclery in Hayden has several bike related gift ideas for the season for fat bike or soon-to-be fate bike aficionados: A digital floor pump such as the Serfas FPD-200, which reads accurately in 1/2# increments as low as 1#; Planet Bike Big Buck fat bike fenders; or an affordable Norco Bigfoot 3 fat bike, which features a Shimano 110 drivetrain, and 4.8 (studdable) Vee Snow Avalanche tires, starting at $1,099. (DK)

Mojo Cyclery in Spokane Valley has a couple biking accessory recommendations that help get gear and tool weight off a riders backpack-burdened back and into secure, waterproof on-bike storage. The Serfas Monsoon Elements Bag ($40) easily attaches under the seat and keeps belongings safe and dry. The Whiskey Keg Storage Bottle ($14.99) is an innovative gear-stashing solution for tools and other smaller items. The secure, waterproof container then fits in a standard water bottle cage. (DK)


Find board books for the littlest Out There Kids ($9.99 each) at Atticus. The Little Naturalists series, by Kate Coombs and Seth Lucas, includes The Adventures of John Muir and Henry David Thoreau in the Woods. The All Aboard! recreation primer books, by Kevin and Haily Meyers, focus on a destination like National Parks or the Pacific Northwest. (AM)

For Out There Parents and Kids: Nature Play at Home: Creative Outdoor Spaces that Connect Children with the Natural World by Nancy Strinste ($24.95) or Sticks and Stones: A Kids Guide to Building and Exploring in the Great Outdoors ($19.99) from Aunties Books make great family gifts. (AM)


New last year, the shift binding, available from Atomic and Solomon, is a welcome backcountry ski innovation. Spokane Alpine Haus Rachel Harding describes the shift binding as the first true downhill and touring binding combination. The advantage the shift binding has over earlier downhill/touring combos is that, as Harding put it, It takes off a ton of weight. Salomon says it has the tour-ability of a pin binding with the safety and responsiveness of a downhill binding. This binding will appeal to all mountain and backcountry skiers alike. Available at Spokane Alpine Haus for $599. (BB)

One of the best avalanche transceivers, according to backcountry veteran Mark Beattie of Mountain Gear, is the Backcountry Access (BCA) Tracker S at $299. Along with the incredible range of the unit, Beattie likes the ergonomic design that fits the users hands. (BB)

Mountain Gears Mark Beattie notes that avalanche packs have become backcountry essentials in many situations, including cat and heli-skiing trips. Black Diamond, BCA, Mammut and others that Mountain Gear offers provide a variety of options. The deployed air bag keeps users floating at or near the top of an avalanche, improving the likelihood of survival. Prices start near $400 and go up from there, which is a small price to pay for a second chance at life. (BB)

Gifting a helmet tells the recipient two important things. First, the gift says, I love you and I want you to be safe. Second, it says, Your most important gear is between your ears. You cant make the mountains safer, but you can give the gift that supplements every mandatory outdoor kit so thrill-seekers can spend their money on lift tickets or road trips. A variety of ski and snowboard helmets are available at local shops or check out Sweet Protection helmets online. (JJ)

An affordable stocking stuffer for the eco-minded skier is mountainFLOW Eco-Wax. Most ski waxes are petroleum based, while mountainFLOWs is made from water- and plant-based waxes, making them entirely non-toxic and safe. While not currently available at any local shops, this planet-friendly ski wax is worth the $13.95 online order. (BB)

Looking to surprise a loved-one with ski or snowboard gear or winter jackets, snow pants, gloves, and more but think you cant afford it? Check out Northwest Outdoors, Spokanes quality used outdoor gear consignment store at the Division Street hill where youll find a great selection of discount winter sports equipment and apparel. (DK)


Heading out for a run in the rainy, slushy, mud-puddle-infested months might mean some pretty wet, frozen feet without the right footwear. A pair of Altra Lone Peak 4 RSM trail running shoes is a game-changer. The shoe comes with some awesome updates including a waterproof and breathable but more durable and secure upper. The outsole got a makeover with multi-directional, carved lugs for increased traction and reduced weight. Run and splash through the worst of winter and spring and return home with feet you can still feel. Available at Mountain Gear for $112. (DK)

Runners seem to have more of a need for muscle massage tools than other athletes, and the TriggerPoint AcuCurve Cane for $20 may be the wonder massage wand that helps you get a handle on those tight spots and muscle spasms everywhere from your legs to your back. Pick one up for the runner on your list at a Fleet Feet Sports Spokane store. (DK)

You know what every casual jogger or serious runner will appreciate in their stocking? New running socks. Browse from a wide range of colors and styles at one of the Fleet Feet Sports Spokane stores. And pick up a handful of gels, chews, and bars made for runners while youre at it. (DK)

Running through the dark winter months is difficult enough without having to worry about getting hit by a car. Give safety and peace of mind to your winter-running loved one and light them up with the Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam rechargeable vest for $50 at local Fleet Feet stores. (DK)


Everyone loves the convenient and lightweight 17 fl. Oz. GSI Outdoors Escape Cup because GSI is locally based with products sold at REI and Mountain Gear. The cup is a great design, and its affordable. It compacts to less than 1-inch thick, it keeps coffee hot, its a measuring cup, and the sturdy rim makes it ideal for pouring or portioning. Available for $9.95 in blue or green. (JJ)

What dirtbag wouldnt be stoked to find a 1-person Big Agnes Copper Spur lightweight tent under the Christmas Tree, and then, with them in it, under another tree out in the middle of nowhere the following night? Available at REI for $379.95. (DK)

Headlamps for camping, hiking, and other mountain adventures in a wide range of brightness, weight, and styles from Petzl and Black Diamond are available at Mountain Gear at prices that make a great stocking stuffer or sure-to-be favorite gift. (DK)

Ive been down to my one favorite functioning Arcade belt for a while, and my resistance to buying a new one online turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I found a full rack of Arcade Adventure Belts ($26) at Spokane Alpine Haus on the South Hill. These light weight, stretchy belts built for outdoor sports come in so many cool designs that it was tough to choose just one. (DK)


Weve all been out on an adventure and watched as the batteries dwindle in our devices. Sometimes its inconvenient to lose the data, because, without data, did it really happen? Now there are a wide variety of power sources for those on the go. Goal Zero Flip chargers prolong the usability of your device. For about $25, a Flip 12 can fully charge a phone. A Goal Venture 70, at $149, will charge tablets, phones, cameras, headlampsyou name it. REI carries a selection of Goal Zero products. (BB)

The Phoozy Thermal Phone Case provides year-round protection for your phone, keeping it warmer in the winter to extend battery life up to three times in the cold and reflecting heat in the summer to keep it from overheating. The case, made with NASA-inspired materials, also provides drop protection, floatation, and has slots for cash and credit cards. Starting at $20 and available at REI. (BB)


Most holiday toasts come from a wine glass, and Washingtons Maryhill Winery wines are perfect. No matter which wine you choose, youre selecting a winner because Maryhill is local and the only three-time winner of the INDY International Wine Competitions Winemaker of the Year Award. Best of all, they have five tasting rooms across the Pacific Northwest. Pick up a few bottles at a local tasting room or wine shop. (JJ)

Clean and durable, the GSI Outdoors Double Wall Wine Glass is a stainless steel, insulated wine glass that keeps your vino the right temperature without forming condensation. No matter if you are drinking chilled white wine on a beach or your favorite red in a snow cave, your wine (or spirit) will stay the way you like it. Available at REI from $12.95-$15.95. (JJ)

Premium cocktails in a can opens up a whole new universe for outdoor enthusiasts. Dry Flys On-The-Fly Cans pack easy, are glass-free, and are very compact after theyre consumed. Perfect for outdoor adventures and holiday parties alike, each cocktail features award-winning spirits from Dry Fly Distillery and Side Hustle Syrups. They make for an easy local house-warming or holiday party gift. Pick some up at local spirit retailers and the Dry Fly tasting room. (JJ) //